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  • By Sarah Smith, REDBOOK.

    Confession: I was unmoved by the "World's Toughest Job" video. You know the one. It's popping up in Facebook feeds faster than a "What character on New Girl are you?" quiz (wait, does that exist? I'd take that), usually accompanied by comments like "Love!" and "So true" and "Crying now."

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    Perhaps I did not cry myself because I knew what was coming, thanks in part to who I saw sharing the video. Hint: It was not the people who usually post their "Where am I now?" vacation pictures, but the ones who share their kids' funny observations on life (I love those, btw--not knocking them). But honestly, even if I'd clicked on it blind, wasn't it a bit obvious? Don't we all know the trope that moms have the worst, most thankless job in the world?

    I'm so bored by that idea, I can't even tell you.

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    One day when my son was tiny, when he was so

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  • 6 Lessons Kids Can Teach You About Marriage

    By Brie Schwartz, REBDOOK.

    Virtually everything you need to know about relationships, you learned in nursery school: Treat people as you want to be treated, clean up after yourself, and don't be a know-it-all. Since my husband and I share a studio apartment, which, given its size, would be more fitting for two toddlers to cohabitate in, we've had to resort to the basic rules of communication and playing nice in order to survive. Luckily, we we're both exemplary students.

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    1. Share your crayons
    You might not be keen on giving up that perfect shade of burnt orange, but if you want to take any colors from his box, it's critical that you compromise--on the canvas of your relationship, that is. As you get older, sharing craft supplies morphs into giving your time, closet space, and energy.

    2. Put your toys away

    Also, your dirty socks, dishes, and anything you can trip over on the way to the bathroom. Not participating in cleanup

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  • Josh Duhamel Totally Gets the Sharing Baby Photos on Social Media Thing

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    We love when Josh Duhamel shares photos of his adorable son Axl on social media, and REDBOOK readers have made it abundantly clear that they do too. We couldn't wait to ask Josh about his favorite Instagram subject, and we finally got our chance when he teamed up with Advil's Relief in Action campaign to help kick off National Volunteer Week. Get ready to "aww"… a lot.

    What's changed the most in your life since Axl was born?
    "When a baby comes along, that just comes first. You want to be there for everything, so it's been about trying to organize my time a little better. We literally both want to be there and see everything. It doesn't feel like much of a compromise; it just sort of naturally happens."

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    What's been the best part about watching Fergie as a mom?
    "Her ability to entertain extends all the way to infants. I try to entertain, but Axl isn't as interested as he

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  • 10 Exercise Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask, Answered

    Is it just us, or does it sometimes seem like the world is full of women heading to the gym in booty-hugging yoga pants with bouncy ponytails and an I-was-born-to-work-out attitude? A girl can start to feel intimidated and give up on exercise. We won't let that happen! This frank, beginner-level Q&A is full of expert info to pump you up and get you moving. By Alyssa Shaffer, REDBOOK.

    1. I started a workout regimen and now I'm fatter. How is exercise helping if all I want to do is eat?
    First, the good news: There are benefits to exercise besides a smaller skirt size. You slash your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and dementia and get the mental-health perks. But to keep your weight in check, make sure "blood sugar levels remain steady so you don't end up famished and prone to overeat," says Heidi Skolnik, a nutritionist who has worked with the hungry New York Knicks, Giants, and Mets. Before exercising, have a snack with 15 to 25 grams of carbs (half a banana works). After

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  • Can Knowing Your Star Sign Make You a Better Mom?

    Astrology's not just for giving you hints about your future. Momstrology, the new book from AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut, is full of smart, on-target parenting tips. Not so wonky after all, is it? By Ava Feuer, REBDOOK.

    You approach motherhood just like you do everything else--head-on. But even though you're confident and sometimes a bit diva-like--fellow Aries Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham definitely are--your fourth house of motherhood is in Cancer, meaning you've got plenty of maternal instinct and nurturing qualities. You naturally put your needs first, which makes motherhood a big adjustment. However, it's also helpful for teaching your kids independence and self-sufficiency. "You may be better at the playing the stereotypical 'dad' role…and you may be the tough disciplinarian," write the AstroTwins. "Even if you still play the stereotypical 'mom' role, your strength and boundless energy still permeate your every move."

    You're old-fashioned

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  • 5 Date Hacks that Save Major Time and Money

    By Brie Schwartz, REBDOOK.

    It's hard enough to plan a perfect date when you're dealing with your and your husband's hectic schedules, much less your highly coveted babysitter's. And yes, it can sometimes be so stressful that it feels easier to just stay home. But squeezing in some much-needed downtime as a couple doesn't need to be pressure-filled or contrived. If you switch up your routine and embrace spontaneity (whenever possible, at least), you can squeeze in some fun on the cheap--without spending your sacred Saturday night fighting countless other couples for a table at a restaurant or a seat at the IMAX theater.

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    1. Cozy up to the bar
    You're so excited to go to that new restaurant everyone's raving about… until you try to get a reservation. And no, 5 p.m. on Wednesday doesn't work well. Hence why my husband and I love sidling up to the bar, which we can do without too much planning. Sitting close to him and letting

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  • 6 Secrets to Younger-Looking Eyes

    Puffy, tired, weary no more. These tips take years off and create that "I slept great, thanks!" effect. By Kayleigh Donahue Hodes, REDBOOK.

    1. Shape up brows. The simple act of filling in sparse bits and tweezing strays around your arch is like a mini eye lift, making you automatically look more awake.

    2. Take down puffiness. Pop a metal teaspoon in the freezer, then use the back of it to give swollen areas a light massage. And wait until the puffiness goes down before applying moisturizer, which can plump skin back up.

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    3. No makeup on crow's-feet! Sparkly shadow is like a zoom lens on fine lines, and foundation can settle into them. The one exception? Primer, which will blur and fill in crinkles.

    4. Disguise under-eye bags. Taupe eyeshadow grazed right underneath lower lashes helps hide puffiness by making that area recede. (Darker skin tones should use a richer brown shadow.)

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  • 20 Reasons Why We Wouldn’t Trade Marriage for Dating in Our 20s

    Sure, being single has its perks--flirting with countless guys, going to work still smiling from an epic date the night before, and feeling utterly elated when a guy you're into asks you out again. But all that excitement and uncertainty can't beat the comfort of knowing that the man you're with is the real deal. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    Marshall and Lily are living the dream.1. You have a built-in wingman who you can drag to awkward dinner parties and weddings.

    2. No more waking up in a post-night-out panic, reaching for your phone, and praying you didn't booty-text your ex.

    3. Having an adult to watch Frozen with--and knowing he's not just doing it to get in your pants. He actually learned the Elsa parts.

    4. Being able to "accidentally" toot in front of your guy without feeling like you're about to die a slow, humiliating death.

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    5. Going to a bar and knowing the man you're taking home will 100-percent-guaranteed call you the next day.


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  • Ali Sweeney's Stay-Skinny Secret

    You get to eat exactly what you feel like, and if you load on the extras like Alison Sweeney does, you'll still enjoy a filler-upper meal. By Alison Sweeney, REDBOOK.

    It's harder to stay on track with your diet if you're always eating out. But living a full life means I sometimes trade my kitchen counter for a restaurant table. My number-one trick to building a perfect plate? Split your entrée, then add smart sides.

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    ½ a steak
    For dinners with my husband, I love a good filet mignon, medium rare, halfsied, of course. I'll usually start with a salad, and to fill out our plates, we'll get a couple of sides like grilled asparagus and sautéed Brussels sprouts--not the creamed spinach, which is a calorie bomb. And I definitely order a glass of wine, but I take forever with the list--with the way restaurants pour, I know I'm only having one.

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    ½ an omelet

    People think the yolks are the issue, but

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  • 8 Signs You're in a Marriage of Equals

    You know it as well as we do: A well-balanced union is hardly as simple as divvying up chores--though it's certainly nice when he picks up a vacuum. It's about being able to rely on each other in every situation. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    Ben may have famously said marriage is work, but behind the scenes, Jen told US Weekly that they talk through each movie role to make sure it's what's best for the whole fam.1. You're each other's biggest cheerleader. That may not mean hashing out every single thing that went on in your day, but you better believe your fridge is covered with as many of your accomplishments as those of your kids. That marathon bib deserves to be seen!

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    2. If you've had an epically bad day and need some pampering accompanied by a pep talk, he'd sit with you at the salon while your nails dried. Not that you'd ask him to, but he would. And it still counts if he complains about the weird fumes.

    3. He cooks, you clean, or the other way around. As long as you both get to eat, who cares about traditional gender roles? You've totally overhauled the antiquated notion that women should

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