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  • Don't tell me the economy is bad. I have/had an opening for a secretary. I fired my full time secretary in October 2010. She had made twenty thousand dollars worth of mistakes in a year. This was mostly my fault since we were starting our own business and she claimed she knew everything about dental billing. I took her word for it since I knew nothing. I only knew how to fix teeth, not run a business. Long story short, she got fired and I wised up and had someone come to our office for $100 an hour to teach us how to run our business.

    Anyway, I quickly realized I couldn't do it all. I needed a front desk receptionist. So we posted to We spent $250 on a 30 day ad. There were 311 views and only three resumes?

    Not to mention we called two of them and one was a no show after she confirmed the date, time and place of the interview the day before. The other girl wanted more than my existing staff with no experience.

    Since we fired our receptionist, word got around and we had

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  • User Post: Are your kids making you fat?

    We're on vacation and we go to McDonalds. My kids get the chicken nuggets happy meal with apple dipper and white milk. I choose the chicken snack wrap with barbeque sauce and drink bottled water. I pat myself on the back for not getting my all time favorite, Big Mac.

    My five year old and three year old tear open the dippers and leave their nuggets. I stop them and say, "You have to eat your chicken first." Five minutes later, they have about 4 nuggets remaining. And what am I supposed to do? My parents say "NEVER WASTE FOOD. There are people in Africa that are starving." Am I really going to pack them away in the car and eat them later? No. I eat them because I don't want to waste food and I can't see throwing perfectly good food into the garbage.

    So there goes my good intentions of just eating a snack wrap. When we're at home at the dinner table, we do have a rule which is "Don't put food on your plate that you can't eat." My kids eyes are "bigger than their stomachs" and of course

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