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  • What Would Life Be Beyond the Scale

    I started reading this book called Appetites by Caroline Knapp. She struggled with anorexia in the 80's and defeated it. It goes into such detail about her that it really made me think. I am not anorexic or bulimic but I definitely have my self-loathing moments about my weight. About half way into the book I looked at my own self destructive behavior, Smoker for 12 years, sexual desires that over came me at a younger age, had three children never really had time for me,got married at 19 because I was co dependent. Going through a divorce: depression, and broke what did I do the first moment I left? Dieting,binge eating dieting self loathing, dieting and the cycle went on. I am a little overweight which can not be healthy could cause diabetes, stroke, heart attack or even heart failure. I am at a comfortable weight but still not completely satisfied with it. 5'8 and 185 pounds, yes I could loose more fat but I would need to gain the muscle
    I am not obsessed with the scale but I know

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  • The Demise of Marriage and what to do no Matter who you are...

    Recently going through a divorce... I decided to move half way across the country. It sounds crazy but really I am sane.
    I came out to the midwest a few months ago and realized that being a stay at home mom to me was a career. Not only did I feed my children, bathe my children and do homework, clean the house and live happily ever after for a bit. I did not work.
    I chose not to work, I had the perfect marriage.We had our ups and downs, when things were up they were really up when they were down well you get the point.
    The one thing I should have never done for more then 3 years was be a stay at home mom. Things started going wiry. I didn't get a job or find a career I thought I had one. No matter what happened I loved being mom.
    The financial part is what went to crap. As soon as a divorce was decided upon. The details are unimportant. I moved out here. Thinking that because a few years ago I could not only get my own job back but it wouldn't be hard. Boy was I in for a rude

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  • When strength isn't enough...

    Ok.. so I made a splash and got my feet wet on myyearbook (people actually do still read) on there my mag so let's see how I do here..

    Sit back, relax and grab that cup of coffee..

    At three-years-old, I was thrown in the system. I went through a lot of hard times: three different foster families, two different residentials and three different group homes as a kid. Almost too much for most, but I did it and I survived.

    Today I am married, have three kids and beat the system. Why am I writing this? Because sometimes STRENGTH isn't enough.

    At 18, I got a phone call from my mother and talked to her. I had been looking for her for four years, as well as the rest of my family. I remember my DYFS worker saying to me, "Susan, be careful…" I ignored it and said I would be fine. My mom turned out to be a nutcase, and has a lot of issues she needs to work on. Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize how much of a control freak she really was. I left the September of 2003 and went

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  • How do you move across the country safely?

    Question of the year, My husband myself and my 3 young children are planning to move half way across the country back to Indiana.
    Long story... making it as short as possible!!
    Ok 3 years ago,my husband and I tried moving to Indiana from the East Coast. I left him for a month and a half back here we had a house. I got a job. I guess something just wasn't right something was missing. It failed I moved back here, Now we are looking to move again but we need it to work. My husband works a dead end job. Literally he does not have a chance of moving up a ladder, things are way to expensive here. I work part time for an elderly lady and own my own business. We live in a small town and anyone who ever has lived in a small town, comprehends and understands the drama involved. Yes there are good things to living in a small town but the bad outweighs the good. Failure is not an option.
    So my questions are how do we move safely, and effectively across the country? Anyone who has done this must

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  • Just another ad

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  • Sites to promote your business for free

    I have found a bunch of sites I wanted to share with other moms, that I have found work, and their free!!! You seriously can't get much better!!! So here is a list of them for other work at home mom's. momtpreneurs and business owners can find online!!! Any other's please let me know. This should get you started

    1. just like craigslist but better!!!

    2.www, - Works it's own magic you can even track what ads work and what ones don't !!! Of course you have the choice to pay!! Which it has it's own benefits in doing so! - YES MYSPACE!!! It's free to get an account, and it works as an adpage all on it's own you have minimal work to do!!! You can also do pay per clicks, if you choose too!!!

    5. You knew that one your already here

    6. I am not the biggest fan of this site but it does help

    7. - The only thing I don't like about this site is

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  • MY personal blog Adversary commitments

    ahh my daily blog of blunders and everyday life for me.. I just figured I would have myself an online journal...

    So my brother in law is married to this woman who has cheated on him numerous times, has left him for over a year with his best friend who ended up coming back here from Texas... Her sisters seem to think that the civil war is still on, and me not being a judgemental person actually stuck up for her and told people to mind there own business, then she has the audacity to sit there and threaten not only myself, or my husbands family but my children. She is the stupides woman alive, she wrote online for the whole world to see that she has this new boyfriend and me trying to look out for her decided to tell her to take that off of there because she was still married to my in law, and were we live Adultery can be punishable by a jail sentence up to 3 years by proof.. Very rarely is it done anymore but it can still happen. I freaked after she threatened my kids and the worst

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  • 10 Reasons Pit Bulls are awesome pets

    Ten reasons you should rescue a Pit bull

    1. They are the most amazing animals I have ever had the pleasure to meet
    2. Phenomenal with Children, they alert you when there is something wrong with your child while your putting laundry , or dishes away.
    3. Pitbulls have been used in the armed forces as search and rescue dogs, worked for the police as bomb and narcotic dogs
    4. They are willing to protect their family
    5. They are smart
    6. They are not the number one dog breed for human bites
    7. There energetic and playful companions
    8. They are quick learners
    9. They love you even on your worst day
    10. Any dog can become vicious at any point they are just animals. There not the number one breed for human bites
    11. Raise and love your Pit for life

    Any dog could be raised to be aggressive, any dog can bite if there buttons are pushed just right. But pits will always love and protect your children and yourself stop being afraid of a breed because you have personal issues. Stop

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  • How is this possible or even sanity???????

    Hi, there everyone it's been an awfully long time since I have even had a reason to blog.. This is not a witch statement this is how can this be happening statement.

    About 10 months ago I ended up going and getting a dog, her name is Nina.My girls really wanted a dog for Christmas and my 5 year old is so attached to her it breaks my heart. I asked the landlord ahead of time if it was okay. of course I questioned if there were any breed restrictions the whole nine. Everything was fine up until about a month ago. And they're were none at all. So I went down to Manhatten where I worked at the time found the cutest and smallest dog for my kids, took her home with me, and loved her to pieces.For crying out loud she lets my kids lay down on her.She is like another kid to add into the family. Then about 8 weeks ago there was a stray dog that someone had found and if no one had claimed it by the end of the day, they were going to send her to the pound, so of course I took him in he took to my

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  • Red, White, and Blue- From an American Girl

    Most people are not going to read this there going to pass over it, if your not one of these people just continue, I hope I spark hope in the Americans hearts.

    Most of us do not need a history lesson, here I am trying to inspire my fellow Americans. Our great- grandparents, grandparents and maybe even our parents have stood up for our rights as Americans.
    Woman's Rights, Our great grandparents marched in the streets for us to be equal to our male partners or fellow countrymen.
    The Civil War- The Union won do to knowing the mountains and ended up with the upper hand, knowing the mountains . Our country almost split in half. We're all Americans we chose to stand together.
    Enough of the history lesson. Freedom does not come free. It comes with a high price tag, that many in the past have had to pay blood and death. Yet these people stood up for our rights, and many still do.
    What are we doing? We're sitting on our rear ends and doing nothing. Complaining that our economy sucks,

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