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  • A League of Their Own Turns 20

    It's hard to believe "A League of Their Own" came out 20 whole years ago - probably because it seems like I've watched it at least once a week since then. (I used to own it on VHS. I am old.) The movie's coming out on Blu-Ray to mark the anniversary, and if you live near the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, why not head over to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League reunion this weekend. Former players from the AAGPBL will gather and celebrate, as they do every year, and some will even take the field against a local team. Can't make it to upstate New York? Wish the movie a happy birthday with this gallery, and pick up a few trivia tidbits about the film and the league. - Sarah D. Bunting

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  • The 3 Percent: Female Athletic Directors at Top-Tier Football Schools

    It's been 40 years since the federal government's Title IX legislation mandated equal athletic opportunities for men and women - but athletic departments haven't kept pace. A Bloomberg News article from earlier this week notes that only four women head up the sports departments at the 120 schools in college football's top tier. That's an anemic 3 percent.

    "The numbers are really, really small," Sandy Barbour, athletic director of Cal Berkeley, told Bloomberg's Curtis Eichelberger. "Frankly, we've actually gone backward. At one point, there were eight of us." And they're about to get smaller; Cary Groth, AD at the University of Nevada, is set to retire after this academic year.

    Big-time college programs pull in big-time revenues - and face big-time scrutiny, but pluses and minuses alike, it's still mostly the domain of a boys' club. Let's meet the members of the tiny sorority in the top jobs of college sports - Barbour, Groth, Western Michigan University's Kathy Beauregard,

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  • 7 Other Things to Remember on September 11

    Each year, 9/11 is a day of solemn remembrance, which is as it should be. But it's also a time to recall the positives that came out of that day -- the kindness among strangers, the estrangements mended, the way a nation and a planet came together if only for a short time. In the midst of the confusion and despair, small happinesses came to mean more than ever. It was the worst of humanity; it was also, in some ways, the very best.

    Some good things did in fact happen on this date. Let's reflect and remember the events of September 11, 2001 -- but if we have to cheer ourselves up with a few milestones from the world of sport, that's okay too. We're only human.

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  • 6 Things to Love About Novak Djokovic

    Aside from the awesome tennis-playing, the foxy haircut, and the hilarious backhand faces, here's a half-dozen more reasons Novak Djokovic is one of our favorite people on the tour.

  • U.S. Open 2012: 7 Storylines

    You just never know what's going to happen in the U.S. Open -- but the tournament will probably serve up some drama on these seven subplots.

  • Tiny the Cat's Amazing Weight Loss

    Left in a box at a shelter in Fredericton, NB (Canada) last December, Tiny weighed over 30 pounds. Since then, he's lost more than 10 pounds - an entire other cat! - and he's nearing his goal weight. We talked to the Fredericton (NB) SPCA's Director of Education and Training, LeeAnn Haggerty, about Tiny's health, how readers can slim down their own pets, and the party he's got planned when he's finally half the cat he used to be.

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  • Product Break-Up: Why I Dumped One Sunscreen for Another

    It's not you, it's me. Wait: it actually is you.Sometimes, using beauty products is like dating -- what seems like perfect, brilliant marriage material on paper can turn out to be a status-obsessed mistake that makes you feel bad about yourself.

    Coppertone's Oil-Free Foaming Lotion sunscreen isn't that infamous an ex, but it's still an ex. I really really wanted to love this product, too; thanks to a melanoma a few years back (they caught it way early, so knock wood, I'm fine), I can't afford to mess around with sunscreens. A high SPF is required. But a high SPF can also mean a high price tag, or a pasty consistency that's too hard to put on, or too much oil that gives me wrist zits (...right? so bizarre and gross), or weird medicinal smells. As a result, I'm constantly on a (usually failed) quest for that rad sunscreen that protects my epidermis and isn't a pain to put on and smells nice. Kiddie/baby versions, crazy coconut formulations, discontinued European brands, you name it and I've tried it.

    I was very psyched when I read

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  • 10 Smart Pets

    We love our cats, but we'll just say it: they ain't too bright. They chase their own tails, then get upset when they catch the tails; they keep forgetting they don't like jalapenos. Apparently, if we had different cats -- Balinese, say, or Sphynx cats -- we'd have smart cats. At least, that's what a list of the smartest pets says. It's courtesy by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, and it's a pretty interesting cross-section of companion animals. Read on to find out which pets got into the gifted-and-talented program.

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  • 13 Alternative Uses for Kitty Litter

    With three cats marauding the halls of Shine Pets HQ, we don't have a lot of extra kitty litter kicking around. But it does seem, after changing the cat box, like we inevitably have a couple of orphaned cups left over. What to do with the excess?

    As it turns out, cat litter has a ton of other household uses, for everything from camping to crafting to cooking. You can totally justify that 40-pound bag - even if you don't currently have a cat. Read on for a baker's dozen clever uses for kitty litter besides in the box.

    (Note: For most of these suggestions, we're talking about old-school non-clumping clay litter. Look for bentonite as the active ingredient.)

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  • Our Cat-ional Pastime

    We'd intended to build a slideshow of dogs at the ballpark today. So many cute snapshots of pooches wearing those little novelty hats that hold soft-serve ice cream! But then we came across a few pics of felines at the field, and we decided to bring you that gallery instead. (Don't worry, our hot-dog gallery is coming later.) Most of the cats pictured here don't seem that happy about taking in a baseball game -- and in the case of the black cats, the players don't seem that happy about it either -- but a superstar shortstop cheering on a sprinting tabby is at least as adorable as a pup in a home jersey, right? Enjoy!

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