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  • Can't Wear Wool? Some Great Winter-Fashion Alternatives

    If you can't wear wool or animal fibers, join the club. Many people can't wear them because of allergies (which affect one in five Americans), or because they have sensitive skin (along with about half of the rest of America), or because they're vegan. Others simply find the fabrics scratchy. Yet most winter fashion is rife with wool, cashmere, and angora. The coats, the sweaters, the scarves. So does that mean you're left with the dowdy throwbacks? It used to be the case, but not any more.

    A few years ago finding a warm, fashionable dress coat without wool was like searching for a diamond in a river. Forget it. Instead you had to buy a cotton/poly trench coat and stuff a fleece jacket under it--or at least that was my experience (and yes, I looked like the Michelin Man, and yes I felt like a fashion disaster next to everyone else in their little tailored J. Crew wool coats looking fab).

    Now with so much focus on going green, more mainstream fashion designers and brands are

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