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  • A Prayer for the Animals

    The Dark RoadThe Dark Road"Before you go, I wanted to tell you what happened last night," she says. We had been together, but in separate vehicles, and it surprised me to hear her short trip home, no more than a few minutes further than mine, could have ended up eventful.

    "We were driving home, and as we were approaching the high school, just before the church, I saw what looked like a huge piece of cardboard floating through the air. It was a deer, it had been struck by a car. That's how fast it spun, that it looked like it was flying. Johnathan saw."

    "Oh no," I said. He's a sensitive kid, and like all children, you feel a natural urge to shelter them from seeing animals in pain.

    "He told me, 'We need to go back, mom, and see if he's okay'," she continued. "I knew it would be bad, but I turned the car around. The deer was clearly dead."

    "Oh how sad," I said. It surprised me she didn't find a struggling creature, bloody, frozen and shocked. I have never (thank God) hit a deer or

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  • Desperately Seeking Agnes (or, How I Met a Saint on a Metro North Train)

    Saint Agnes of RomeSaint Agnes of RomeDo you believe in miracles? I do. I also believe in angels, superstitions, fate and pretty much all things magical and mystical (short of unicorns and Yeti!). That said, I'm not a religious person. I'm more a "things happen for a reason" sort of person, though I do believe in God -- and for personal reasons, I'm counting on Heaven being a real place. This month I received a message urging my spirituality to come full circle. I met Saint Agnes on the 5:41 out of Grand Central station and I haven't been able to shake the momentum of it to this day.

    I work from home, but just began going into the office once a week for a change of pace, and to shake some of my transparency. My first day in was wrapping up smoothly, until the conductor approached and I realized my ticket was gone. He kindly made my spastic search for the missing stub less embarrassing by telling me he'd be back, so I took my time. I went through my purse and laptop bag over and then, several times more. With no luck, I

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