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  • Ryan Lochte talks Speedos and his biggest supporter-- his mom

    If you don’t follow sports, perhaps you know six-time Olympic-medalist Ryan Lochte. . . from his Vogue cover! Yep, that was him on the June issue, sandwiched between soccer player Hope Solo and tennis star Serena Williams looking mighty fit and competition-ready. With just weeks to go before the Olympic Games in London, we spoke to Ryan about the personal items he can’t live without and his biggest supporter -- his mom, Ileana. See what Ryan says he's learned from her and what Ileana considers her proudest Olympic mom moment to date.

    When Ryan Lochte’s mom, Ileana, watched her 6-year-old son swim at his first mini meet, she immediately had a feeling something unusual was going on. His form was “wonderful” and his love for the water was intense. Many more meets and practices came and went and before too long Ileana was watching Ryan win medals alongside his Team USA friend and rival Michael Phelps. Ryan won his first individual Olympic gold medal in 2008 for the 200-meter backstroke. Read More »from Ryan Lochte talks Speedos and his biggest supporter-- his mom
  • Tips and tricks to get pool party ready

    You, lounging around the pool with smooth, bronze skin, sipping a drink in a bathing suit that fits you perfectly and accentuates your long, lean legs. The ultimate summer scene may look effortless. But unless you’re are a genetically blessed supermodel (or even if you are) getting to the point where you feel anxiety-free about chilling in a bathing suit takes work. It doesn’t just happen-- for anybody! In this episode, we’ve got everything you need, from targeted fitness routines to skin-smoothing scrubs so your pool/beach/backyard BBQ time is as relaxing as it looks.

    When I see people radiating confidence while wearing the smallest bikini possible, instead of being insanely jealous, I try to think about the fact that they’ve put in the right amount of prep work, which is something we can all do. Here’s a guide to getting our pool-party selves ready for the season.

    Work your legs, butt and core

    Celebrity trainer Bernardo Coppola, the guy who helped Mariah

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  • The Pierces talk signature style and their summer tour

    Alabama-born sisters Catherine and Allison Pierce have a sexy, timeless style that’s almost as hard to classify as their folk/pop music. Play a song of theirs -- they both sing and Allison plays guitar --  and you’ll hear their love of 70s-era Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell loud and clear, as well as their affinity for indie rock beats and pop hooks. When it comes to the sisters' retro glam vibe (how awesome is their hair, btw?) there is no stylist involved-- just a mutual love of vintage and years on a tight budget. Catherine favors high necks and high hemlines, while Allison loves flared denim and floor-skimming gypsy dresses. See what the duo had to say about their latest album, “You & I,” their favorite places to shop, and their summer tour.

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  • Wardrobe items guys want you to throw out

    A well-edited closet is something I aspire to have. I try. But then I think -- what if the clothes I toss come back in fashion someday, as things always do? (How glad am I that I saved my yellow-stitched Doc Martins?) Here’s an interesting way to get rid of at least some of your stuff. How about looking at your closet from your guy’s point of view. Suddenly, those pants that a girlfriend with dubious intentions said looked fantastic or a great pair of heels that require two boxes of band-aids might not seem as necessary. We asked Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean to be our know-it-all guy expert.  

    At the suggestion of Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean, who is playing the role of the guy in our life, here are a few things we can all feel good about getting rid of:

    Rival team jerseys

    Say, for example, that your guy is a Yankees fan. That Red Sox jersey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. If you don’t really care about the team, why stoke the fire? The one

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  • Elena Roger on playing Evita and sharing the stage with Ricky Martin

    Since we shoot The Thread in the heart of Times Square surrounded by the lights of Broadway, it was a special treat for us to chat with Elena Roger, who is starring in the Tony-nominated revival of "Evita" right across the street from our studio! The musical has broken the house record at the Marquis Theatre for the seventh time and counting and has become one of the top three highest grossing shows. We sat down with Elena to talk about the six wigs she wears each night, what it’s like to share the stage with a mustachioed Ricky Martin, and the "great responsibility" she feels playing Evita as a girl from Buenos Aires.

    Onstage Elena is larger than life. Everything about her performance is big and bold, and we’re not just talking about the gorgeous strapless gown she wears in the iconic “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” scene. In person, though, she is tiny and delicate and made of 100% muscle like a prima ballerina. The intensely physical role requires that she cares for herself

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  • Olympic athletes celebrate their moms

    Moms of Olympic athletes still have to tell their kids to clean their room, do their homework, and eat their broccoli, just like the rest of us. But there’s no denying that they also have a special bond with their kids, one that comes from watching them discover their passions and follow their dreams to the highest level. With the London Olympic Games now just weeks away, we spoke to gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Jordyn Wieber, weightlifter Sarah Robles, taekwondo competitor Diana Lopez, and decathaloner Ashton Eaton about what it has meant to have their moms by their side as they were on their way to becoming the Olympic athletes they always wanted to be. We also asked their devoted moms what they most admire about their dedicated and talented kids. Helpful hint: Find some tissues before you watch this video

    Each of the athletes we spoke with was once a little kid, unsure of their abilities but full of enthusiasm, with a mom who packed their gear and cheered them on from

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  • Charlize Theron breaks down her "Snow White" costumes

    One way to describe Charlize Theron’s sumptuous costumes in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” is couture gone wild. We’re not just talking about a few high collars, a pointy crown, and a little embroidery. Charlize’s high-glam looks were painstakingly created by Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, a long-time collaborator of Tim Burton’s. Atwood crafted a white and gold piece with leather, beadwork and an origami-like collar made out of glazed parchment that’s meant to simulate bone for the good queen's early scenes. As her dark side emerges, she slips into a floor-length cloak made out of black/green rooster feathers that Atwood shaped and sewed onto a silk backing. See how long Atwood says it took to make each look (7 weeks!) and how Charlize says it felt to wear them.


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  • Britney shows some skin for summer

    The new "X-Factor" judge arrived for the first round of auditions in Austin, Texas, looking like her old self again. That is to say, extra bronzed, extra blonde and sporting something tight, short, and revealing. Brit wore a bubble gum-pink textured frock by LA-based designer Brian Lichtenberg. Yes, there are short sleeves and a high neckline and, I believe, a diamond studded cross around her neck, but the dress's peek-a-boo mesh front panel still gets the message across. Brit has the right idea by keeping her accessories minimal and her makeup relatively modest. Her smoky, charcoal shadow adds just the right amount of edge and the dusting of pink on her cheeks and lips looks fresh and young. Isn't that what Simon Cowell had in mind when he brought her in? There's no snake around her neck, but I think Brit's pretty much back to the girl we know and love.

    If you’d like to give the figure-hugging look a try, Topshop has two similar options for $90 each. Styling note: We would have

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  • Are your food choices ruining your smile?

    We know that our food choices have an effect on. . . pretty much everything. Our hair, our skin, our nails, our sleep, our mood, whether our skinny jeans are too tight. But our diet also has a significant impact on our smile. We’re not just talking about wine and coffee stains and green things stuck in our teeth-- although those don’t help matters. In this episode, “Today” show health expert Joy Bauer spells out the foods to avoid (dried fruits, bagels) and the items we should all be adding to our shopping list (salmon! peppers!) to keep our smiles healthy and, of course, extra white.

    Milk is not the only food that’s full of calcium, although it should be on your list, obviously. Check out Joy Bauer’s healthy (and delicious) suggestions that will keep your pearly whites in top form:


    Did you know that if you’re trying to avoid dairy, almond milk, rice milk, and soy milk are all fortified with the same amount of calcium and vitamin D as regular milk? Calcium helps

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  • Crazy pants! Celebs have anointed a new summer trend

    And you thought neon jeans were eye-catching. Now it’s all about patterned pants that you can see coming from a mile away—or more. Ikat prints. Tie-dyes. Big, bold florals. Loud geometrics. Celebrities are loving all of the above and we think we know why. First of all, they’re fun. Second of all, they spice up the classic star-off-duty look. Instead of opting for solid denim, a white tee, and a black blazer, a pair of wild printed pants livens up the whole deal. The key to making any pattern work, as the stars illustrate so well in the gallery below, is to choose a monochromatic top in a neutral or understated shade. Keep the shoes classic or bust out the stilettos. Think you’ll give this one a try? Let us know.


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