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  • It's easy being green! Would you wear nail polish colors inspired by the Muppets?

    I for one have been anxiously awaiting the release of "The Muppets"—the new film starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams and, of course, the gang of puppets I grew up watching. Other than Miss Piggy’s love of glamour, I’m not exactly sure of the connection between the characters and nail polish. But nevertheless OPI has teamed up with Disney to craft 12 shades that will retail for $8.50 around the time the film hits theaters on November 23rd.

    The names of the colors are the best part of the collection: "Excuse Moi!" a sparkly dark pink in honor of Miss Piggy’s catch phrase, “Divine Swine,” a glittery magenta, and “Rainbow Connection,” which looks like metallic confetti in a bottle.

    If nails that mimic mini-disco balls aren’t your thing, there are six sparkle-free shades that simply have a metallic sheen, like the orange-ish “Animal-istic” an ode to the toothy, drum-playing Muppet and a light gold called “Warm & Fozzie," an homage to the one and only Fozzie bear.

    As much as I

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  • Scarlett Johansson tries life as a brunette

    Well this is quite a change. Scarlett Johansson was spotted on the Glasgow set of her film “Under the Skin” sporting a short, layered brunette bob. The dramatic, edgy look goes with the role— she plays an alien who preys on guys and uses them for their body parts. Seriously. And why does everyone go brunette to play the villain? Just asking.  I have to say, though, for a girl who usually looks so glamorous, I'm not feeling this dark hue.

    As recently as last month, Scarlett was ginger for her role in "Avengers 2," and I have to say, she can pull off all shades of red with ease.  But, for some reason, we always think of her as a bombshell blonde, so this change to a dark chestnut is bit of a shock.    Then again, going darker seems to be the hair trend of the moment right now. Kylie Minogue just tried out a dark brown and it made her gorgeous eyes stand out even more. There are even natural blondes like Sofia Vergara who are choosing to stick with more sultry shades for dramatic

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  • Get your glow on for Halloween

    I've been in a bit of a panic this week because everyone I know (including my 5-year-old twins) has not only decided on but purchased their Halloween gear. The best part of Halloween to me is seeing what hilarious fashion-oriented-pop-culture-referencing costumes people come up with. Anyone can be a ghost or a witch but how much more fun is it to see someone as bride-to-be Bella Swan or Rachel Zoe or a Real Housewife? Two Halloween’s ago my costume set a personal high (I was a blonde-wigged Kate Hudson and my husband was a fake-muscled-up A-Rod) and ever since it’s been to hard figure out the next.Then I came across a very cool new product by Make Up For Ever called Fluo Night Black Light Pigment ($31) and with it, I’m going back to the '80s (or is it early '90s?). Here’s how it works: You add the translucent powder with a sponge or a brush on top of makeup that you already have, say, a lipstick or an eye shadow or even a hair gel. In regular light you will look like your normal

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  • Selena Gomez rocks $19 Forever21 shorts on the red carpet

    Pint-sized actress-singer Selena Gomez, also known as Justin Beiber's lady love, hit the LA premiere of "The Thing" in an outfit that impressed us for several reasons. Let's go through them all, shall we? First and foremost, we love the fact that her sexy sequin shorts are $19 from Forever21. Yes, she knows how to work a Julien Macdonald gown or a Jenny Packham creation or a sparkling J.Mendel, but Selena also knows that style is not all about the price tag. She has her own clothing line "Dream Out Loud" at Kmart, FYI.

    The second reason we love this look is because Selena clearly knows how to dress for her body without being over-the-top. She's picked one asset— her toned, tanned legs— not two or three to focus on. She knows that together, the micro-shorts and the black heels elongate her gams. And she's balanced the skimpiness with a flowy blouse so her look stays safely on the side of "edgy" as opposed to "trashy." The third reason is her hair and makeup. Her side-swept bangs,

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  • Which middle-aged Hollywood stars are breaking the style rules?

    We've heard that 40 is the new 30, but in Hollywood it feels like 50 -- even 60 -- is the new 20! Women who would technically fall into the "middle aged" category (Halle Berry, Courteney Cox) look nothing like they did a generation ago, and they probably feel a little different as well. They're taking better care of their skin and their bodies, and there's no doubt that their fashion contributes to a youthful attitude. Have a look at the following stars, who all happen to be 40-plus, and tell me why there should be an age cutoff for showing off fabulous legs, having long, wavy tousles, or embracing a thigh-high pair of fall boots. 

    Check out the latest from The Thread below.

    Sofia Vergara Stops by The Thread 5 Guilt-Free Fashion Indulgences
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  • Surprisingly cute clothing and accessories to support the fight against breast cancer

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that means that everyone should be shopping!  Seriously. This year we spotted so many stylish accessories, separates and limited edition pieces from retailers who are donating some, or all, of their proceeds to organizations that support breast cancer awareness and research. The price tag does not have to be enormous and we’re happy to report that many of our favorite budget-friendly brands are getting in on the action. How about starting your holiday shopping now? Here’s a gallery of some of our favorite finds to give you a little inspiration.

    Check out the latest from The Thread below.

    Sofia Vergara Stops by The Thread 5 Guilt-Free Fashion Indulgences
    Check Out The Thread Homepage Time-Saving Fashion & Beauty Tips

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  • 5 tips for wearing colored jeans

    We love colored denim for many reasons. First, because it’s fun. (Tell me, how old were you the last time it was OK to wear electric yellow pants?) Second, because it’s an inexpensive way to make a serious wardrobe statement, especially if you pick one of the more saturated color options. Personally, I love the cobalt blue. But every time I see a new shade like the plums and teals that are rolling out for fall, I have an urge to stock up on all of them until my closet looks like a super-sized Crayola crayon box. The thing is, wearing this trend is trickier than it looks. It’s easy to go from chic to cartoonish if you don’t think carefully. Since we’d never want that to happen, we’ve put together the five rules you need to keep in mind. Have a look and also check out the gallery of celebrities doing it right for added styling inspiration.

    1. Let the color of the jeans be the dominant statement. Opt for neutral, black, or white tops. However, fashion pros may want to take the opportunity

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  • Best and worst Emmy hairstyles

    When it came to hair, the night was all about playing it safe. No one went to extremes in either direction — overly wild and inappropriate or overly inventive and original. But we’re happy to report the ladies who did it best took inspiration from fall trends we love (low ponytails! updos!) and the ones who need to work on their styling still have a ton of award shows ahead of them to get it right. Do you agree with our assessments? Post on our Facebook wall and let us know.

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  • Which figure-altering dress has Hollywood stars seeing double?

    Rarely do you see a celebrity wear a dress on the red carpet if another celebrity has already been photographed in it. But this season stars can’t get enough of the optical illusion dresses in Stella McCartney’s Fall 2011 collection. We think we know why. The sexy, figure-flattering sheaths manage to do two things at the same time: enhance curves and take off inches. McCartney uses artful “color blocking” to trick the eye much like a artist does. The lightest color on a canvas draws attention to an area while a darker color makes a section recede into the background. McCartney took the concept a step further and used black side panels to literally “draw” in an exaggerated waistline. See which of the following 8 stars wore their McCartney dress the best.

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  • Anne Hathaway's style evolution

    Anne Hathaway has come a long way in the style department over the past few months. Ever since she stunned viewers with her seven memorable looks as co-host of the Oscars--eight if you count the gorgeous Valentino gown she arrived in--the actress has become a veritable fashion force. While we were at July 4th BBQs, Anne was at the couture shows in Paris. While we were trying to hide our beachy locks under straw sun hats, Anne hit a European ball dressed like an ethereal goddess with her highlighted tousles held in place by a delicate floral headpiece. For the premiere of her new romantic drama, “One Day,” guess who was the first to wear a look from Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2012 collection? Here’s a look at some of Anne’s standout choices.

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