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  • Secrets to Your Success: Alli Webb

    "You almost don't recognize her when she comes up to the front to check out. Not only does she look different, but there's like a pep in her step," says hairstylist and Drybar founder Alli Webb. She says a woman can be instantly transformed just by visiting the salon, so in 2010 she founded Drybar, a place where women can get blowouts, feel pampered, and leave more confident.

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    Alli, who has naturally curly hair, says she constantly begged her mom to blow dry her hair when she was a child. Even in high school, she would blow dry her hair the night before, thinking that if she slept on it, the frizz would go away. "It never looked that great," she says.

    Alli started her career in fashion, but soon realized she needed to follow her dream of becoming a hairstylist. She started working in salons, but left that behind to become a stay-at-home mom. She says after about five years at home, she began feeling a little stir-crazy. She started a

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  • Secrets to Your Success: Lisa Leslie

    Basketball player Lisa Leslie says setting goals and writing them down was the secret to her success. That, along with a persistent, driven personality, led her to WNBA stardom and four Olympic medals.

    Lisa always knew she wanted to inspire people -- and while she was practicing signing her autograph from the age of seven, it took her a bit longer to figure out where she'd make her mark.

    She was always tall (she was over five feet by kindergarten), but didn't start playing basketball until junior high school, at which point she was already over six feet tall. Lisa excelled at the game, fueled by a combination of natural talent and hard work, along with some advice her mother gave her to write down her goals. Lisa says she's been writing down her goals, both long term and short term, ever since, and committing to them. Among the goals that basketball helped her achieve in those early days? A scholarship to the University of Southern California and a trip to the Olympics.

    She thought

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