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  • Tips for Weathering Through a Power Outage

    Just like an unwelcome relative coming to visit, natural disasters make their appearance regardless. They don't care how prepared you are for their arrival. They come anyway and there was nothing you could do to stop them. In southeast Pennsylvania, hurricane Sandy made her appearance early Monday morning. Her arrival seemed to be nothing more than a drab, rainy morning, but by mid afternoon her disposition was becoming more apparent. She wasn't going to make this a pleasant visit. Just like her sister Irene, hurricane Sandy required a bit of preparedness. In our area we deal with power outages all the time that stem from ice storms to thunderstorms...etc. Below are a few tried and true methods we have used to weather storms in my area.
    Any natural disaster should never be downplayed. The first thing I like to have on hand is water. Whether you buy bottled water from the store or supply yourself with fresh tap water, make sure you have enough for a few days. More is always better, but

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  • Getting in Touch with My Inner Erma

    It is so hard as a writer to find your niche. I seriously think you could spend a lifetime and not know what exactly it is unless you are shown how to find it. After taking numerous classes and reading many articles on the process of finding your niche, I think I've finally found mine. I knew it couldn't be just blog posting and photography. There had to be another special genre that I was missing.

    I found out not too long ago that my grandmother had told my mother that she thought I would be the next Erma Bombeck. I guess as a child, I must have made some dry, witty, or sarcastic comment that lead her to this conclusion. Wonder why she would think that? So I decided to investigate. I, personally, have never read any of Erma's books. She apparently passed away in 1996 at the age of 69. Erma, why didn't you live longer so you could give me some pointers?

    Money is very tight in this household right now so running to a chain bookstore with my 1979 Plymouth Volare is not an option. I

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Budget

    We've all heard of the proverbial "starving artist" right? Art comes in many forms and mine just so happens to be writing. If I had to live off what I make in a year's time at this point, we would surely be in dire straights. Thankfully we have my husband's income to live off of, but at times that is a stretch. How does this writer make ends meet? Anyway I can basically. I have managed to stretch $45K a year between four people in 5 easy steps:

    Scour your local grocery store for sale items and base your meal planning around those items. If you have a coupon for that sale item, consider it a lucky day. Stock up! I have managed to spent $150 a week on groceries and we still come out looking good at the end of the week.

    Buy your clothing used. You would be amazed at what you can find at thrift store, Goodwill, or even yard sales. We have bought so many brand name items this way and have spent a fraction of the cost you would normally spend on them in the store. Now there are

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  • Anxiously Awaiting

    As I sit here, I think how lazy I have been about submitting lately so I began to step things up a bit. It's do or die. I need to either make it as a writer or I need to get a position as a lowly cashier because money is getting tight. So this week I have been pushing pretty hard. I'm proud of all that I have accomplished in one day.

    I've managed to submit a short feel good article to my local paper, submit my essay to the Ladies Home Journal contest, put a few things on Ebay, and even mailed out a necklace I sold on Etsy. Now it is time to get some dishes done and catch up on some laundry. Before I even think about that I need to caffeine.

    Please take a minute to check out some of my articles here on Yahoo! Another goal of mine has been to contribute as much as possible. I have been pretty lax about that as well. On the other hand, I am anxiously awaiting the publication of an article titled "Kids and Technology" in the Living section of my local Merchandiser. That means I'll be

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  • Six Bucks!

    I just made my first $6.00 today for writing an article titled "How I Introduced Calcium into My Diet." Now six bucks may not sound like a whole lot, but to me it is a start. Plus it is better than what I was making which was a big fat old zero bucks. Hopefully there is more to come. So drinks are on me! Cheers!

  • Getting There..

    Hello everyone! I am new to YCN. I am no stranger to blogging as I have three other blogs, but this site is definitely a new one for me. I am excited to be on board and see where this boat is going to take me. Right now I am a stay-at-home mom that is chipping away at college classes here and there as finances allow, trying not to accumulate debt and also trying to get my associate's degree. So far so good. I have about 4 more classes to take and I will be done!
    My initial goal was to become a teacher. The longer time goes on the more I see that vision slipping away and something new emerging. It has been six months since I set out on my freelancing journey. So far I have only collected a few trophies and they have all been for things I didn't think would get published like my pictures in my college journal(HACC's Wildwood Journal). They actually accepted four of them which is truly amazing to me and now I'm published on the Yahoo Contributor Network(YCN). I've tried sending query

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