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  • Men’s grooming habits that turn women off

    Ladies, tell me you agree. There is a horrific beauty double standard going on that we have to do something about. Now that it's summer, we've all been upping our beauty game— more shaving and waxing, keeping toenails in check— so the terrible grooming habits of our guys have become all the more glaring. Why is stomach-turning neglect (or in certain cases, too much attention) the norm? We're not asking guys to do anything we don't do ourselves. If you're feeling extremely grossed out by what you're seeing thanks to flip-flops and bathing suits, take comfort in this: You are not alone.
    We asked our Facebook friends (affectionately known as "Threaders") to share the grooming issues that irk them the most, and the answers were awfully familiar. One Threader asked if we could please paste the comments "on a huge billboard that all men can see." Well, here's our billboard equivalent! See the top ten offenses below and add more by posting on our Facebook wall.

    1. Long, dirty toe nails. Or,

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  • The fashionistas of “Monte Carlo”

    Aside from the spectacular locations and the comely trio of Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy, the most gorgeous aspect of "Monte Carlo" is the fashion. When the ladies' trip to Paris turns out to be a little less glam than expected, they get wrapped up in misadventures that involve a princess who looks remarkably like Selena (she plays both roles.)  Long story short, the girls find themselves with some seriously upgraded accommodations -- plus luggage cases filled with jewels and strapless Dior gowns! We spoke to Selena, Leighton, and Katie about how their looks define their characters and what it was like to test-drive a royal wardrobe.

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  • Tom Hanks gets a fashion lesson

    Tom Hanks once lost 55 pounds to play Chuck Noland in "Cast Away," but in his latest film, "Larry Crowne," it's his wardrobe overhaul that's the key to his character's transformation. When we meet Larry he's wearing a tight, tucked-in red polo shirt and a pair of painfully drab khakis. After his life implodes (he loses his job and his house) he enrolls in a community college where, to his good fortune, a wavy-tressed Julia Roberts happens to be his teacher and a sassy fellow student thankfully gives him style advice. Pretty soon he's careening around campus on a scooter in a motorcycle jacket and dark button-fly denim. We spoke to the cast, including Cedric the Entertainer and Taraji P. Henson, about how a new wardrobe can be the catalyst for reinvention as well as the result.

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  • How to get a bikini-ready body

    Wouldn't it be an amazing feeling to head into summer with a bikini-ready body? Everyone has their own idea of what "bikini-ready" means to them. For me, it means being toned and strong, not see-your-ribs skinny. The good news is, there's still time! To get some tips we headed out to Los Angeles for OK! Magazine's Body & Soul event, where celebrity trainers put Thread viewers through the Venus Bikini-Ready Boot Camp. Check out their fitness suggestions and let us know if they work for you.

    There are so many myths about fitness. One of the them is that you have to exercise hours and hours to see results. Celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad who puts P.Diddy and Penelope Cruz through sets of lunges and sprints, says even a half hour a day can be transformative. She demo-ed multi-tasking exercises that use your own body weight and can be done anywhere.  Holding a one-arm plank, for example, works arms and core and pretty much everything else if you're doing it right.

    Another myth is that

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  • Best bathing suits for your body type

    Finding the most figure-flattering bathing suit possible-- and all the trial and error that entails-- is one of my least favorite summer rituals. So we thought we'd help your search this season by getting some advice from Jennifer Lopez's style team, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. The duo have great advice for which suits look best with which figures, and we provide affordable click-to-buy options. Enjoy!

    Everyone has aspects of their body they like less than others--even supermodels. The key here is balance and knowing how to fool the eye. Higher cut bottoms elongate legs. Ruffled tops add volume to small busts. We've got some great options below for each
    body type.

    Pear Shape

    Look for suits with high-cut bottoms. You don't want to be cut off at your widest point. A top with a deep V will attract attention to your sexy upper body.

    Tall and Thin

    Toss out athletic-style tank suits and opt for frills and romantic detailing to give the illusion of a more shapely figure.


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  • Mary Lou Retton: Where is she now?

    I remember exactly where I was when 16-year-old Mary Lou Retton made her spectacular perfect-10 vault at the 1984 Olympics. Her sheer speed and the way she sprang from the ground, twisted and spiraled with toes perfectly pointed, looked like Wonder Woman and Evel Knievel combined. She won the all-around gold medal in women's gymnastics and inspired a generation of girls. Right after her impressive performance in Los Angeles, Mary Lou began her relationship with the Special Olympics. She has been a champion of the athletes ever since and this year she's teamed up with Procter & Gamble to support the competitors and their families, who sacrifice so much to give their kids opportunities. The World Summer Games take place in Athens on June 25th. We spoke with Mary Lou about the important connection between sports and self-confidence and how everyone can make a difference for Special Olympians by visiting P&G's Thank You, Mom Facebook page.

    Just to be sure I remembered it right, I watched

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  • Keeping Up with Khloé and Kourtney at Internet Week

    It was especially fitting that our favorite fashionable sisters, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, stopped by The Thread today while we're making our home at the Yahoo! Studios' lounge at Internet Week. One of the many reasons we love the entire Kardashian crew is because they make it a priority to virtually connect with their millions of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and blog readers daily, even hourly at times. As a result, viewers feel authentically part of their inner circle. We talked with Kourtney and Khloé about what's new on the sixth season of "Keeping Up with
    the Kardashians
    " (hello, Kris Humphries!) which begins on Sunday, fashion, of course, and also how the digital world contributes to their success.

    Yes, we love to know what Kourtney and Khloé and Kim are wearing and where they're going but it's not a one-way street.  Khloé will sit down for 10 minutes to respond to fans and end up staying in front of the computer for an hour! Together, Kim, Kourtney and Khloé have over

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  • Summer fashion your way

    Yep, the sticky summer heat is here. But that doesn't mean letting your style guard down and committing to months of smock-like linen is an option. Depending on your style, we have three standout summer looks for you as well as corresponding beauty products to help you beat the heat in a fabulously fashionable way.

    Beach-Bound and Beyond:
    A light, bright '70s-style mini caftan over a bathing suit works on the sand and off. To go with it, fill a classic toe with must-haves that protect your skin and hair: Olay
    Complete UV Moisturizer with SPF
    and Aussie Sun-Touched Shine Leave-In Conditioner.

    Poolside Practicality:
    Some printed shorts, a fitted tank, and platform wedges make for the ultimate chic and practical look. Add a tribal-print bucket bag and fill it with fragrant products like Olay
    Luscious Embrace Body Lotion
    for a moisturizing glow and Secret Ooh-La-La Lavender
    Body Splash
    for a great scent experience.

    High-Impact Glam:
    A silky, printed maxi dress works for day with flat

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  • Get the Jennifer Lopez look

    Singing, dancing, acting aside, we have loved Jennifer Lopez for over a decade for her incredible fashion. No matter what she's wearing— glittery jumpsuits, retro minidresses, or demure and classic floor-length gowns— the Venus global brand ambassador commits to every look with sass and confidence. Even if we can't exactly amass her collection of Louboutins, is there a way we can incorporate some of J.Lo's dressing rules into our own style? We asked Jennifer's style team, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, to share some of her style secrets. See what they had to say, and then check out the J.Lo makeover we gave to a Thread viewer.

    If you look at J.Lo's style through the years, you'll see that she is constantly trying new things. Each season she embraces new fashion trends and many times she reaches back to the 1960s or 1970s for inspiration. That said, Mariel and Rob pointed out a few of
    J.Lo's trademarks.

    • Make one aspect of your outfit the focal point so you don't overdo it. For example,
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  • How to get Jennifer Lopez’s superfit legs

    A great way to motivate yourself exercise-wise is to focus on a celebrity you love and make achieving their shape— or, say, their arms or abs— your goal. For me, it would be Jennifer Lopez's sexy, muscular dancer's legs. Yes, they're clearly a genetic gift but J.Lo's celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, also has something to do with how great the singer/dancer/mom is looking lately. We caught up with Tracy who is herself an exercise inspiration, at her gorgeous New York studio. She gave us five leg-centric, full-body exercises we can do so short-shorts season comes with no excuses.

    Tracy is always changing up Jennifer's workout. Our muscles need to be challenged in new ways every ten days, she says, for maximum effectiveness. That way we never get used to an exercise and nothing ever becomes too easy!

    The five exercises Tracy showed me can easily be done at home.  We used a mat for padding (you could substitute a towel) and some arm weights to add instability and more of a challenge.

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