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  • Thoughts!!

    Do you ever get that feeling of doing something that you will never ever do in your life.... but then you decided to grow some balls like telling your crush that you like him.... so you wait there holding your breathe waiting to see the response to what that person said. So you get your hopes all high just to see that your crush didn't respone to it but he seen it... then you have all these question like do he think I am crazy, do she think that I am a fool because toldl her that I like her!! but you never ever know because that person didn't responed..... soyou go into this fantasy that he/she calls you up and was like I like you to so we should hang out, maybe go see a movie, Dinner night at my place heres my address... but this person might never answer your message... but A plus for trying!!!! well at least you tried!!!! so if you see him/her its going to be odd but say something to throw that thought that you told him/her you like them. make up a interesting conversation and go

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