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  • Seven Tips for a Stress-Free Life

    No one's life is perfect. Even models have bad days. It's inevitable that once in a while a stressful situation will arise making us feel like we're about to explode. It's frustrating yes, especially since most of the time we feel there's little we can do about the situation itself. However, what we can do is learn how to deal with it. Work, relationships, etc. may have stress written all over them, but before you fall victim to anxiety, see how you can take things with a grain of salt.

    Don't Take It Personally.

    Whatever it is that's causing you distress, don't doubt your capabilities or your self-worth. It's normal to have hardships-and fallbacks-so don't assume you're lacking in character. You are good enough: remember that and keep your head held high.

    Be Self-Aware.
    Being aware of your thoughts can help avoid the snowball effect that ultimately leads to stress. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff bestseller author Richard Carlson, Ph.D advises "to notice what's happening Read More »from Seven Tips for a Stress-Free Life
  • Happy Hour Tips for Keeping Slim

    We love happy hour (that's why it's rarely contained in just an hour). But, on top of a slight office hangover the next morning, your weeknight festivities could have you waking up a little, shall we say, "plumper" than you were yesterday.

    Many of us don't realize how many happy hour calories we're actually consuming. Once those high-calorie cocktails are in our inhibition goes down, cravings go up and we overload on the finger food ordered along with that second (or third!) margarita. Well, it's time for a wakeup call ladies: One Long Island Iced Tea has more calories than two Big Macs. Two! Yep, it's depressing news, but don't hole up in your apartment just yet. Instead, avoid packing on those pounds by ordering intelligently.

    We broke down five popular happy hour cocktails and snacks and gave you similar-read: lower calorie-ones to opt for instead. No one will even know that you're watching your sexy figure. Because it just comes naturally, right?


    Swap your Margarita

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  • Why Women Feel More Attached after Sex than Men

    Many of us have been in a relationship with someone who was all wrong for us, yet we stayed because we "felt a connection." It can be tough to figure out what's going through our heads when this happens, but what if it was actually beyond our control?

    There is a little-talked-about hormone, oxytocin-nicknamed the "cuddle hormone"-which is released during sex and could be effecting our relationships and sex lives in ways we've never thought of.

    What is oxytocin?
    Basically, it's one of our many hormones. Both men and women have it, and while its exact purpose is still unclear, it increases in our systems during orgasm (for men and women) and during childbirth (it's what bonds mothers to their babies). It's released into our bloodstreams in response to breast or vaginal stimulation as well says Dr. Beverly Whipple, Secretary General of the World Association for Sexual Health.

    Is it him or the oxytocin that I'm attracted to?
    Oxytocin has been found to increase our levels of trust and

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  • Be Your Own Valentine

    Valentine's Day is the one socially acceptable time for singletons to openly bemoan their relationship status. I myself have cried the solo blues on this dreaded day, cursing the cruel creator of "Single Awareness Day" (or SAD, as many years of familiarity have led me to abbreviate it). This February 14th, instead of lamenting over your relationship challenged circumstance; why not embrace your independent, spectacular self and be your own Valentine? Wear that red "S" on your sleeve with pride and be thankful you're escaping the tension and inevitable disappointment that can come along with most Valentine's Days. Here are five ways to celebrate your single self and be your own Valentine.

    1. DO buy yourself a gift.
    Last year you spent how much on a guy who didn't last through spring? This year as a single gal, be one of the 15% of US women who send themselves flowers on February 14th. Or get yourself a gift using the money that you would have wasted on a Valentine-because isn't

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