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  • Thanksgiving Recipes

    Anyone who has ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner knows all too well the challenges of making food for multiple guests with only one oven, taking into account food allergies, and pleasing those picky eaters that always love to voice their dissatisfaction. While we can't tone down your MIL's commentary, we can help you out by mapping out some great side dishes, desserts, and stuffing recipes, many of which you've likely never tried before. All are crowd pleasers, even for the littlest of tummies at your Thanksgiving table.

    When we're not digging up the coolest things to do with your kids, the Red Tricycle team is all about planning awesome meals with our own family. In fact, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we've polled our entire team to present you with a huge list of our go-to dishes. From baked peaches to creamed corn and everything in-between, you'll definitely want to check out our choice Thanksgiving recipes from our writers,

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  • Ultimate Family Halloween Fun Guide

    There's something uniquely magical about Halloween. From picking out the perfect pumpkin to selecting a special costume to the actual day where candy and the chorus of "Trick or Treat" rule the neighborhood, it's not surprising that kiddos (and kids at heart) love this holiday. With so many awesome Halloween activities going on in your city, we know the possibilities can be overwhelming--that's why Red Tricycle has compiled an ultimate Halloween guide so that your family can maximize the fun this Halloween season.

    Local Halloween Fun

    If you're looking for the best spots to buy costumes or trick or treat in your area, we've got you covered. We're all about delivering to your family fun things to see, do, and eat in your neighborhood and the Halloween season is no exception. With so much going on in your city, we've uncovered the best of the best so that your kiddos will have the most memorable Halloween yet.

    Seattle is a fantastic place to celebrate Halloween.

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  • Fun with Food: Imaginative Hot Dog Creations

    If your kids would rather play with their food than eat it, well, you're not alone! We've put together some ideas to bring creativity to the table using an all time kid favorite food: the hot dog! These funny creations are simple (in fact, most of them only require a hot dog, knife, and mustard or ketchup) and will inspire your kids to actually play with their food for once without being on the receiving end of a stern reprimanded.

    The Caterpillar
    Let's start with this fun caterpillar creation. First cut the dog in half length-wise and then into slices. Arrange the bits into a curvy line, add eyes and legs with your kids favorite sauces like ketchup or mustard, and ta-da, you've got a caterpillar hot dog!

    hot dog catepillar

    The Rabbit
    All you'll need is two dogs and a knife for these funny bunnies. Your kids will love how their hot dog resembles a rabbit.

    hotdog rabbits

    The Jellyfish
    A special thanks to Dabbled who provided step by step instructions (and photos) to

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  • New York Kids Weekend Events: Oct 12-14


    Don't let the chill in the air keep you and your little ones inside this weekend! Take a trip to the Lower East Side to celebrate and learn about healthy habits by dancing, playing games, and cooking and sampling healthy food at Fun and Fit in the City. Madison Square Park will put on the annual Fall Fest where the kiddos can make arts and crafts, watch theater and dance 'til they drop. Battery Park is also hosting an annual celebration, Harmony on the Hudson, where you can marvel at oversized puppets and double dutch extravaganzas. Enjoy some music this weekend with a performance of Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players, or head to the New York Aquarium for African Penguin Awareness Weekend.


    Fun and Fit in the City
    Learning about healthy habits has never been so much fun! Both parents and kids will be delighted to spend the day playing foosball, shooting hoops, dancing, testing their fast pitch skills, and enjoying more interactive areas to

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  • Portland Kids Weekend Events: Oct 5-7

    Say "Opa!" if you're ready to party at the 61st Annual Greek Festival. Or practice saying "Splat!" if you want to see 1,000 pound pumpkins being dropped from helicopters at Bauman Farm. Engage in some foodie fun with the Wedge Cheese Festival or Veggie Car Races. Or get in the spooky spirit and explore the haunted woods and walk through a 40-foot castle at Wenzel's Halloween Fantasy Trail.

    Out of town

    Bauman Farm's Pumpkin Weigh-Off
    There are pumpkins…and then there are PUMPKINS. These hefty fellas weigh in at over 1,000 pounds. Even better: You'll get to see huge pumpkins dropped from the sky by a helicopter. Sat. 1:00 pm. Bauman Farms, Gervais. Free admission. All ages. Event details.

    Veggie Car Races
    Children can put their ingenuity to work transforming humble veggies into fantastically engineered cars and race them on a 12-foot ramp for thrills and chills.Sat. 1:00 pm. Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Wa. Free with admission. All ages. Event details.



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  • Boos & Ahhs: Stunning DIY Halloween Costumes

    It's not too early... Is it too early? We don't think so! It's never too early to think of amazing costume designs for your kid to boo and wow the neighborhood as they go trick or treating. This year, forgo the mindless trip to the store and head over to the closest fabric or craft store for some colorful goods, or your local consignment store to pick up nifty steals. For the parents who don't have a clue of what you're going to make, we've scoured the Internet for 17 awesome, original DIY costumes that will inspire your little one for years to come!

    Psssst...Got a totally amazing DIY homemade costume from this year or years past? Send our editor Erin ( a photo along with your child's name and age and we'll publish our fave picks. We can't wait to see what all of you creative mamas and pops have come up with!

    Little Wings
    Angry Birds? Psh, they don't even have flappable wings. Your little tweeter will be soaring around the house with this attachable

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  • New York Kids Weekend Events: Oct 5-7

    Randy Kaplan

    It's officially October, which means, Halloween will be here before you know it! Head to Sunnyside Gardens Park in Queens for the 6th annual Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Patch. Or, head uptown to Central Park to spend an afternoon learning about the real vampires of New York City -- blood sucking animals! If you're not quite ready for Halloween, though, this weekend still offers plenty of fun for the whole family. Start your little one on the path to bilingualism with Bilingual Birdies at the Ottendorfer Library. Be amazed by Mario the Magician or concert hop in Tribeca and Chelsea: Randy Kaplan will perform his clever, not-just-for-kids tunes and your infants and toddlers are sure to get a kick out of the Rock-A-Baby concert. Harness your kids' energy into supporting a good cause at the Fit For all 5K Run/Walk or indulge your culinary artists in some butter making at the New York Hall of Science.


    Bilingual Birdies
    Enter the scintillating world of Spanish language

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  • New York Kids Weekend Events: Sept 28-30

    Fun-filled festivals will fascinate your family this weekend! South Street Seaport invites you to the Children's Day festival, or take your little ones to revel in renaissance wonders at the Medieval festival where they can even be can knighted! Learn and explore at the World Maker Faire (it is sure to keep your attention as much as your kids' with the life-size mouse traps and Coke and Mentos show). Journey to Coney Island and the New York Aquarium to brush up on your marine mammal knowledge and celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week. Or, unleash your creative powers at the Sculpture Court at the Whitney Museum and study up on astrology with Dora the Explorer at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab.



    Children's Day
    Get ready for a day of live performances and fun at South Street Seaport. Schedule TBA. Sunday. Financial District. All ages. Event details.


    Sculpture Court at Whitney Museum
    Well known for her use of dense patterns of polka dots and nets, as well

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  • Amazing Train Rides that Will Dazzle Your Kids

    All aboard for a trip down history lane! What is it about trains that call up nostalgia for days of yore? Hearing the conductor shout as the engine chugs slowly as it steams its way back into time? Watching the kids become wild western cowboys and robbers? Or is it the fantastic scenery - the deserted depots fading into the distance, glorious rivers and trees stretching as far as the eye can see, or feeling the cars climb up, up, up to the mountain tops? Whatever it is, families can have a full day of exploration and excitement while riding. Kiddos can have a shootout with the Lone Ranger, pick pumpkins, hang with ghosts or explore old gold mines. Passengers of all ages will love to power down the track, relaxing as time flies. Be sure to head out and discover these super amazing engines and cars covering tracks all over the United States.

    1. Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
    Narrow is right! The rails are only 3 feet wide and climb an astonishing 3,000 feet through

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  • 13 Ways with Summer Strawberries

    When it comes to summer fruit, a few come to mind: peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, melons, mangoes, but they can't quite compete with the ultimate summer fruit: strawberries. From desserts to salads, these tasty little morsels of yum can be used in any number of ways. We've gathered up a few choice recipes that showcase these delicious berries that will have your kids licking their lips in anticipation.

    Screen shot 2012-08-14 at 4.40.13 PM

    1. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or just feel like having a slice of cake, this gluten free recipe uses fresh strawberries in both the cake mix and the frosting. Yum!

    2. If you eat breakfast on the go, then this Strawberry Banana Smoothie is great for getting the energy you and your kids need without slowing down your schedule.

    3. Strawberry Arugula and Feta salad makes the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Katie from Mom's Kitchen Handbook suggests you can also use butter lettuce if your kids are put off by the strong arugula

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