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  • The definition of madness...

    Puppy Love doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Or it's "Billy," who is also the very definition of persistence. Somebody get that hound some pet steps -- or one of those books explaining that a new baby sister doesn't mean your parents don't still love you too.
  • Black Fur-iday: Morning Zoo November 9 2011

    The Chicago band Mannequin Men's Ethan D'Ercole talks to Marah Eakin about his super-soft pet chinchilla. (The AV Club)

    The American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards gala airs this Friday on the Hallmark Channel! (Pawesome)

    Pet detectives in Glasgow, Scotland plan to use mugshots of dogs to identify owners who don't pick up after their pooches. (Daily Record)

    Therapy pets help patients overcome physical and emotional traumas in East Texas. (KETK News)

    Do baby chicks share your taste in music? How researchers found out. (Scientific American)

    Will your pet get gifts this holiday season? A recent poll says more than half of owners buy their pets presents -- and those owners spend an average of $46 on pet loot. (They also buy their fellow humans gifts "from the cat." Glad I'm not the only one!) (Washington Post)

    And if your kids asked Santa for a pony, you can get them one -- sort of. Today's adoptable pet du jour is more of a sponsorship: the Ocracoke ponies of Cape Hatteras. For just

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  • Fur Your Information

    Welcome to Fur Your Information, our regular advice column here at Shine Pets! Ask us anything about your pet, from brushes to barking to birdcages and more, and let the FYI experts weigh in on your questions and issues.

    Today we're joined by's Dr. Patty Khuly, who's talking cat claws – and the havoc they actually don't have to wreak. Let's get started!

    "How Can I Keep My Cat From Destroying My Sofa?"

    Q: What’s the best way to train two adult cats (both 10+ years old) not to claw the arm of a new couch? In the past, I’ve used double-sided tape, but it hasn’t done much — except inspire them to claw a different part of the couch. Any suggestions?

    A: It’s wonderful to see a cat owner who wants to take a proactive approach to unwanted scratching that doesn’t involve declawing. Kudos to you!

    In the spirit of your open-minded, willing-to-work-on-it outlook, there are a variety of solutions to try. Just keep in mind that every cat will respond differently, so

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  • Welcome Back, Kitty

    Cat-lovers got some sad news earlier this week when the story broke that Jack the Cat -- the little feline who went missing at JFK, then turned up in the airport two months later -- had passed away from complications of malnutrition.

    But then today, a much happier tale! Australian "transcontinental tabby" Jessie, missing her brother Jack, walked from a farm near Darwin all the way back to her Ungarra home -- at the other end of the continent, 2,000 miles away. According to owner Sheree Gale, Jack was out "wandering" and missed the flight to Gale's new home; Jessie seemed to have settled in, but went missing a couple weeks later...and turned up back at Gale's old house over a year after that. The new owners of Gale's former home have taken in both cats, and everyone is now content with the arrangement.

    Other cat journeys from far and wide:

    ...Misha survived a house fire -- but then jumped out her owner's son's window in Oakland, CA a day later. Said owner, Rita Ruderman of Berkeley,

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  • Animal All Stars: Those kitty tumbling classes really paid off

    Somersaulting Cat

    Can YOUR cat compete in the interpretive-dance portion of the gymnastics event? Send us your videos today!

  • IM Sorry: Morning Zoo November 8 2011

    Denver firefighters rescue a two-day-old puppy. Awwww. (Yahoo! News)

    Martha Stewart's dog, G.K., catalogs his trip to the big show. (Martha Stewart)

    It's Election Day; settle the "puppies vs. babies" cuteness debate once and for all. (Animal Planet)

    And then there's Maude: today's adoptable pet is a basset hound from Las Vegas, NV. Six years old, housetrained, and looking for the love of a good human. (Petfinder)

    "Louis vs. Rick: The Story of a Man Who Taught His Cat To Use Instant Messaging." (via The Hairpin)

    Tumblr blog The Kitten Covers restyles classic rock LP covers with...vegetables! Just kidding. With kittens, obviously. The Velvet Underground version is brill. (via Petside)

    You've heard about all the human foods your dog shouldn't eat -- here's a list of 10 human foods your dog can enjoy safely. (Paw Nation)

    Vets who support Occupy Wall Street offer free pet check-ups once a week for 99% pets accompanying their owners to the protest. (Gothamist)

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  • Jacko's pets: Where are they now?

    The verdict is in: Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson over two years ago. When Jackson's name started popping up in my Twitter feed again, I got to wondering: What ever happened to all the exotic animals the King of Pop used to keep on the Neverland Ranch?

    The Telegraph wondered the same thing last summer, and ran an in-depth piece on Jackson's menagerie on the first anniversary of his death. The Neverland zoo was a veritable Noah's Ark at one time, housing not just Bubbles the chimp and tiger littermates Thriller and Sabu but alligators, giraffes, alpacas, snakes, and elephants.

    But Jackson had moved out of Neverland and dispersed his wildlife collection a few years before his death. Confronted by financial setbacks and unable to support the animals financially, he arranged with his trusted vet, Martin Dinnes, to find them safe and healthy homes starting in 2006. (Dinnes had previously sued Jackson for unpaid vet bills, however.)

    For some

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  • Patience is a virtue

    Little cat braves it

    IndieToby captured this patient tuxedo kitten waiting for exactly the right time to leap on the orange cat's tail with all four feet. As you do.

  • Kitten's patience tried by two GIGANTIC dogs

    2 big dogs and a tiny kittenAnd the snout gets clawed in 3...2...

    The dog is totally baffled that the "new toy" fights back. Hee hee. (Clip by dnakaa.)

  • Scruff Enough: Morning Zoo November 7 2011

    Blue-tongue lizards, sphynxes, and more at the New Zealand Pet Expo. (Dominion Post)

    It sure affects my pets, who start howling for dinner an hour earlier (which is already two hours earlier than they should). How could the switch for Daylight Savings affect your pet? (Yahoo! News)

    Either this little guy wanted to run the NYC Marathon, or he wanted to run...away. Anywhere with no Baby Bjorn he had to ride in. (Gothamist)

    Tired of taking a claw to the forearm when you pick up your cat? Five tips for "scratchless snuggles." (PetSugar)

    Ten ways to upgrade your dog's life. (Lifehacker)

    Your adoptable pet du jour comes from Crystal Lake, IL -- a scrumptious little squashling named Zucchini. She's a baby bunny, and she needs a home! (Adopt-a-Pet)

    Too Cute is the epic journey of three litters of puppies and kittens. I don't know about you guys, but they had me at "Too." (Animal Planet)

    A 14-year-old Czech agility trainer and her cat. (Pet Project)

    The winners of the ASPCA's America's Funniest Dogs

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