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  • 11 Reasons Why Magento Reigns the Ecommerce World

    It has been long since the ecommerce took the business world by storm. With the advent of ecommerce, the way businesses are conducted has undergone a sea change. Magento is one of the most renowned ecommerce platforms trusted by millions across the world. Almost everyday, a large number of Magento-based websites come into existence. The fact that it is implemented by many designers speaks volumes about Magento's ability as an excellent platform. So what is it so special about Magento? Why is Magento reigning the ecommerce world? Read on to find out.

    1. There are many added advantages offered by Magento. But first and foremost, it is absolutely free. You need to pay if you want support or its premium editions. But even the community edition, which is available for free, is quite amazing.

    2. Magento provides you with the ability to import huge spreadsheets of product. It can prove to be immensely useful for many business organizations.

    3. Another great feature of Magento is the

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