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    I am an aspiring writer. I love reading and writing as well. I want to improve my writing skill. According to Nicholas Sparks to be a good writer one should learn to write regularly. Blogging regularly, I think would help me achieved my goal of becoming an effective writer. I am regularly surfing the net to read articles, e-books and look for books or any reading material to improve my writing. I am also dreaming of buying a copy of Nicholas Sparks novels. Yeah I'm an avid fan of him that's why I'll follow his advice for aspiring writers like me.
    RazelFrom this day on expect a blog daily. Long or short it may be as long as I can write regularly. I hope this could really hone my writing skills. This is my very first blog here in yahoo so let me do it just so simple and basic. lol. As i grow into a more matured individual i hope i also grow as a good and matured writer followed by lots of readers out there. Too ambitious but i believe it could happen because dreams do come true right?


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