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  • This is What I Know

    Everyone seems to want to know what i know so here it is? I know that there are over 40,000 words in the book the Two Towers. I Know that every class clown is secretly insecure and the hide under the mask
    of the ability to make others laugh. I know where in the sky the Big Dipper is. I know that no adult actually
    likes video games they just tolerate them because there kids like them. I know that we should be grateful
    for every piece of pavement on the ground. I know that there is most definitely the possibility of life on another planet and we just have not found out yet. More then anything else i know not to ever depend on people because they will be here today and gone tommorow! People trick you! I know that no one wants to actually be real about anything that actually effects because this messed up culture says its stupid to tell your own story! I know that every cloud reflects its own particle of light onto the massive expanse of grass
    below so that humans do not start building

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  • The Beauty of Every Women

    Ok from a normal everyday point of view all of us love reasons to get dressed up. We all love clothing and we all love being pretty but being pretty has nothing to do with being beautiful. Being beautiful means that we take the unique ability we have to love and trust and share this with the world and draw the world close to us. It means that we hold up and defend the people we love and do what we can to honor them. We take what and who we are as women and we learn to graciously with great integrity bring them to the Father who loves them. We must go forward remembering that God rose again on the third day for all of us but in doing this there was a special message just for women. This message was you my precious daughter are never alone, you are my beloved and I will actively seek your heart every minute of everyday and if you trust me and my love i will come to you. This what every women and girl needs to know you are special and wanted and you should never forget that precious

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