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  • The five celebs every guy wants to date

    We all have our celebrity crushes. For me it’s a tie between the Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling). Just when I think one is winning, the other goes and breaks up a street fight or plays a ripped superhero and I have to recalculate. When it comes to the leading ladies guys wish they could spend some quality time with, we were wondering— is it supermodel after supermodel? To give us some insight, we asked Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean for his take on who guys would most likely include in their top five and why.

    Yes, Matt Bean is only one man, but in this episode he’s representing the collective “guy consciousness” for us. Sometimes we think a girl is awesome because she has an interesting, edgy look (Gwen Stefani!) or speaks her mind (Chelsea Handler!) But guys have their own logic. Here are the ladies who Bean says often land on the dream-date lists.

    Kate Upton

    Well, she’s 5’10” and pretty stunning so it’s not too hard to imagine why the swimsuit model made the cut.

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  • Style lessons from Carrie Underwood

    We’d all love to have our own stylist (and while we’re in fantasy mode, I’d also like a personal chef), but here’s a way that we can feel as if we do. If we zero in on a celeb whose look we love and emulate her style philosophy, we can experience the direction her personal stylist has created for her. For me that celebrity is Carrie Underwood. It’s not so much that I try to wear the exact same designers that Carrie does. It’s more about taking cues from her overall vibe. When I think of Carrie’s style, I think sparkle, youthful glamour, and lots of leg (in a good way.) In this episode, we talk to Carrie and her stylist, Trish Townsend, about the country star’s style secrets and which part of a look is worth splurging on.

    Did you see Carrie at the ACM Awards? Have you checked out the gorgeous ombre gray gown she wears on the cover of her new album Blown Away? The girl always gets it right. Here are some style rules we’ve learned from the many looks Carrie and Trish have

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  • Wardrobe staples that instantly shed the pounds

    It’s time to wear skirts without tights and move the cozy sweaters to the back of the closet, which also means it’s time to get ourselves into warm-weather shape. If you haven’t already done that -- while you hit the gym and eat healthy, of course -- why not employ the following wardrobe tricks to make you look as if you’re already there? In this episode, let us introduce you to our slimming secrets for spring.

    Illusion dresses

    Even svelte celebrities rely on these once in a while for a little extra body slimming. A so-called “illusion”  dress is really just a tight dress with a darker pattern along the sides that acts as shading to make your overall shape appear narrower.


    Wide leg pants + heels

    You can go with super dark denim or any other material as long as it’s a dark color. The extra width in the pant leg means no tightness on your thighs-in-progress. Let the hem of the pants skim the floor so only a tiny bit of heel is revealed and your legs will look

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  • Hairstyles to hide your flaws

    So many factors go into finding an ideal hairstyle. There’s the type of hair you have, the amount of styling effort you’re willing to expend, and, of course, the trends of the moment. Here’s something else to consider: which look will highlight your best facial features and downplay the aspects you're less excited about. Yup, your hair can do that. In this episode, celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque demos sexy options to flatter prominent noses, round cheeks, larger foreheads, and wide-set eyes.

    We talk a lot about how you can use your fashion and makeup choices to put the focus on your best assets. The truth is, you can do the same with your hairstyle. Renowned stylist Paul Labrecque, demos four on-trend looks we think you’ll love:

    A pinned up bob “softens” a prominent nose

    Take the emphasis off the center of the face by starting with an exaggerated side part. Section the hair and give it some curl with a flat iron. Flip the head over, shake the curls out, and spray.

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  • Jessica Alba spotted in $44 lavender jeans

    Right now I've got every color of the rainbow on my jeans shopping list. I have a cobalt blue pair and a red. I was debating going in again for electric yellow or that awesome orangey-pink. But then I saw this. Jessica Alba’s “Lavender Thistle” American Eagle jeans ($44.50) are a respite from the usual dark denim look, but unlike some of the more saturated neon shades, you can wear them in pretty much any situation. If you style them with something simple and classic, like one of those wardrobe staples we're always going on and on about (black blazer!) they can look sophisticated and, frankly, office-appropriate.  Ms. Alba, in fact, was spotted wearing her jeans en route to work.

    If you want to go beyond the black and white zone, the great thing about lavender’s cool tone is that it will work with the same pieces you’d wear with your regular blue denim.

    Tuck the jeans into ankle booties or roll up the bottoms and pair them with strappy sandals or flats.

    Have you tried

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  • Fashion and beauty breakthroughs to make your style pop

    You know that at the Thread we always talk about shopping smart, dressing for your body and the fact that you don’t have to spend a ton on style. Here's another aspect of the Thread's philosophy: pinpointing key purchases that will make a big impact at the start of each season. We’re calling the selections in this episode "breakthroughs" because they improve your life in some way (yes, fashion can do that.) Many also add an element of fun to your day. Think sexy skirts, handbags that hold everything, and some admittedly crazy-looking, low-impact workout gear that makes you feel like you're flying. Seriously. Enjoy!

    If you’re planning what to buy this spring, we’ve got a few suggestions. You can watch the episode for the full list but here are some highlights: Swing skirts are everywhere right now and we love to pair the fullness with a tight basic T-shirt. What should you wear under it you say? How about Barely There’s Invisible Look Underwire Bra, which is

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  • Best and worst foods for your skin at every age

    In your 30s, you don’t wear the same thigh-high minis and low cut tops you wore in your teens nor do you wear the same makeup. That's just a fashion and beauty given. The way you take care of your skin as you age also needs to evolve. Since what you eat (and don't eat) is a huge piece of the skincare puzzle, that means constantly adjusting your diet to support your skin is a must. In this episode, “Today” Show health expert Joy Bauer tells us what foods we should be adding to our daily menu from our teens onward, to ensure a gorgeous glowing complexion.

    What you eat affects your skin-- we all know that one by now-- but the truth is actually more nuanced than that statement. The kind of support your skin needs evolves our time and if you want to give your skin the right nutrients, pay attention to the issues age brings. Here’s what Joy Bauer recommends:

    Teens and 20s

    Most people in this age bracket are prone to breakouts. Limiting the amount of sugar in your diet will

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  • Vanessa Lachey wants us to go "cold" for Earth Day

    Gorgeous actress/host/mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey came to the “Take a Load Off” Laundry Lounge in New York City this week to spread the word about one very simple change we can all make for Earth Day. By washing our clothes in cold water rather than warm or hot for a year, we’ll save enough energy to power a TV for 1,363  hours. If all of the households in the US were to do the same, the saved energy could power the streetlights of New York City for 71.7 years. Pretty staggering stuff. As Lachey notes the adjustment would also save each person a ton of money on utility bills. Lachey was speaking on behalf of P&G's Future Friendly campaign and Tide Coldwater, which have committed to convert all laundry loads to cold by 2020. Let’s see if we can help, shall we? Make your pledge on their Facebook page and while you’re there, enter to win prizes -- including a high-efficiency washer and dryer. Happy Earth Day!

    Check out the latest from The Thread below.

    Style Mistakes to Avoid
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  • Are your fashion and beauty choices ruining a good first impression?

    You get only one chance, as the saying goes, and it is true. Maybe you’re the most meticulous dresser in the world with a closet full of smart clothes, but if you have disheveled hair, smudged eyeliner, and ripped sweats on when someone new meets you, it will be hard for them to shake that image out of their head. If you're in a professional situation or on a promising first date, the stakes are certainly higher. But looking sloppy is only the most notable misstep. The following faux pas may be less obvious, but they'll still undermine the image you’d like to put forward. In this episode, we run through the first impression ruiners that you need to look out for.

    Revealing too much

    There’s sexy, and then there’s too much information. You want to play up your assets to impress a date, but balance is key. For example, show off your toned legs in a miniskirt, but pair it with a colorful silk top that’s not too low-cut or form-fitting.

    Piling on the makeup

    Make your look

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  • The Thread hosts a screening for "The Five-Year Engagement"

    This week The Thread treated viewers and Facebook fans to an exclusive screening of “The Five-Year Engagement” where they met Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, Kevin Hart, producer Rodney Rothman and co-writer/director Nick Stoller. Now, Judd “Knocked Up” Apatow is a producer on the film which opens April 27, so a fair amount of gross-out hilarity is guaranteed. But the story of Tom and Violet’s relationship plunges pretty deep into adult territory and chronicles what can happen to even the most in-love couple when life simply happens around them. See what the cast had to say about their favorite moments onscreen and off and why Nick's willingness to let his actors take risks brought out the best in everyone.

    I know it’s not “real.” Emily’s married to John Krasinski, and Jason is dating the lovely Michelle Williams. But one of the reasons “The Five-Year Engagement” works so well is because the chemistry between Jason and Emily seems so genuine. The two were

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