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  • Yo Gobble Gobble: Morning Zoo November 1 2011

    Dogs have a new social network, DogBarkz, set to launch in 2012. Owners can post pics, trade "sniffs" (which I guess are like Facebook pokes?) with other users, and rack up points to use on coupons. If you head over now, you can leave your email address and get in on the ground floor. (FIDO Friendly)

    Put a shot of summer into your pet-hair-removal routine by using rubber flip-flops to pick up lint. (Lifehacker)

    What to do if your puppy is too fat. (Dogster)

    Vinson the Seeing Eye Puppy has a blog tracking his experiences in the training program. (Seeing Eye Institute)

    Think the pet-costuming madness is over now that it's November? Nenh-enh. Turkey Day photo contest ahoy! (People Pets)

    Jo Singer wonders if the same external factors and learning styles that make a human child a genius can also apply to cats. (Petside)

    If you haven't gotten utterly sick of Halloween candy yet, your adoptable pet du jour is a sweetie: a lady llama named Tootsie Roll who's looking for a home near Mondovi, WI.

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  • Pre-dressed pets: the Lab

    Previously: some pig.

    Naughtier yellow Labs can "dress" as Marley from Marley & Me; Michigan State grads can go with Zeke the Wonder Dog; or, if you feel really ambitious and also happen to own a Seal Point Siamese cat and an English bull terrier, you can recreate The Incredible Journey with your pets. (But not the part where you leave town and they travel the country to find you.)

    Chocolate Labs can go as any candy treat you like: a Tootsie roll, a Hershey bar (or, for puppies, a Hershey!), or a brownie. Just don't feed them any of those things.

    But black Labs get the scariest non-costume costume of all: Black Shuck, the devil dog of British legend. Read more about him here...and be grateful you live with the non-headless version.

    Next: Lesser-known First Dogs.

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  • Pre-dressed pets: the collie

    Previously: Chocolate Kisses.

    That's a slam dunk: Lassie. (Bonus points if one of your kids is named "Timmy.") Chances are you've gotten sick of that reference by now, though, so why not try Lad: A Dog? Or LBJ's collie, Blanco?

    What fluffy buddy is your collie playing this Halloween? Tell us in the comments.

  • Pre-dressed pets: the (pot-bellied) pig

    Previously: Shaken AND stirred.

    Your luck with getting her to herd sheep may vary, but she's got her

    Babe costume all ready to go -- or her Wilbur costume, if you're a Charlotte's Web fan (and who isn't?).

    Miss Piggy is a slightly tougher sell unless you explain that she left her tiara (and wig) at the theater, but you can always go with Hamm from the Toy Story movies, or Porky -- or, if you're a fan of Nick At Nite, Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres.

    What's your cloven-footed friend going as this year? Tell us in the comments!

    Next: Devil dogs, and we don't mean the snack cake.

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  • Pumpkin Seeds: Morning Zoo October 31 2011

    The Morning Zoo wishes you a happy, safe Halloween. Keep an eye on our homepage today for more no-fuss non-costume costumes.

    What your cat remembers about a crime in progress, according to a cartoonist. (The New Yorker)

    In case you didn't already vote over the weekend, it's up to you to decide: is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy? (Buzzfeed)

    More cats in costumes! (PetSugar)

    I have now watched this "Thriller"-cat video seventeen times and I can't figure out how/why the front paws leave the ground! See for yourself. (YouTube)

    A few last-minute safety reminders for your pooch this Halloween. (The Bark)

    Do birds use correct grammar in their tweets? (As opposed to their Tweets.) (Scientific American)

    Still haven't carved that pumpkin? Why not make a jack-o'-lantern stencil of your pet? (Pet Project)

    And speaking of Pumpkin, that's the name of today's adoptable pet du jour. All y'all Austin, TX residents in need of an orange tabby, Pumpkin's your man. (Petfinder)

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  • Pre-dressed pets: the tuxedo cat

    Previously: the tiny lord of the dance.

    The black cat with white bib and paws is always impeccably dressed, so on Halloween, he's James Bond -- or, if you're concerned about his involvement in dangerous car chases on the Riviera, a crisp maitre d'.

    Any other tuxedo-wearing function, or functionary, will do (George Clooney; a prom date; the groom).

    Next: Hiiiiiiiiiii-YAH!

  • Pre-dressed pets: the chihuahua

    Previously: Beethoven!

    Avoid the Taco Bell comparisons with an old-school reference to Xavier Cugat and his dog "Pepito" (he had his own book, Pepito the Little Dancing Dog! So maybe teach your little buddy a shuffle-ball-change first). Or keep it more current: Ren from Ren & Stimpy, or Coco, Donna Cabonna's dog on That's So Raven.

    And if your petite pooch is super-well-behaved, presto: Coco, Cesar Millan's dog.

    Next: black tie...and tail.

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  • Michelle Williams talks puppy 'stripper names' on Ellen

    Michelle Williams didn't like the sound of the some of the names her daughter, Matilda Ledger, had in mind for their new the footage from The Ellen Show and judge for yourself. (We don't think "Diamond" is so bad.)

    Michelle Williams shares 'stripper' puppy names with EllenMichelle Williams shares 'stripper' puppy names with Ellen

  • Celebrate National Cat Day

    photo by Sarah D. BuntingYou may not have had it on your calendar, but October 29 is National Cat Day. Colleen Paige, editor-in-chief of Pet Home, kicked off National Cat Day in 2005 as a way of formally appreciating the felines in our lives -- and of facilitating cat adoptions from shelters. Paige and the Animal Miracle Network hope to see ten thousand cats adopted today, so if you've been wanting to add a cat to your household, now is the time!

    If you've already got a cat, show her a little extra affection today: a new mousie, a fresh litter liner, or just a few minutes of brushing and love. No need to spend money, if you don't have any to spare -- and that goes for supporting your local shelter, too (use the ASPCA's search tool to find one near you). A donation is always appreciated, but that can take the form of your time or your skills, too. You can volunteer to clean cages or file paperwork for an afternoon, or you can use your craft powers for good by making something like kitty hammocks (ReadyMade has

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  • Pre-dressed pets: the St. Bernard

    Previously: Garfield and summertime snacks.

    You may not want to alienate friends and film fans by pretending your dog is Cujo for the day, in which case we'd suggest Beethoven (from the movies) or "a Swiss rescue dog" instead. Just keep "Jo" out of the brandy. (Trivia alert!: Although the cask of liquor is probably the most famous legend associated with the breed, the Smithsonian notes that "no historical records" can prove that the practice existed.)

    What other costumes can your Alpine mastiff claim to be wearing? Tell us in the comments!

    Next: Yo quiero Cesar Millan!

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