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  • Fictional Revenge in a Virtual World: Does it Appeal to Everyone?

    Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate GameSean Austin, real name Hart Getzen, took some time to chat about his book series. With one book out - Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game is available on Amazon - he laid out why you ought to buy his book. Yes, even if you aren't a diehard Lord of the Rings fanatic who knows his pseudonym is one letter shy of LOTR actor Sean Astin.

    Anyone might enjoy it, he says: "It can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys YA [young adult] fiction because it also has similarities to classic and contemporary literary genres such as horror (Frankenstein, The Most Dangerous Game, The Hunger Games), stories about coming of age (Twilight), suspense, and redemption. The youngest YA reader can take life lessons from the book with even the simplest understanding that there are codes out there, available to anyone, to becoming a better person and accomplishing anything imaginable. Echo's Revenge is a tech-thriller about the gaming world, and how a video game goes horribly wrong when it is recreated in the real world,

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  • Staying Alive in LA's Restaurant Business, According to David Myers of Comme Ça

    Comme Ça Founder David MyersWith his two Comme Ça restaurants, David Myers has planted himself in the hipster foodie territories of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We Americans love our food programming - from Bravo's Top Chef to anything starring Guy Fieri - but what those shows don't tell you is how hard the food industry actually is. It wasn't entirely overnight success for Myers but rather hard work that brought him to this point, and a much more amazing task for his restaurants to remain strong in cities with taste so fickle, you might shut down upon P. Diddy's declaration, "This place is over."

    "Inspired by the rustic neighborhood restaurants of Europe, Comme Ca recreates the mood of a bustling French eatery for various audiences: warm, welcoming, and casually glamorous. The menu is rooted in French tradition and can only be described as pure brasserie fare, from hearty Steak Frites to the rich flavors of Escargot Persillade. I'm really inspired by all my travels, whether it be toFrance, Singapore, Thailand or

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  • Admire Paintings While You Chow Down on Italian-Style Pizza? It's Happening!

    Antonio Pisaniello, PizzArte Executive ChefWith all the Hurricane Sandy news, the media has neglected showcasing positive New York tourism staples. Where would Manhattan be without its famous pizzerias or downtown art galleries? PizzArte, on 69 East 55th Street in Midtown, combines both, with traditional Neapolitan cuisine, lamb chops, cornish hen, veal and Neapolitan pizza...and art on the walls! Executive chef Antonio Pisaniello declares the secret is in using no more than three main ingredients for each recipe.

    "In my opinion, the architecture of the restaurant and design goes along with the design of each dish I prepare. It all begins with the morning food shopping, having to choose the best possible ingredients available in the market. I love dry aged cheese and fresh cheese, and I also love to have octopus on my menu and use white onions and potatoes. The idea is to use those simple ingredients to create light dishes with the few ingredients elevating the flavor of the main ingredient, such as in the grilled

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  • Odina Surf: Gisele Bündchen Supermodel Style Inspiration in Eco-Friendly Swimwear

    Odina Surf, worn by Richárde aka. Nicole RussinDescribe Tim Burton's work in a few words: sexy, dark, high glam, retro-cinematic, colorful, glamorous and a bit of punk rock gothic. High fashion print publication editorials are often inspired by Burton, a director who inspires me personally as a girl who wants to eventually make my own movies, and as a model directing my own work nowadays, as I was in this Alice in Wonderland style shoot. Now, how come so few editors make use of eco-friendly clothing, accessories and swimwear? For some reason, many people, magazine editors I love included, declared long ago, "Eco-friendly fashion is not chic, nor worth a second glance." Recycled materials do not mean swimsuits that actually look like Whole Foods paper bags.

    Odina Surf, worn by Richárde aka. Nicole RussinEver since i began eating vegetarian, I love the idea of saving the environment through small, blink and you miss it lifestyle choices like where I get my clothing. The problem is, not very many apparel providers make attractive clothing, much less swimsuits. I was overjoyed

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  • Eoin Harrington: "Relationships Intrigue Me"

    Eoin HarringtonSinger Eoin Harrington had his music featured on MTV's Made but stresses the importance of people buying artists' music. "I recently discovered a shocking statistic about the music industry: To make just $1, a song needs to be streamed 3,494 times on the new free service Spotify. To earn the U.S. monthly minimum wage, an artist must sell 2,044 MP3s on iTunes. Last year, less than 1 percent of the music available for sale online was actually purchased," he says.

    His music falls between rock and Coldplay-esque paced arrangements, with softly moving vocal changes in a sea of rough-and-tumble rock. "I think, just the natural progression of living life, and gaining experiences intrinsically changes how music and writing is approached. Living in San Francisco has exposed me to many artists and opportunities to perform with, and see live performances of, very talented musicians. All that plays into inspirations for songs. But, for me, the process of sitting down at the piano or with my

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  • ACIDIC: Rock's PH Balance

    "I find that much of our music is inspired by grunge like Jane's Addiction and Pearl Jam as well as modern artists like Green Day, Cage the Elephant, and Foo Fighters. I love these bands and especially admire the way that they convey their sound on stage! I also find inspiration from people like Mozart for structure and harmonies," says ACIDIC frontman Michael Gossard.ACIDIC

    Nowdays, songs like "Uninspired" sound a little bit like The Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Everything has changed about our sound and the way it is produced and written. ACIDIC started as a group of friends simply playing music together. Our sound was simple and rocking. We have developed into a multi-faceted beast of music and have included more solos into our songs. This as well as richer choruses and a large crisp sound have made us what we are today, but we started with the same foundation that still infuses everything we do, to this very minute. Most of our songs are about meaningful things that happen in our lives, and,

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  • Spanish Rugby Star on What Inspires Him

    Oriol RipolOriol Ripol has played rugby for the Northampton Saints and has a history of winning on the field. But don't think you cannot learn from him because you don't play sports! Allow him to demonstrate how you can discover your passion in your own career in his own words.

    Rugby is not anywhere as popular as football in Spain. What did people tell you when your friends or classmates learned you were playing rugby? How did you explain why it is a fun and important sport?
    At the time I started playing, the sport was really unknown and it was often confused with American football cause of the shape of the ball, so I don't think any of my classmates knew what it was. I kind of liked that it was so unusual. When I explained the difference of the two sports they were often disappointed cause they already had the image of the NFL with all the protections, helmet... They really never understood at the time the great values of this sport, neither did I till I was older.

    Why did you want to study in

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  • Bruno Serato: "Picasso on a Plate" at Anaheim White House

    Bruno Serato of the Anaheim White House says, "We are known for the presentation and style on each and every dish. I describe it as {icasso on a plate. Our Jackie O dessert is the prettiest, grandest dessert you will ever see. I add my secret touch and ingredients on certain plates that I cannot share. It is a secret! A poached salmon from Norway that is prepared with white chocolate mashed potatoes and my home made lobster ravioli is our signature dish. I was born and raised in Italy so of course I am majorly swayed by anything from Italy. I also draw a lot from French cuisine, the style they prepare food and from Asian cultures, especially the artful way they go about things from architecture to fine arts." Bruno Serato

    Anaheim White House is for everyone: royalty, popular singers, you and me. He says, "The restaurant is very romantic and very homey. It was originally a house that was built in 1909. It still looks like a private residence and is complete with multiple dining areas, quiet

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  • New Madrid: "Real Madrid" "Post-Rock" Fútbol...For The Ears!

    On Twitter, New Madrid says they are a "fiery, artsy, adrenalizing, bilingual post-rock band from Brooklyn." But they could have been a rough group of 1950's misfits, right? Oh. "My father taught me to play the guitar at 13; back then, I wanted to be like Elvis. Fast forward through high school metal, folklore groups and extremely underground NYC bands, to the discovery that all I wished to do was play music. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult industry to break into, but who cares. I've crashed a party or two in my day," Erik Barragán, the cat lover, says.New Madrid

    "We want to bring enjoyment to people and keep breaking the language, cultural and age barriers with our songs. The way we are combining Spanish and English lyrics and multicultural music is rare nowadays. It's like creating a genre of our own, but the music and shows speak for themselves. Music feeds the soul. If all you listen to is mainstream, you're feeding your soul McDonald's. If all you listen to is one particular genre,

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  • Mitten: Two Mittens, One Synth Sound

    Two cannot become one unless it is done apart? Sort of. Joanna Katcher, half of Mitten says, "We've never written a song in the same room. Even though we live in the same city, we always e-mail ideas back and forth to each other.We both work best independently at the beginning of a song but rely on each other to see it through. We are a synth pop duo, definitely heavily influenced by The Postal Service, Depeche Mode, New Order, Bjork and 80's New Wave in general."Mitten, the synth duo

    Maia Macdonald explained, "We drink an obscene amount of seltzer. We have found that you can do a lot of work on your own, without paying someone to help, including booking shows, promotion, press, recording, writing, touring and merchandise. Our music is a conversation with oneself, and the rest is made up of the things you want to say to someone, but don't necessarily verbalize. It's about relationships and people you love and cities you love and trying to be present, differentiating living in a memory vs living in the

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