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  • What I Learned From Women: Humorist Simon Rich

     Simon Rich. (Photo by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images)

    Simon Rich can imagine what it's like to be a condom, and it's not fun.

    "I born in factory...I stay in wallet long, long time," he writes in "Unprotected," the first in a series of comically mind-bending shorts from "The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories," released in paperback just in time for the complicated 24 hours we call Valentine's Day. 

    The lonely prophylactic is just one of the characters in Rich's collection of romantic gods and monsters, inspired by his own real-life dating exploits. There's also a caveman with a brutal crush on the only woman in existence, a guy on a blind date with a troll, and a clueless Sherlock Holmes dealing with a cheating girlfriend.

    The 29-year-old former "Saturday Night Live" writer may be inspired by unlikely characters, but he's learned a lot about love — losing it, finding it, writing about it — from the women in his life. Here are some of the best lessons he's learned, at times, the hard way. 

    How hard it is to write about love:

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  • Happy 60th Birthday, Oprah! Her Life in 6 Clips

     (Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images) Our girl Oprah is 60 today. If you are not familiar with this woman, you need to evolve into the human species. For the rest of us, it's time for a very brief reminder of her journey from an impoverished child in Mississippi to a one-named billionaire who changed the way we watch, think, and live as Americans. By the time she was a teenager living in Milwaukee's inner city, Winfrey had been a victim of sexual abuse and had lost a child she had given birth to at just 14 years old She started working for a Nashville radio station in high school and landed a full scholarship to Tennessee State University.  By 19, she was the youngest and first black anchor at a Nashville local news station. Then it was off Baltimore, and later, Chicago for higher-profile anchor gigs.  Now we're getting somewhere:

    1984: Oprah began co-hosting a struggling morning talk show called "AM Chicago" with this guy. After she joined, it became the highest-rated talk show in the area. Take a second and watch how

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  • Breaking Bad Toys: For Big Kids Only

    (via Citizen Brick)(via Citizen Brick)The world is suddenly divided into three categories: people who watch "Breaking Bad," people who don't, and people who spend $250 on a Lego-inspired meth lab to lament the series' impending finale.

    The Superlab Playset – a 500-piece plastic miniature version of anti-hero Walter White's elaborate chemistry compound – comes complete with industrial-strength miniature gas tanks, "poison" and "flammable" signage, a dead version of one of the show's previous characters, Gus, and inevitably, some controversy. The $250 collector's item, released last month by novelty company Citizen Brick, is decidedly not for kids, and both Citizen Brick and Lego have made that clear. A clause on product page of the now- totally-sold-out item states: "This set is a product of Citizen Brick, and is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by the LEGO Group, owners of the registered LEGO(R) trademark."

    But that hasn't stopped U.K. newspapers and some Twitter followers from posting what-is-the-world-coming-to

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  • How Teacher Hannah Upp Was Lost and Found Twice

    Missing teacher Hannah Upp found. (Facebook)On Thursday, Hannah Upp, a teacher from Maryland, was found unharmed after family and friends reported her missing two days earlier.

    Upp’s disappearance was all too familiar. Five years ago, she sparked a New York City-wide search after she vanished at the start of the school year.  At the time, Upp, then 23 and a Spanish teacher, went for a jog near her apartment, and three weeks later, was found by a ferry crew; she was badly sunburned and floating in the Hudson River.

    More on Yahoo: Researchers find protein linked to memory loss

    She had no memory of the three weeks, nor did she remember how she ended up in the murky water. Trauma experts believed that she suffered from a rare disorder known as dissociative fugue. The sudden and spontaneous amnesia is characterized by a loss of identity, coupled with prolonged, seemingly directionless wandering.

    More on Yahoo Shine: 9 triggers of memory loss

    It’s unclear whether a relapse was responsible for Upp’s most recent disappearance. Montgomery

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  • Molly: An Old Drug With Terrifying New Tricks

    The Electric Zoo 2013 in New York City, linked to fatal Molly overdoses. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)Molly — the innocuous street name for a drug linked to at least three fatal overdoses in the past month — sounds more like someone’s great-aunt than an illegal substance. A better name for the designer drug, according to both drug enforcement and medical experts, would be “Russian Roulette.”

    “When a buyer abuses something called Molly, there’s no way to tell what’s in it,” Rusty Payne, a spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency told Yahoo Shine. “That’s the most dangerous thing about these drugs.”

    More on Yahoo: Drug linked to three overdoses

    The so-called party drug is believed to be responsible for two deaths and for sickening several more attendees of last week’s Electric Zoo music festival in New York, though final toxicology reports are still pending. Earlier in the week, Molly, which sells for $30 to $50 in capsule pill or powder form, was linked to another death at a concert in Boston.

    “We’re seeing more people in the E.R., more people with toxic reactions and more overdoses

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  • What a Baby, a Dog, and Reddit Can Teach Us About Friendship

    This is the story of two unlikely best friends and how they came to be so close. It all started two and a half years ago, when one of them was just a baby and the other was forced to grow up.

    More on Yahoo! : Boy and his dog become model friends

    A Reddit user, known only as bleed-black, posted a series of photos that tracks the development of a baby's relationship with his family's yellow Labrador. The entire gallery is summed up in a single sentence: "My son and dog's 2 1/2 year friendship."

    This is how it all started. (via imgur)What follows is a photo essay on the evolution of an honest-to-goodness friendship between two species.

    It starts with a dog nose, resting closer to a newborn — specifically, the newborn who co-opted the pup's role as the family baby.

    More on Yahoo! Shine: Study Finds Link Between Dogs and Kids

    As time passes, the dog's snout paves the way for full-fledged cuddles, mutual eye-gazing, and eventually a kiss. As months pass, the baby develops and so does his friendship with his four-legged older

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  • New 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Has a Kid. Should She Have to Go on This Journey Too?

    (via Instagram)On Monday, Juan Pablo Galavis was named the newest star of ABC's long-running "The Bachelor" franchise. If  Desiree Harstock, the most recent star of the spinoff "The Bachelorette," didn't see a future with the 32-year-old former soccer player, producers did, citing reasons like "his Spanish accent, good looks, salsa moves, and undying devotion for his daughter."

    Though the network hasn't confirmed the extent to which Camila — Galavis's 4-year-old daughter with an ex-girlfriend — will appear on the show, she'll reportedly be included in the process. It's a lot to ask of a child.

    In recent seasons of "The Bachelor," kids have made steady cameos on the romantic competition show, ostensibly helping their single parents see through the bull, or (if nothing else) stand out from the crowd. This past season, contestant Ben Scott landed the first rose when he stepped out of the limo with adorable toddler Brody.

    "It's not a bad strategy on the part of those looking for love — their adorable

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  • Edward Snowden Says He Misses His Girlfriend. Classic Guy Move.

    This guy. (Getty Images)Debate all you want about whether NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor. One thing is indisputable: He's a crappy boyfriend.

    He dated a woman for about four years, got close with her family, possibly even planned to marry her, and then totally ghosted her. So now that it's been a few months, and Russia's granted him temporary asylum, he suddenly misses his girlfriend? Classic.

    Here's what his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told Vesti FM radio on Thursday:  "When I told him about the people who were calling him, including girls, such Russian girls, he told me, 'Anatoly, I still miss my girlfriend.'"

    Sure it could have been a private confession in a moment of fragility — he opened up to his friend, who happens to be his lawyer, who happens to be giving very candid interviews with Russian media. On the other hand, Snowden is a media savant, and while he may not be able to stand outside his ex's window with a boom box, he knows a thing or two about sharing information with the right

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  • Roman Polanski Took This Photo of His 13-Year-Old Victim. She Took It Back.

    This is a photo of Samantha Geimer at age 13, staring at the man who would drug, rape, sodomize, and eventually swallow her identity in the following weeks.

    Almost 35 years after Roman Polanksi took this picture, Geimer is using it as the cover of her memoir, "The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski." Now 50, Geimer has spent her life inextricably tied to her abuser, an Oscar-winning director who escaped imprisonment for his sex crime by fleeing the U.S. in the late 1970s. In recent years, Geimer has spoken out about the  molestation and offered forgiveness to Polanski. She even pressed a California court to drop the case after Polanski's re-arrest in Switzerland in 2009.

    High-profile Polanski sympathizers clashed with those who rallied against his release, as photos and profiles of the director were plastered all over newspapers around the world. By the end of it all, Geimer became a bit-player in the director's biography, frozen in public memory in the 13th year of her life.

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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton Settle Into Parenthood With Prince George

    (Photo by Alex Davies/FilmMagic)Outside of St. Mary’s Hospital on Tuesday, Prince William secured his newborn’s car-seat, closed the door of a black Range Rover and breathed a sigh of relief, or perhaps,of exhaustion. The work may be over for those journalists camped outside of the Lindo Wing, but for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s only just begun.

    On Wednesday, palace officials released the name of their son, George Alexander Louis. (That's HRH Prince George of Cambridge if you're feeling formal.) Only hours before the naming news, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the couple's Kensington Palace home to meet her grandson. Family will play an important role for the new parents in the coming weeks. 

    More on Yahoo!: Betting on the royal baby name

    Despite their ability to afford top-notch childcare, multiple sources claim the couple have not hired a full-time nanny. The palace would not comment on their staffing situation, but it’s been widely reported that William and Kate want to be hands-on parents, veering

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