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  • Three biggest challenges in a marriage

    According to the Census Bureau, the number of married couples dropped below half of all American households for the first time last year. But while the statistics point to a national decline, plenty of couples still take the plunge. So how can they succeed? Relationship expert and author of The Nine Phases of Marriage, Susan Shapiro Barash, breaks down the three biggest marriage challenges and how to tackle those issues.

    Marriage Challenge #1: Finances

    Despite how often young couples talk about money ahead of time and how often women talk it with their husbands during their marriage, Susan says it still remains a huge problem. More couples are having separate bank accounts, but when it comes to children and money they’re pooling it together, for things like school and tutoring. So how does a couple broach that conversation without wanting to pull each other’s heads off? Susan says that you have to be flexible when it comes to finances. If your husband

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  • Is your baby ruining your sex life?

    For most couples, sex, post-baby is...well....different. Juggling family, career, baby feedings, and functioning on very little can take a toll on intimacy. But according to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, OB-GYN and author of the new book, “Your Body Beautiful”, a slimmed down sex life is completely normal when a new baby enters the house. In fact, says Dr. Ashton, you may not be interested in sex at all when baby first comes home. The reasons for this can be: physical, emotional and/or psychological. “The fact of the matter is, your partner has to share you. If it’s your first baby, he or she may not be the center of your universe anymore and it’s going to take a toll.” Complete exhaustion from a lack of sleep can also contribute to a pared down sex life, and Dr. Ashton says that's very common.

    (Related: Breastfeeding Questions You're Afraid To Ask)

    If you're wondering when most couples resume intimacy after a baby is born, the time is actually quite varied. When polled, some of our Shine

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  • Did you know it's breakup season?

    Did you know “breakup season" starts now? Facebook data shows profile updates to “single” start climbing around this time each year, peaking a couple weeks before Christmas. Is a breakup on your agenda?  If so, try to show some kindness. Relationship expert and author of “He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing)” Andrea Syrtash breaks down the dos and don’ts of breaking up.

    We hit the streets to find out what people think is the #1 worst way to break up with someone. The overwhelming majority said via text. One viewer even said having your ex do the dirty work!

    Other breakup don’ts?

    Breakup Don’t #1: Disappearing! According to Andrea, the worst way to break up is by not having even the courtesy to have a conversation. Leaving the person you’re dating high and dry is the biggest no no. Have respect for that person and man up.

    Breakup Don’t #2: Hiding behind technology. Don’t rely on technology to do your dirty work. Have the courage and

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  • Biggest fears of the newly single

    It's Unmarried & Single Americans Week! Who knew? Well, if you thought you'd never heard of it before, wake up, because according to the latest Census Bureau, 44% of American adults are single. So on today's episode of "The Shine", we're providing some useful advice for all the single men and women out there. Splitting up is never easy, no matter what the circumstances, and break-ups can take a tremendous toll on our emotions. Harvard attorney, couples mediator and bestselling author of "Fight Less, Love More" (now out in paperback) Laurie Puhn is here to tell us how it is-- she's identifying the biggest fears of the newly single. But more importantly, she's teaching us how to conquer those fears to move happily forward.

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    Are you dealing with a

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  • Are you guilty of ghosting?

    Dating in 2012 is a whole different ballgame than it was twenty years ago. Texting, social networking, email, and beyond has changed the way people interact and build relationships. And unfortunately, not everything about today’s dating scene is positive. Take this recent trend called “ghosting”. It’s when a guy or girl is dating someone and out of nowhere they disappear – they stop texting, calling, and emailing the person they’re apparently seeing. Relationship and dating expert Andrea Syrtash dropped by “The Shine” to dish on “ghosting”, how to avoid it, and what to do if you’ve been ghosted.


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  • New rules for dating via Facebook

    It’s no secret to anyone that dating has become more and more complicated with the rapid rise of social networks, particularly Facebook. As Facebook constantly evolves - to what appears to be new features and changes to their system daily – there’s no shame in admitting that Facebook dating etiquette can be quite confusing to say the least. And the bottom line is, the rules are very much open to interpretation, since we’re all still figuring it out. To help shed light on this topic and provide useful guidance to those in the dating world is relationship expert and author of "He's Just Not Your Type (and that's a good thing)" Andrea Syrtash.

  • The NEW prenup

    According to a recent study by, the focus on finance intensifies once a couple gets married. All of a sudden it feels like there’s a ton of pertinent money topics that need to be discussed so that you and your spouse can live a financially comfortable life for years to come. And because that reality can be quite scary, we’ve enlisted the help of’s Site Editor Kristine Solomon for a rundown of the newlywed’s disclosure checklist, aka the new prenup.

    Looking for more advice on money management for newlyweds? Check out Yahoo Contributor Jennie Lee William’s piece on misconceptions her and her husband had about money when they first got married – plus, the lessons learned.

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  • How to cheat on your husband (with your husband)

    Cheating in your marriage may not be a bad thing according to relationship and sex expert Andrea Syrtash. Andrea stopped by “The Shine” to tell us all why cheating with your husband can help keep the spark alive. From playful flirting to spontaneity, Andrea encourages cheating with your hubby -- plus, it can, in fact, help prevent you from cheating with someone else. Watch below and let us know what you think, on our Facebook page.


    Check out another episode of "The Shine" for more marriage advice on how to spice things up behind closed doors.

    What's your secret to keeping the spark alive after having been in a relationship for many years?

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  • Why women are usually better at cheating (Kristen Stewart, are you listening?)

    According to relationship expert Cooper Lawrence, women are better cheaters, because they are better at keeping secrets! Lawrence says cheating is up among women in committed relationships because women now have the means and the motive. Women are financially independent and more likely to walk away from a relationship that isn’t satisfying. For many fans, celebrity couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the perfect match. So it came as a shock when word spread that the break-up was reportedly caused by infidelity, and it was Stewart who did the cheating!

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  • Common dating advice that actually backfires

    Not all dating advice is good dating advice. For instance: “be open, but not desperate” or “love yourself or no one else will love you”. What does that even mean, really, and does it actually help? Shine’s Senior Editor Piper Weiss sits down with “The Shine” to reveal the most useless dating advice that, as she says, is only designed to make you feel bad about yourself, not actually help in your quest to find a man.

    Looking for more advice on dating? Check out another episode of "The Shine" that dives into the new rules of dating and why we all have this thing called a Gaggle.

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