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  • Experience is Not Only the Best Teacher, it Can Make You a Teacher

    Each and every one of us has had and is having their very own personal life experiences. These experiences are all the good days and all the bad days combined together and we call it everyday life. Life teaches us so many lessons on how to avoid pain or work through the pain. These experiences make us the perfect teacher's because we can share with other people what we did and how we did it.

    It is a natural reaction and human nature for us to want to help other people avoid the pitfalls that we ourselves have fallen into. What we are actually doing is sharing our wisdom in order to witness someone else be successful. Think about it, how often are you imparting your wisdom in the lives of others.

    Our wisdom is specialized knowledge that can be used to create income in our lives. There are people in the world who want, need and desire the wisdom you learned from the experiences in your life.

    Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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  • I’M WEIRD and I KNOW IT!

    For the most part of my formative years in life I've always been or felt "different". I remember looking around wondering why I couldn't be like everyone else around me. There were several failed attempts at me trying to "fit in" with everybody else. Honestly I thought that there was something wrong with me and I was just the odd man out.

    Trust me when I say that I had several experiences that validated my feelings of inadequacy. I could have started The Club Of The Too's. Too dark, too nerdy, too loud, too skinny, too talkative and my all time favorite too ugly. Along with that club came the Why you's. Why do you dress like that, why do you talk like that, why do you want to do something so different, and almost any other why do you's a person can think of! How exhausting it was trying to live up to all these false expectations.

    I always found myself explaining the how and why I did what I did because I wanted people to know and understand me. Now I see the greatest gift is

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