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  • Extreme red carpet hairstyles

    There are stars who go for pretty with a capital P on the red carpet, and then there are those who like to get a little inventive with their locks and amp up the drama to make a statement. Some of our faves, like Ms. Nicki Minaj, often indulge in full-on wigs to get the desired over-the-top effect. But in this gallery we're highlighting looks that, with the exception of a few extensions, work with what the star already has. Check out these shots and let us know which is your favorite.


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  • How Kate Beckinsale got her body ready for "Underworld: Awakening"

    undefinedWhen you spend most of a movie playing a vampire warrior in a skintight catsuit, it makes sense that you’d call celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza to whip you into shape. Kate Beckinsale had Ramona by her side in Vancouver as she shot the fourth film in the "Underworld" series, "Underworld: Awakening," which opens January 20th. We talked to Ramona, who also works with Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson, about the exercise program she created for Kate and how she keeps clients motivated during the cold winter months (hint: dig your bathing suit out of the closet!).

    Kate looks amazing in this film but what was her particular goal when you started to train? I’d worked with Kate in the past but I hadn’t seen her in a while. She wanted to stay lean and strong-looking. Her challenge is more the lower part of her body versus the upper body. So we worked on keeping the shoulders square to accentuate her already small waist and not bulking up.

    Talk me through the program.

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  • Golden Globes 2012: Hair Hits and Misses

    Ponytails! Asymmetrical updos! Headbands! Hollywood stars went for it at this year's Golden Globes with  interesting non-traditional styles. But just because a style is interesting, is it flattering? Does it look effortless (even though we know it's not) and sufficiently glam? Check out the gallery below to see who got it right and who got it very wrong.

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  • Celebs and their younger men

    Demi and Ashton who? Undaunted by the spectacular implosion of several infamous May-December romances (Courteney and David! Kim and Kris!) certain stars are putting their faith in significantly younger guys. J.Lo, 42, has been making headlines-- and reportedly irking her soon-to-be ex -- by romancing 24-year-old back-up dancer Casper Smart. Eva Longoria (36) and Penelope Cruz's little brother Eduardo (26) are still going strong. Even the Material Girl seems to be making things work with French dancer Brahim Zaibat (24). Here's a look at some of our favorite new pairings as well as the not-so-new couples who tried to tell us that age was nothing more than a number years ago.


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  • Katy Perry goes back to her (blue) roots

    She’s been pink, blonde, black, blue and now…Katy Perry's blue again. It’s the first time we’ve seen the trendsetting songstress since her split from Russell Brand and she’s opted for yet another dramatic hair color overhaul. Her electric blue Betty Page-style wig was an early trademark that we happened to love. Last spring she even wore a sleek and straight version to Paris Fashion Week. This time it seems as if Katy's taken the look up a notch and dyed her actual hair the color of her Smurfette namesake.

    Clearly Katy is not going for a "natural" style and sometimes when you're making a change in your personal life a dramatic hair change is just the thing to reset your mood. I kind of love her sexy side part and the intense blue does bring out her gorgeous light eyes. But is this your favorite Katy look? Post on our Facebook wall and let us know if you’re hot or you’re cold…

    (Photo:Eric Berlanger / Splash News, Michael Buckner/WireImage)

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  • Clear mascara, 3 ways!

    Since we've all got more than enough to haul around (I will fill any bag to the max, even if I’m just running out to get a coffee), a great rule to follow is to make sure everything in your makeup bag has more than one purpose. A lipstick can double as a poppy pink blush, and a shimmery powder can add shine to cheekbones as well as eyelids.

    Here’s an idea that a makeup artist at the “Today” show told me about. Clear mascara can be used to lightly elongate lashes (obviously), tame and set eyebrows and also… keep flyaway strands of hair in place. Even if you’ve straightened your hair with a flat iron, inevitably a few pieces will refuse to stay down. Instead of overloading yourself with hairspray, which does not fit so easily into a compact makeup bag, use the mascara wand to streamline the strays.  

    Do you have any multitasking makeup tips to share? Post on our Facebook wall and let us know. Follow me @sarahnbernard for more makeup tricks.

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  • 5 foods you should be eating to jump-start the new year

    Sugary cakes. Glazed hams. Egg nog. That’s all behind you now. Wipe the slate clean and start the new year on a healthy note by focusing on vitamin-rich foods that you can incorporate into every meal going forward. “Today” show health expert Joy Bauer came by to talk about the superfoods we should all be eating. Thankfully, her picks are delicious and easy to find. From spicy veggies to protein powerhouses to sweet treats, see which foods make Joy’s top five.

    The best way to reset your eating habits after the holidays is to stock your fridge with fresh, nutrient-rich foods that give you energy and improve your mood. Here’s Joy’s list of the top five:


    These beans are filled with high-quality vegetarian protein and fiber, which boost energy and mood. They’re inexpensive and they cook up in 30 minutes or less. Joy suggests making large pots of lentil soup or lentil chili so you can freeze the leftovers.   


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  • Yahoo's The Thread on Shine presents an advance screening of "BIG MIRACLE" hosted by Drew Barrymore!

    We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be presenting a special advance screening of the new film “BIG MIRACLE” - hosted by the uber-talented and lovely star herself, Miss Drew Barrymore - on Tuesday January 24th in New York City. Drew will be treating the audience (filled with Shine & Thread Facebook fans!) to a Q&A after the movie.  It’s sure to be an evening to remember and we could not be more psyched for this exclusive event. You can bet we’ll have some amazing door prizes too!

    To learn how YOU might be able to attend this special event, check out our Facebook page for details!

    Wondering what “BIG MIRACLE” is all about? Check out the trailer below!

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  • Celebrity fringe fest

    Ever since Kim Kardashian broke out blunt bangs on New Year’s Eve after tweeting that she was considering the move, blogs have been asking whether the look was an inspired improvement or a misstep. There may be truth to speculation that Kim's fringe was of the clip-on variety -- Kim did not appear to have bangs the next day -- but we think she should embrace the change. Her thick hair would work well in a blunt cut, and bangs would only emphasize her sexy eyes even more than usual. If you’re looking to start the year off with a hairstyle overhaul, here's a gallery of stars who've tested out the look to inspire you.

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