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  • Debunking the rules of plus-size dressing

    Saying you have to be the size of a runway model to have fun with fashion is just like saying you have to have a huge bank account to look stylish. Obviously, we do not believe either is the case. In this episode, we invited Ashley Falcon, author of Marie Claire's "Big Girl in a Skinny World" column, to our studio to debunk the rules of plus-size dressing. See the outfits she put together for Thread viewer LaTia to show how curvy girls can indeed work the hottest looks of the season.

    Ashley's monthly mission is to empower women by showing them how to embrace their curves and participate in trends they thought they were excluded from. Plus-sized girls do not have to shop at maternity stores— many do believe that, according to Ashley — and wear head-to-toe black at all times. We should note that our gorgeous model for this episode was LaTia, a loyal Thread viewer who did a fantastic job working each look.

    Myth #1: Skinny jeans are for skinny girls

    Reality: It's all about proportion, fit

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  • The Thread talks DIY style with Cat Deeley

    Dancing aside, the reason to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" is to see what hostess Cat Deeley is wearing. When we caught up with the gorgeous blonde at "LIVE! with Regis & Kelly" her outfit of choice was a sexy, casual black-and-white Mulberry top and Superfine jeans. We were delighted--but not exactly surprised-- to learn that Cat doesn't even have a stylist. Her fabulous mix of high-street, vintage and designer is all her own. She even prefers to do her own hair and makeup. Find out Cat's easy trick for getting her locks to "go all beachy" and hear what, in her opinion, is the biggest fashion faux pas one can make.

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  • The Thread throws a special screening of “Bridesmaids” with the cast!

    Six comedy all-stars— Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper and Rose Byrne— make up the "Bridesmaids" crew. Their masterpiece of hilarity reminds us that, no matter how good our intentions are,
    weddings bring out the crazy. This week we held a special screening for hundreds of Thread viewers. The women (minus a very pregnant Maya), along with director Paul Feig and the very talented Chris O'Dowd (he plays Kristen's arresting officer), were in attendance. See what they had to say about their real-life wedding party roles.

    Kristen Wiig co-wrote the screenplay with longtime writing partner Annie Mumolo. Amid the outrageousness is plenty of the familiar. There's the power-hungry, know-it-all bridesmaid gunning for a promotion. The well-meaning maid of honor who wreaks havoc. The loose-cannon sister-in-law-to-be. The overpriced, over-ruffled, purple bridal party ensembles.

    The ladies, and their easy chemistry, make the movie. But the gentlemen do

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  • How to prevent wedding day disasters

    You can be the most prepared bride in the world and still drinks get spilled, buttons pop, heels break, and foreheads get shiny—very shiny. In this episode we reveal the contents of our tried and true wedding emergency kit. Keep one on hand on your big day and you'll be ready to deal with any wardrobe malfunction or fashion disaster that might come up.

    Believe it or not, the following can all fit into a tiny makeup bag. Most items are inexpensive and available at your standard drug store. Pack one for yourself and your fellow brides-to-be. A fully stocked kit makes a fantastic bridal shower gift!

    A tiny mirror…small and portable so you can peek at your look

    A handkerchief…for tears, of course

    Bobby pins and a travel-sized bottle of hairspray… to keep that hairstyle in tact

    A small comb… to smoothback flyaways

    Lipstain… it lasts and won't get on your teeth

    Band-aids… clear ones, for the inevitable blisters

    A Tide to Go pen…for unforeseen spills

    Blotting papers…for shine-free photos

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  • Fashions that flatter your hair color

    You'll notice that most stars have a color palette that they stick to. We see Angelina Jolie hit the carpet in a jewel tone or black and white— shades that contrast with her rich brown locks.  Golden blonde Carrie Underwood, on the other hand, can pull off warm neutrals like no one else. To help us figure out what we should be wearing, Shine editor-in-chief Jennifer Romolini talks us through the shades that work best for six Thread viewers, a mix of brunettes, blondes and redheads, using spring's hottest trends.

    If you look at the clothes in my closet vs. the clothes in Jen's closet, I'm guessing color is the biggest difference. Jen can wear colors that I, well, I don't want to say "can't" wear, but that I don't think flatter me as much: golden hues and neutrals. Here's a quick rundown on the most flattering options.

    For Golden Blondes

    Bright colors like oranges and reds or golden hues and neutrals are fantastic. Our model Lindsey paired an asymmetrical floral-patterned top with a

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  • How to decode a wedding invitation so you arrive in style

    Is it me or is dressing for a wedding getting increasingly complicated? Now that everyone's having much more creative event themes figuring out what to wear to them is like deciphering a secret code. What exactly does "garden festive" or "creative black tie" or — my favorite— "dressy casual" actually look like? We've interpreted some of the most popular invitation instructions for girls and guys so you can arrive in occasion-appropriate style.

    There are many things to consider when interpreting an invitation's dress code like location, time of day and time of year. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you stylishly match the occasion.

    Black Tie

    Girls: Since these are ultraformal weddings often with religious overtones, think long gowns, modest necklines and classic, not trendy, colors. Bring a wrap to cover your arms for the ceremony if your dress doesn't have long sleeves.

    Guys: A well-fitted tux paired with classic patent-leather tux shoes. There's no other option here.

    Black Tie

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  • Why do men hate these popular trends women love?

    Why do men hate these popular trends women love? We may get excited about a pair of 70s-inspired flared jeans or one of Gwen Stefani's asymmetrical, pattern-on-pattern getups, but guys don't always see fashion the way we do. In fact, some of the trends we swear by they find downright unattractive. In this episode we're highlighting six that, according to our research, rank as guys' least favorite.  Watch and see if you agree.

    Now, just because guys don't feel the same way we do about certain trends doesn't mean that we're going to abandon them or love them any less. On the other hand, there are some here that are probably best left for the runway. Here are the six fashion picks
    guys don't get:

    1. Ugg boots

    The on-set footwear of choice for celebrities (how many times have we seen photos of the "Gossip Girl" crew in gowns and Uggs?) is admittedly hard on the eyes. But in the right situation and when worn with jeans (NOT jean shorts), they're worth it. If more guys tried on a pair,

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  • The Thread talks style and fate with Emily Blunt and Matt Damo

    In "The Adjustment Bureau", a sci-fi thriller love story, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt play two people who want to be together so badly they must force fate to change "the Plan" i.e. the script for their life story. Fate, in this case, is personified by a set of particularly stylish fedora-wearing case officers played by John Slattery and Anthony Mackie who have an excellent wardrobe of fitted wool suits. We spoke to Matt and Emily about their characters' style— Elise is a free-spirited dancer, Damon's David Norris is a politician with a closet full of navy — and where they stand on the fate vs. free will spectrum.

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  • Tips for a flawless face

    Even when stars are wearing a ton of makeup— and we know they all are— the goal is to look as if they just woke up, put on some lip gloss and, voila! — a flawless face miraculously appears. Truth be told, the key to a natural, even-looking complexion is knowing how to choose (and how to apply) the right foundation for your skin. We've invited celebrity makeup artist Emily Kate Warren to take us through the steps.

    No one wants to look overdone, but that doesn't mean foundation should be skipped. You could have the sexiest smoky eyes or the richest red lips, but if you're not giving the look a nice, even base, the effect will be lost.

    Applying foundation makes some people nervous. It shouldn't. Emily answered three great questions from our viewers, and in doing so demystified the foundation application and the shade-selection process.

    Q: Are you supposed to use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply foundation?

    A: You could use a finger, a sponge, or a brush. To get an even result,

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  • The secret behind Kate Middleton’s most talked about dress

    On our trip to London we had the pleasure of meeting Daniella Issa Helayel, the Brazilian-born designer responsible for the famous navy blue dress Kate Middleton wore to her engagement announcement. We spoke with Daniella about Kate's style, Issa's other celebrity fans and whom she'd like to dress next.

    I think the gorgeous Issa dress Kate wore to her engagement announcement got as much coverage as the announcement itself.  Kate's choice was elegant and understated but sent a clear message: the princess-in-waiting is a relatable, off-the rack shopper! The unfussy, feminine silhouette resonated with women everywhere and the $535 dress immediately sold out. Knock-offs sold out immediately, too.

    As Daniella explained, the funny thing is that even before Kate picked out the long-sleeved silk-jersey dress, known as "DJ157" inside the Issa showroom, it was her best seller.  She's been making the dress since 2004 and if she didn't include it
    in a collection, customers would ask her to.


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