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  • Gnaw-ty: Morning Zoo November 4 2011

    Why -- and how -- cats purr. (PetPlace)

    Ten tips for traveling with pets. (Yahoo! News, via Reuters)

    Or leave the four-legged at home -- a new service called Stayhound matchmakes traveling pet owners with pet-sitting neighbors. (Pawesome)

    Somehow, it's become Pug Day around here today; this one is dressed as a pink unicorn, poor little fella. (Paw Nation)

    But our adoptable pets du jour are a Chihuahua mix and a terrier mix from Moorhead, MN -- and it looks like them Duke boys need a new home. If you're interested in adopting little Bo and Luke (or training them to slide across the hood of your custom Dodge Charger) (note: not recommended), click here. (Petfinder)

    How your pets could get you a break on your taxes. (Petside)

    Whitney Matheson's bittersweet journey of discovery...with Sea Monkeys. (USA Today)

    Your dog's chewing problem: where it comes from, and how to put a stop to it before another shoe bites the dust. (The Daily Tail)

    Wigs for the exotic-dancer feline in your life. (Seriously:

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  • The doggie flu shot

    Flu season approacheth -- for canines as well as their human companions. You may have already gotten your own flu shot; should you inoculate your dog, too? A few things to consider:

    What is the dog flu? It's properly known as "canine influenza" (…duh) – specifically, a Type A H3N8 virus that originated in horses. It has now spread and adapted to dogs (the first instance of canine infection occurred among greyhounds who shared a track facility with horses).

    What are the symptoms? How is it transmitted? The H3N8 flu looks a lot like human influenza: coughing, runny nose/sneezing, and fever. A small percentage of dogs who contract the virus show no symptoms. The good news is, the dog flu mostly causes discomfort; very few dogs die from H3N8, although some may develop secondary illnesses such as pneumonia.

    The virus spreads through contact with respiratory secretions – in other words, getting sneezed on, or touching/licking stuff that got sneezed on (leashes, food bowls,

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  • Pug of war

    Pug Puppies Playing Tug of WarThree against one is no fair

    DirtyPawsPuppies presents two territorial pug puppies; one micro-pug who kind of doesn't know what's going on; and a big ball toy something-or-other that's fixing to get de-eared.

  • Chicks dig it

    Chick Cam Baby ChickensFour on the floor

    TerrenceBerg rocks the chick cam. I didn't realize how speedy the average baby chick is. That one yellow one is zipping around like a minnow!

  • Stellaaaa!: Morning Zoo November 3 2011

    A cool video shows the difference between how cats drink and how dogs drink. (Discovery News)

    Get to know Brigitte, the French bulldog who plays Stella on Modern Family. (People Pets)

    Lola the parrot and her new paramour, the halved watermelon. (Cute Overload)

    Buy a MyOwnPet Balloon today and you won't just get a floaty friend; you'll see $5 donated to the Canines for Disabled Kids program. The T-Rex balloon is super-cute and looks just like Rex from Toy Story. (MyOwnPet Balloons)

    Your adoptable pets du jour hail from Norwalk, CT: Kid Rock and Emma, a pair of bunnies, each rescued from a different situation but now an inseparable pair. Sweet! (Petfinder)

    Dr. Patty Khuly on the search for a non-surgical method of spaying/neutering pets. (VetStreet)

    Tony La Russa just led the St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory -- and then retired. Will that mean he devotes more time to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) (...hee!)? Check out this profile of La Russa and his work with rescue animals. (The

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  • Awkward Family Pet Photos

    The brains behind Awkward Family Photos, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, have returned with a new book, Awkward Family Pet Photos. AFPP takes the concept to the next logical step: hilarious family portraits that include not only cats and dogs but iguanas, raccoons, goats on leashes, and the occasional unamused equine as pictured above. (Readers are assured in the intro that various pets and humans were not harmed in the snapping of these shots, so if you're worried about the aftermath of "Wild Horses," don't be -- everyone's fine. A little embarrassed, perhaps, but physically fine.)

    The book also ports over the "Behind the Awkwardness" from the website, in which several of the featured subjects (attempt to) explain what was going on behind the scenes on photo day.

    You always wonder, with a book like this, whether the magic will translate from blog to print. AFPP's absolutely does; I'm reading it on my Droid's Kindle, which made it a snap to show my sister-in-law why I was doubled over

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  • Kitten vs. leaves

    Cute Kitty Plays with LeafAdult cats play with camera

    From svenhoek31's YouTube channel comes a classic tale: kitten meets leaf. Kitten loves leaf. Kitten loves other, fresher leaf; kitten pursues first leaf under other, larger cat and gets whapped in face; kitten loves second leaf; larger cat thinks human is idiot for tolerating kitten.

  • Swear Jar!: Morning Zoo November 2 2011

    Martha Stewart's dogs Francesca and Sharkey survey the damage after the nor'easter. (The Daily Wag)

    Animal Planet's 99% have had it! They're staging Occupy Dog Bedz. (The Daily Treat)

    Stash these dog-breed coloring pages in your Diaper Dude the next time you go out to eat with the kids. (Dog Channel)

    Dogs, like children, watch you all the time -- and their naughty behavior could stem from your body language. (Modern Dog)

    The animal-hoarding episodes of Hoarders are so hard to watch, and they may look familiar to some of you. Here's how to spot an animal hoarder, and what to do next. (ASPCA)

    If you are NOT an animal hoarder, consider adding today's adoptable pet du jour to your household in honor of Adopt A Senior Pet Month. As befitting an older-gentleman feline, his name is Morty, and he's already wearing his tuxedo. Putnam County, NY residents, this one's for you. (Adopt A Pet)

    A new invention could turn your dog's poo into ashy compost, and keep all those plastic bags out of landfills. (

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  • Cranky Maine Coon rules World Cat Show

    Furry finds at the World Cat ShowWhere they actually AREN'T that happy to be nominated

    Our peeps in the Yahoo! News department scored us video from the World Cat Show in Poland over the weekend. The fact that one of the category (no pun intended) winners is named "SC Parti Wai Bon Jovi" fills this Jersey girl's heart with joy -- as does the unabashed hissing of the Mainer in the clip above.

    For complete results and more delightful appellations (Pablo Escobar! Diana Ross! The Sound of Music! I am not making these up even a little bit!), click here.

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  • Hedge-o-ween: Misty vs. Jason

    Far be it from me to interfere in the workings of due process, but I really feel that Misty got robbed in this Halloween photo contest for hedgehogs. I mean, look at the ketchup! Girlfriend is committed! (No offense, Opal. I'm just saying.)

    Also highly recommended: Regina's owner's pumpkin-carving skills; and whichever drollster named his or her hedgehog "Dexter."


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