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  • Basic Layout Considerations for Your Blog

    The layout of a blog is extremely important, and should be one of the first things to consider, aside from what you are going write for it. (I tend to use similar layouts and themes for specific blogging platforms.) Many blogging platforms allow you to change the appearance and layout of your blog via directly editing the HTML or the use of WYSIWYG editors. The following tips are things you should consider when creating a layout for your new blog.
    Use "negative space" to separate your content.

    I am probably using the term "negative space" incorrectly. I think I should have used the word "margins" instead.

  • So far, I have been collecting a lot of "sorry you're not what we're looking for" emails. Sometimes these letters also contain a "but we'll keep your resume on file/please keep coming to us as jobs appear," factor that may or may not be legitimate. I find these letters whether or not they include a "we'll keep your resume," to be kind of disheartening, which I think is not the actual intent of the letters.

    I have been told that follow up is extremely important.

  • Things You Think of After the Fact

    Orginally posted on Near Life Experiences.

    So, I will get started on writing projects, and then belatedly realize that I should have organized things differently, or I should have had an idea of how I wanted something organized to begin with. Case in point, I have just realized that I need to have an index that lists all of the book reviews I have cross-posted from my book blog to my profile on Yahoo Contributor Network. The sad part is, I could have thought of doing this back when there were maybe only ten or so book reviews on YCN. Now I have to go through all of my folders.

    I am also eventually going to have to cross-post my entries from this blog and A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances to my Wordpress blog. And I need to play around with it some more because it still doesn't look quite right. I also need to work on scheduling more tweets, which I should have done yesterday, but did not because I spent most of the day trying to find something I lost, and then trying to

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  • Reading: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Part Three

    What you may have noticed is the episodic nature of these short chapters! Like many early science fiction and fantasy novels, this novel was first printed as a serial! A Princess of Mars is actually fairly "joined together" for a serial novel. The next book in the series however is much, much worse, mostly because of the Very Obvious Repetitive Cliffhanger where it takes quite a long time to find out the full name of a young man John meets during his adventures. You will of course know who the young man is before the second cliffhanger cuts off the introduction.

  • A “Girl Thing”

    This is something I call that thing where a woman does not believe that women and men can be just "friends." A woman who does the * "girl thing" will become increasingly unhappy if her boyfriend, husband or significant other has friends who are women. A woman who does the "girl thing" will also display varying degrees of hostility toward other women to the point where she is not actually able to form a lasting friendship with members of her own gender due to being in a state of perceived competition with every other woman out there. (Paradoxically, or perhaps hypocritically, the woman who does the girl thing will often declare that she prefers having male friends. Logically, you would think that the woman who does this would avoid having male friendships to avoid "poaching," someone else's boyfriend, but no.)
    When I was much younger, I very much assumed that this was the default setting!

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  • Job Hunt Log the First: Intentions and Introduction

    Originally posted on Near Life Experiences

    Okay. I finally graduated and earned my Associates of Applied Science Web Graphic Design back in February. Due to not having a stable financial situation, a great deal of depression and other mental health issues I won't go into here, I was not really able to begin the job hunt. (I did send out some resumes but my only job interview did not go very well because I could not convince the prospective employer that even though I wasn't familiar with WordPress at the time, that I would be able to quickly get used to it because of previous experience with a) other blogging and writing platforms and b) Knowledge of HTML and CSS, though I am not exactly a "coder." (I now have a WordPress blog. It is not that much different from Blogger.)

    I am now in more stable living conditions and have managed to pull myself partially out of the dumps, and started putting out more resumes. This log is going to be the first of many posts as I attempt to

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  • Reading: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Part Two

    As I indicated earlier, I do not like John Carter. He is the squarest of all square jawed manly man heroes and I have never liked the pulpy square jawed hero type. (I generally prefer the snarky sidekicks or the grim yet reliable sidekicks. They are more interesting and I almost never want to hit them with bricks.) I also dislike him because of his being or having been a Confederate, but that's an entirely different rant.

    So! Our Hero arrives on Mars, where he discovers that he has super powers!

  • Web Comic Review: Kagerou by Luka Delany

    Kagerou is an ongoing web comic. (That posts intermittently depending on how the muse strikes the creator. At the time of this review, we are in a lull.) It takes a large number of fantasy tropes, dumps them into a blender and sets the blender on disintegrate.

    Our Hero is Kano Jurgen, a young man with strange psychic powers he is generally unaware of because he is not the most mentally healthy person in the world. (And a great deal of why he is not mentally healthy is because of aforementioned psychic powers.) As often happens in fantasy stories, Our Hero is chosen to be the Champion of a princess and drawn into the Grey World so he can Defeat the Evil Overlord. Unfortunately, he is not Genre Savvy and very stupidly gets himself killed by one of the villains. (This is not a permanent condition.)

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  • GBE 2: Blog on -- Week #47: “Home”

    Originally posted on Near Life Experiences.

    his is for GBE 2 Prompt 47
    I decided to make this about the home I wanted to have instead of engaging in any navel gazing where I ponder the meaning of the word home. (Though I might do that another time; at the moment I just don't feel it.)

    The home I want to have is in a climate more temperate than the middle of the Sonoran Desert. (I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I do not like living in Phoenix, or Arizona. If I could move, I would.) It is in an out of the way place while simultaneously being near shopping. It is a two story house with two and a half bathrooms, a big kitchen and a walk in closet in the bedroom. There is a home office, and a study/library. The living room would have an entertainment center with a TV and sound system of some kind for playing music. I do not watch very much TV, but on the theory that I might, I would definitely want a television.

    The home I want to have is actually variable in size!

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  • Music Painting

    Something I found on tumblr!


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