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  • What Are Water Geysers?

    Geyser is generally known as water heater. It is a rectangular in shape piece of equipment hanging on the bathroom wall. You can fit this device wherever at your home. It is an appliance that cannot be ignored at all specially in winters because it works continuously to provide hot water. Hot water is an essential in our day to day life especially in winter. The named Geyser was kept just after natural geysers that were found in several areas of world. These natural geysers were the hot water device that was continuously provides hot water during all seasons but was mostly used in winter season. All the geysers in the market come with various features and types. Electric and Gas Geysers are the only two types of geysers in the market. There are two types of gas geysers in the market i.e. Normal Gas Geyser without LCD display and Gas Geyser with LCD display. You can see the rise in temperature with LCD display water temperature display.

    A geyser functions on electricity that converts

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