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  • The shelf life of your favorite makeup products

    If I think I’ve found the perfect red lipstick or eye shadow with just the right amount of pigment and sparkle, I stock up on it and keep it around forever. I’m pretty sure I have lip glosses from high school somewhere. Celebrity makeup artist Robin Watson-Hamilton explains that’s probably not the best idea. Not only will old products perform badly-- uneven coverage, clumpy clown lashes-- but by using them, you’re spreading bacteria around your face and eyes. Gross, right? You see, just like food, makeup expires— even though there’s no date stamped on the front to tell you when. In this episode, Watson-Hamilton talks us through exactly how long we should hold on to lipsticks, foundations, powders and glosses, and she gives us her tips and tricks for making them last as long as possible.

    Since makeup products don’t have expiration dates like cartons of milk it can be confusing to know how long a product can and should last. Celebrity makeup artist Robin Watson-Hamilton gives us

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  • Jennifer Lawrence in H&M pants

    It’s been one fashion score after another this week for “The Hunger Games'” Jennifer Lawrence. The 21-year-old stunner chose a sparkling gold halter-neck Ralph Lauren gown for the film’s London premiere. She went with a super sexy, red lace Marchesa in Paris and a sleek, black, zipper-backed Tom Ford in Berlin. But that doesn’t mean our girl can only do couture. Before Lawrence crossed the pond, she embarked on a "mall tour" marketing blitz that proved her mastery of the high-low mix.

    To greet fans in Plantation, Florida, she chose this adorable outfit: an asymmetrical Elie Saab jacket over a black, cowl-necked Helmut Lang top and some slouchy $49.95 H&M pants! They're still available in stores but we can't promise for how much longer. Lawrence swapped out her signature side braid in favor of a messy high ponytail, which gave the edgy look some playfulness just as her light pink lips added a little sweetness to her tough-chic smokey eyes and dark lashes. 

    (Photo: Gustavo

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  • What's the right red lipstick for you?

    Red lips are the perfect complement to this season’s ladylike fashions-- or any fashion if you ask us. But the key is finding that particular red--a blue-red, say, as opposed to an orange- or pink-red-- that best suits your hair, skin, eyes, and personality. In this episode, celebrity makeup artist Robin Watson-Hamilton helps three Thread viewers select the red that works for them, and then we supply a sexy, on-trend look to show it off.

    When wearing red lipstick the universal rule is to keep the rest of your makeup clean and neutral, says celebrity makeup artist Robin Watson-Hamilton. That doesn’t mean boring, however. Big lashes and liquid-liner cat-eyes are great options, but you don’t want to detract from the high-impact statement of your lips with much more than that. Here’s what Watson-Hamilton suggests for our three Thread viewers:

    Pink-red like Ashley Greene

    Watson-Hamilton thought Elise, a brunette with blue eyes and fair skin, could work a pinkish-red shade a la

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  • DINT's Nikki Boyer dishes on how to travel stylishly

    What happens when a West Coast girl and an East Coast girl get together? They talk travel tips, of course! The lovely Nikki Boyer host of Yahoo!'s Daytime in No Time came to NYC to do the Wendy Williams show among other things, and she came by our wardrobe closet to give us her tips for traveling in style before she headed back to the sunshine. Take some cues from Nikki on your next getaway to remain fashionably fabulous from the plane to the pool!

    Nikki's a firm believer in not having to sacrifice looking good just because you’re in transport – and we totally agree, hence our entire mission here at The Thread. (Being fashionable is a lifestyle, no matter the situation). Take a look at Nikki’s three tips below and we promise, the next trip you take will seem like smooth sailing in the style department.
    1)  Layer on the plane. Don’t bring anything you won’t wear on vacation. If you’re traveling to a cold-weather destination, save luggage space by wearing your heavy jacket. That

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  • Get Sofia Vergara's sexy look

    Some Hollywood stars have their hair and makeup down, while others nail it in the styling department, even when they’re just pushing a cart through the grocery store. Sofia Vergara is one of the few who get a thumbs-up on both fronts. Whether she’s dressed down in jeans and a tank top or glamming it up in a strapless gown, she’s always got her gorgeous cascading waves, bold lips, and thick lashes. In this episode, NYC-based makeup artist and owner of Pre-Dame, Stefanie Syat shows Thread viewer Brianna how to get Sofia’s look with a few makeup tricks, and we complete Brianna’s transformation with Sofia-inspired, figure-flattering style choices.

    Sofia admitted that she relies on makeup—specifically lipstick and mascara—  to feel beautiful. As if we needed more reasons to love her! Here’s how Stefanie created two Sofia-inspired looks for Brianna:

    Sexy, casual Sofia

    It is entirely possible to still look fresh even with a full face of makeup. Stefanie gave Brianna lots of

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  • 5 outfits guys secretly hope you'll wear

    If I had to guess how a guy would dress a woman, it would be something like the way my daughters dress their Barbies: miniskirts and low cut tops on Monday, skin-tight shiny leggings and a tummy-baring halter on Tuesday and more miniskirts on Wednesday. You see where I’m going. But Redbook’s "Whys Guy" Contributor, Aaron Traister, and the guys surveyed by the magazine claim that their wants are nothing like what I imagined. In this episode, see the top five outfits guys are secretly wishing we women wore more of. Watch and learn.

    At the moment colored jeans, ankle boots and romantic day dresses are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I’m pretty sure my girlfriends think this is a great idea, but now I’m wondering how the guys I know are viewing my efforts. According to Aaron, I need to simplify. Here are his tried and true recommendations:

    Jeans and a tank top

    What some ladies would call boring guys think of as pleasantly low-maintenance and sexy. Aaron insists the

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  • Women's grooming habits that turn men off

    When we did a post about men’s grooming habits -- or lack there of-- you all shared strong opinions about nose hair, black fingernails, and “hobbit feet.” But are there any habits of ours that give guys the same horror-induced reaction? It seems impossible, but Redbook magazine’s “Whys Guy” columnist, Aaron Traister, insists that a few of our favorite tricks are actually man repellents. Before you break out the self-tanner, extra-hold hairspray, and strawberry-scented lip gloss, watch this episode.

    This kind of thing happens with clothes all the time. We pick a dress that we think is trendy and fun, and all guys think is, “looks uncomfortable.” The same disconnect exists when it comes to our beauty routines. The care and effort that we put into our presentation-- the same care and effort that often make us feel confident and sexy-- is interpreted by guys as “unnecessary,” or worse, “unappealing.” Redbook’s Aaron Traister cites the following: 


    Right now we’re all a

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  • How to get the side braid from The Hunger Games

    It wasn’t lost on us that Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen is sporting one of the hottest hairstyles of the season in “The Hunger Games”—a side braid! Then, perhaps as a reference to her on-screen look, the gorgeous 21-year-old went with a loosely braided bun for the film's Los Angeles premiere-- as well as a flashy gold Prabal Gurung fishtail gown with side cut-outs.

    We love the intricate look of braided hairstyles, but don't let all that interweaving intimidate you. The truth is, they’re totally doable. 

    If you want to try a side braid a la Katniss, we break down the steps in this video:

    A bigger fan of Jennifer's red carpet looks?  Updos with loose braiding were everywhere during awards season (remember Kate Beckinsale?) and they continue to be a big trend for spring. The key is in the pre-braiding prep. Add texture to your hair with product and, if your hair is particularly straight to begin with, also use a curling iron to create waves. If you want even more height at the

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  • 3 ways to wear bold red lips

    You can make a fabulously loud statement with something as simple as the color of your lips-- especially if they happen to be a vibrant red, which is the color we’re loving for Spring 2012. This season, a bold crimson pout isn’t relegated to evening status. In this episode, we show you how, with the right wardrobe styling, you can make red lips work at the office, with jeans on the weekend and, of course, with a sexy retro look for a date night.

    When you’re opting for something as eye catching as a bold red you want to tone down everything else and let the color be the focal point. Here’s how to make classic red lips work for three different situations:

    For the office

    Keep your outfit fun, but understated. A color-block sheath dress under a structured blazer is a perfect sophisticated pairing. Skip the stilettos and instead showcase some loafer heels. With the rest of your makeup, think minimal. Light eyes and a coat or two of mascara. A simple half-up, half-down hairstyle is

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  • Dazzling Olivia Wilde shares her holiday traditions

    Olivia Wilde brought some extra sparkle to the unveiling of the massive Swarovski crystal star that will top the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this year. The 550-pound ornament is made of 25,000 crystals and 720 energy-efficient LED bulbs, which add up to an impressive amount of twinkling. We spoke to the gorgeous actress, who was appropriately decked in glittering designs from the Swarovski fall/winter collection, about her history with the brand, her current gig, shooting “The Longest Week” with Jason Bateman, and her holiday traditions (playing Scrabble!).

    Check out the latest from The Thread below.

    Holiday Shopping Dilemmas Solved
    5 Guilt-Free Fashion Indulgences
    Check Out The Thread Homepage Time-Saving Fashion & Beauty Tips
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