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  • Dr. Oz and three ways to reduce your risk for breast cancer

    We caught up with Dr. Oz at the Susan G. Komen NYC Race for the Cure and he shared his tips to reduce your risk for breast cancer. Dr. Oz and Team Thread are doing their part to raise awareness during October's Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    You can see what Dr. Oz is featuring on his show this week by visiting his website, or visit this page to find your local listings.

    Dr. Oz answers YOUR most popular questions.

    Check out Team Thread and the 5 WAYS YOU CAN HELP FIGHT BREAST CANCER in the video below::

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  • YOUR beauty myths debunked

    We've gathered up all of the beauty myths YOU were curious about and now we have answers! Beauty expert, Lauren Zeifman, came to our studio to separate fact from fiction. Can your cell phone make you break out? Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker? Does lack of sleep make you gain weight? Watch our episode to find out.

    It's hard to know what's true when it comes to beauty myths because some— even the scary ones— sound reasonable. Lauren Zeifman, an NYC- based cosmetic dermatology practitioner, helped us uncover the truth.  Some of the questions and much needed answers are below. All I can say is, I will never look at my cell phone the same way again.

    Q: Is it true that 8 hours of sleep can help me lose weight?
    A: Yes! When you don't get enough sleep, your brain produces cortisol, also known as the "stress" hormone, which tells your body to store fat.

    Q: Can holding a cell phone against your face make you break out?
    A: Yes. Our cell phones are breeding grounds for germs, even

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  • Style tips with Nina Garcia

    You've torn everything out of your closet like a wild animal and you can't make anything work. It's as if you've never dressed yourself before. Sound familiar? Well, Nina Garcia, "Project Runway" judge and fashion director of Marie Claire, has a solution. Lots of them, actually. She's created a very handy look book that maps out what you should wear to every occasion you can think of.

    When Nina was crisscrossing the country on her previous book tours, fans she met really wanted to know, what should they wear? They'd had this party to go to, a reunion a date and they needed information. So, thankfully, Nina decided to gather her advice together to create a style bible for us all.

    In "Nina Garcia's Look Book:  What to Wear for Every Occasion", she explains the dressing philosophy for literally any and every scenario. What to wear to a job interview (a blazer, a watch, never fur), to ask for a raise (well tailored suit, assertive shoes, grey is good), to break up with your boyfriend

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  • Seven beauty sins to avoid

    We all want glowing skin, but the truth is our daily habits often take us further from our goal than we realize. In this episode, dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf, points out what we should NOT be doing, from booking time in tanning beds (we're talking to you, Snooki!) to staying in sweaty gym clothes post-workout.

    I consider myself relatively healthy and mindful of my beauty/skin regimen but the truth is, there are small-seeming things we can all do that will have a big effect. Check out Dr. Graf's list and see which sins you are guilty of:

    #1 No tanning beds. They age you and triple your risk for melanoma. Enough said.

    #2 No lounging in sweaty gym clothes. Exercise is fantastic for the skin as it increases blood flow, but the toxins you just released are sitting on your clothes and clogging your pores. Ick.

    #3 Not exercising. See above.

    #4 Not using an anti-aging moisturizer till you're older. Start in your 20s. The number one anti-ager is a cream with SPF, which should be used

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  • The wardrobe staples stars can’t live without

    Just like us, celebs have that one item they covet— the kind of classic piece they go to no matter the season to keep them looking stylish. Check out what 'Real Housewives' cast members, country crooners and rising Hollywood starlets say they can't live without.

    There are certain pieces we turn to almost every time we open our closets. For me it's a black ruffled tank top. I wear it under sweaters in winter and with flirty skirts all summer long until it gets too cold. A basic black skirt is on Michaele Salahi's list. Fellow "Real Housewives of D.C." cast member, Stacie Turner, can't get enough white t-shirts. Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum loves a black dress or black jeans. For fellow country girl, Jewel, it's grey skinny jeans. Actress-singer and now fashion designer, Selena Gomez, is all about scarves. Newcomer, Amanda Crew, has a bargain must-have in mind that's perfect for fall: a faux leather jacket.

    What item do you covet? Post a on our Facebook wall or tweet us and let us

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  • Tips to make your styles last longer

    Everyone has their own tricks when it comes to taking care of clothes. We put the word out to our Facebook friends and Twitter followers to send us theirs AND we took our cameras to the streets of Manhattan to get the word from fashionable New Yorkers. Check what we learned!

    Even if you think you know the best way to do something, it's always a good idea to ask other people for their method. There are pieces of advice I picked up from our viewers and from the ladies we met with our cameras that sound completely obvious, yet never occurred to me. Perfect example: always zip up zippers up before you throw them in the wash so they won't snag other items. Why I never did this before, I can't tell you. But I will now.

    Here are some more words of wisdom:

    •Always wash pieces inside-out to preserve color.

    •Put undergarments in a mesh bag so straps and elastics don't
    stretch out

    •Stash a mini lint roller in your purse at all times, along with Swash smooth it out.

    •Pay attention to which

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  • Seven Foods That Help You Look Beautiful

    How many times have you heard that you are what you eat? I'm reminded of that fact whenever I'm pulling on tight jeans or having a no-energy day, but too often I forget to make the connection between what I eat and the way my SKIN looks. The "Today" show's nutrition expert, Joy Bauer, one of my favorite guests, came by our studio to tell us which beauty superfoods should be at the top of our shopping lists.

    One of the reasons I love talking to Joy is because she has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything edible. Her recipes are all about packing as much supportive nutrition into each meal as possible. Here's Joy's list of the 7 items we all need to start working into our meals asap:

    Red Bell Pepper. Everyone thinks citrus fruits corner the market on vitamin C but one red pepper has 2 to 3 times more vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C keeps skin healthy because
    it helps protect us from the sun (which also means it's an anti-ager) and it's a key nutrient in collagen production, which

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  • Laundry Dos and Don’ts

    We spend time and energy picking out the fiercest fashion we can find, but what good is it if we don't learn the right way to care for our prized possessions? Celebrity stylist, Katy Robbins, came by our studio to answer the questions YOU asked. Watch the video to find out the best way to keep colors saturated, jeans from fading and how to avoid needing to iron.

    I am obsessed with laundry. My friends don't get it, but I actually find the sorting and the folding relaxing and the end result, a pile of gleaming whites, extremely satisfying. Yup, it's a little strange. But it's one of the reasons I was extremely excited to chat with Katy Robbins, a celebrity stylist who knows a lot about caring for every material under the sun.

    Here are some of my favorite answers to questions that you, Thread viewers, wanted to know:

    Q: If a garment says "dry clean" on the tag, can you throw it in the wash anyway?

    A: Silks and satins must be dry cleaned, but cottons, wools, even some cashmere can be

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  • We talk singing and style with Zooey Deschanel

    Zooey at the Zooey at the It's hard to know if Zooey Deschanel should be referred to as an actress and a singer or as a singer first and actress second. Her IMDb résumé is certainly long and includes her delightful turn as Summer Finn in "(500) Days of Summer," Sarah Jessica Parker's roommate in "Failure to Launch," and Will Ferrell's lady love in "Elf." But for a certain crowd, the folksy, retro songs she sings with collaborator M.Ward (She & Him is their band's name) are far more important. Since she married Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard almost two years ago, the two have become a bit of an indie rock power couple.

    We spoke with Zooey about her latest projects which utilize both of her talents. She's recorded songs for Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" and she's also gearing up for a starring roll in "The New Girl," a comedy slated for primetime on Fox in the fall. Of course, we couldn't resist asking her about her fabulous vintage-inspired style. See what she had to say about her favorite red carpet

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  • The ladies of Harry Potter show off their style on the street and on the red carpet

    I love Emma Watson's style as much as the next girl. Really, she can pull off anything. I'm thinking of the elegant white Burberry one-shoulder dress she wore to the Met ball and the edgy feather-fringed Rafael Lopez she wore to the "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" premiere, in particular. But Emma is only one of the many stylish ladies who make up the "Harry Potter" crew. As the final film in the franchise, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," hits theaters, here's a look at the very different styles of Emma's co-stars Clemence Posey, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, and Katie Leung (who had that memorable first kiss with Harry way back when). Enjoy!

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