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  • Introducing

    My new little guy with his big brother:

    Sorry it's taken so long to put up a picture. It's been crazy, busy with two kids!!!!

    Miss all of you!

  • Maternity Leave

    Dear Shine Friends:

    I'll still be around, but I'm about a month away from bringing this new one into the world. I find myself mostly on the couch or waddling around trying to accomplish a few things. My energy is gone!

    I'm thinking about you guys and I will be back again. I'll try to let you know how I'm doing after baby is born. If you leave me a message, I will get back to you when I can. My response time is pretty slow right now.

    Lots of love to ALL ♥

  • Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme Mascara: Brings on the Volume!

    I have always been extremely picky about mascara. It has been my experience that most mascaras are clumpy, cakey, smudgy nightmares that make your eyelashes look like furry spider legs. My dreams of smooth, dark brown, defined lashes did not come true until earlier this year when I started using Cover Girl Lash Blast Length Mascara. If you are looking for a mascara that adds a little color, doesn't clump, and looks very natural, I would highly recommend it.

    No two mascaras are the same though. Shine asked me to try Estée Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Mascara. A mascara that promises volume beyond belief and zero clumping. If these claims were true, it would indeed be the "Holy Grail of Mascaras." As with most beauty products, I found their claims to be about 50-75% true.

    The first time I used the mascara, I was impressed. It went on smoothly with nary a clump to be found and the volume was beautiful! My thin lashes looked thicker and darker (I was using the Extreme Black color) and I

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  • A toast to Shine

    Out with the old and in with the new,
    but not old friends!
    Keep them close to your heart of hearts
    and on them you can depend.

    Good and bad, who knows what's next?
    There is no way to know.
    God can see around the next bend,
    but I enjoy the present show.

    With life we can apologize, regret, or simply mourn,
    but what has that ever added to?
    We always have a new year, a new dawn,
    and there is joy to be found in truth anew.

    Go gladly on and be not sad,
    keep busy every day,
    but not so busy that you don't see
    the path, your goals, your way.

    My friends you are so dear to me
    and so I leave you with this:
    Give freely of your heart, your life,
    and greet each day with a kiss!

    Lots of love and (((((HUGS))))))

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  • Colgate 360: Get out of the Dark Ages!

    If you are still living in the toothbrush Dark Ages and slowly and laboriously cleaning your teeth by moving your hand up and down, I have to say, "Snap out of it!" There is no need to spend a fortune. You can have the benefits of an electric toothbrush at a fraction of the price!

    To be up front, I have been using the Crest Spinbrush for about three years now, so I was already a fan of the affordable, battery operated toothbrush. My dentist has been telling me that it has made a huge difference in keeping my teeth white between cleanings and I agree.

    When I got the Colgate 360 and was asked to test drive it, I wasn't sure what I would think of it. I thought it worked well, better than a manual toothbrush for sure, but I think my Crest Spinbrush has a lot more power. Still, for only $5.99, you can't go wrong with the sonic power in the Colgate 360.

    My husband has been stuck in the manual toothbrush Dark Ages for some time. He doesn't like the Spinbrush that I use, because he thinks

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends :)

    Hello Shiney Friends :)

    I should probably make the rounds and tell all of you that I have a new post, but quite frankly, I'm too tired! LOL I just hope that if you happen to stumble upon this blog that you will know you are loved, thought of fondly, and wished the very best on this most grateful of holidays!!!

    My cup overfloweth and I am filled with happiness as I think of you all ♥


  • It's a BOY

    To all of my Shine Friends~

    Just thought I would let you know that we are having another BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are super excited and my little guy is thrilled to be having a little brother :)

    The ultrasound indicated that the baby is healthy, too, so that's wonderful news.

    Love and Hugs to you all!

    P.S. That's a picture of the baby's face :)

  • The Best Beauty Advice EVER!

    As a Shine Beauty Guru, I have fessed up to a lot more than I ever thought I would. When asked to come up with the best beauty advice that I have ever received, I was stumped! I have received a lot of beauty advice over the years: from magazines, an aunt who sold Mary Kay, my friends, and my mother. Some of it stuck and some of it was laughable at best, but it's hard to come up with one thing that seems like the BEST piece of advice.

    The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could probably give a lot of different tips, but I needed to have some criteria for determining what made a piece of advice the BEST. I decided to choose a piece of advice that would be relevant to women of all ages, races, and obviously, affordable. I'm not a fan of pricey!

    So, without further ado, the BEST advice that I have ever received is to wash your face before you go to bed. Makeup, pollutants, and dirt can clog your pores and ruin your skin. Beautiful skin is one of the main hallmarks of

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  • A miracle in my life!

    For the longest time, I went to the doctor and only heard bad news. I was told that I had a cyst on my ovary. I was told that it would be very unlikely for me to have another child. I was told that I would probably have to have surgery.

    The only good thing that I can say about that difficult time was that I had so many people praying for me, encouraging me, and assuring me that God could and would work a miracle.

    There were times when I got incredibly down and there were times went I felt my spirits soar, because I had faith and hope. Through it all, I felt God close beside me and I realized that no matter what happened, my life was richer for knowing Him.

    When my last ultrasound was done, they found a much smaller cyst and a baby! With tears in my eyes, I can say that all of my dreams are coming true. God has delivered me out of the darkness and His goodness takes my breath away!

  • Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen - Don't leave home without it!

    These days, summer is about protecting yourself. Occasionally, you see someone out sunbathing with reckless abandon, their leathery skin wrinkling in the hot, cancer-causing rays, but most of us know better!

    If you want beautiful, unlined skin that is free from melanoma, a good sunscreen is a necessary investment. Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer, Dry Touch Sunscreen utilizes UVA/UVB protection with helioplex technology (which means that the protection lasts).

    The best part of this product is the FEEL. It's not greasy or oily or disgusting. I used to hate sunscreen, because it felt horrible on my skin. This sunscreen is the closest to perfect that you can find. Plus, it retails for $7-$9.

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