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  • 5 Tips to Wash Jeans the Right Way

    While these ladies might've seen denim as a utilitarian work pant, the evolution of jeans into fashion staples means we need to do more than just stick them in the wash and on the line to keep them runway (okay, girl's night out) ready.

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    Here are my tips to preserve your favorite denim pieces:

    1. Always wash your denim inside out to preserve color, especially with darker hues.

    2. Wash your denim in warm water. Warm water holds the color better than cold.

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    3. Don't wash your jeans after every wear! I wear my jeans at least 3 times before I wash them again. Spritz with fabric freshener like Febreeze in between wears.

    4. Dark denim has an annoying tendency to dye your hands and other things blue (I ruined a beloved tan suede fringe bag due to the bag rubbing against my indigo wash skinny jeans!).

    A helpful hint: The first time you wash your jeans, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar and a pinch of baking soda

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  • Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Take Fashion Week

    By Emilia Murdoch, SELF magazine

    Kim and Kourtney Kardashian continue to bring fashion and fabulosity to Manhattan! QVC kicked off fashion week with a fashion showcase and party to honor the K-DASH line and other top designers on their network.

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    The Kardashians looked glamorous wearing pieces from their K-DASH line on the red carpet. But were we expecting anything less? Kim and Kourtney both rocked black pants; Kim wore a vest and fitted waist belt; Kourtney wore a shimmery, gold metallic tank top and accented it with a gold waist belt.

    One thing that is most important to the Kardashians is incorporating their personal style into the line! Fans got a taste of the their fashion sense, which included lots of sequin and sparkle, as they presented their current collection on the runway to a live QVC audience. The models featured were also refreshingly every shape and size!

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    The celebrity-packed party was a

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  • Denim-on-Denim Dos and Don'ts

    Mixing and matching your denim can be risky business. Instead of veering towards a Texas Tuxedo, here are my tips for head-to-toe blues.

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    Denim-on-Denim Dos:

    1. DO make sure the denim washes are different shades of blue. If you choose to wear a light blue denim shirt, opt for a darker shade of blue in your denim skirt, shorts or jeans and vice versa.

    2. DO
    opt for denim shirts that are in chambray or lightweight denim, otherwise they'll look too bulky and heavy or like you're wearing your boyfriend's shirt. It should be tailored to fit you.

    3. DO
    wear neutral-colored accessories for a chic, sophisticated look. A brown leather belt and tan wedge sandals are great items to pair with this look.

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    Denim-on-Denim Don'ts

    1. DON'T wear acid wash denim. It's dated. Period.

    2. DON'T
    wear colored denim pieces together. Denim-on-Denim works best with blue washes only.

    3. DON'T
    wear head-to-toe denim to the

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  • 5 Stars We Can't Wait To See At The Golden Globes

    By Ashley Mateo, SELF magazine

    The Golden Globes are Sunday and while we enjoy the show, we're more excited about the stars walking the red carpet--whether because of their sense of style or the buzz they generated this season. See who we're most excited about!

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  • 8 Fun Fashion Gifts for Your Best Friend

    Is she a runner? A fashionista? A little bit kooky? Here are some gift suggestions based on HER personality:

  • SELF Goes to the Mall: 5 Best Finds at JCPenney Under $100

    If you're like us, you want to look fashionable this fall without wiping out your savings account. So as part of our new Web series, "SELF Goes to the Mall," we hunted down the most stylish, affordable looks we could find at JCPenney. From a cozy leather bomber to an eye-catching "body con" dress, here are our top 5 picks...all under $100!

  • 4 Sweater Dresses That Go From Day to Night!

    We were so psyched when we realized that the sweater dress is "back" for fall. The warm, cozy, one-piece wonder truly takes you from work to date night -- and now it comes in more shapes and colors than ever before!

  • New York Fashion Week Trend to Try Now: '70s!

    "Saturday Night Fever" has made it to the runways. Everywhere we look here at Fashion Week in New York City, it's all about the '70s. From halter tops to one-shoulder dresses to wide-legged pants to sky-high platform shoes, the hottest styles right now scream Studio 54. Below are our favorite '70s-inspired pieces and how you can get the look before these clothes even make it to the mall.

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  • 5 Fall Essentials We Spotted at Fashion Week

    SELF's Fashion Director Evyan Metzner spotted 5 key pieces on some of the chicest ladies in media. From a bright purse to the perfect leg-lengthening boots for fall, steal these style cues from the pros...

  • 4 Rules for Rocking a Bandage Dress (Like Beyonce)

    Anyone can wear a black dress ... but it takes a lot of confidence to rock a curve-hugging bandage dress in hot pink, like Beyonce did for SELF's September cover.

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    However, you too can achieve Beyonce's sweet-yet-sexy look (for a fraction of the price). Here are our 4 simple rules for making it work:

    1. Step One: Get in 'Shape'
    We're not all blessed with B's great genes ... and it can be hard to make it to the gym every day. That's where shapewear comes in. Our fave? Spanx will help you pull off even the skimpiest bandage dress.

    2. Step Two: Pick the dress
    Bandage dresses come in many styles: tank, halter, one-shoulder, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, cutouts, no cutouts, etc. Pick the style that works for you. And if you're brave, try a berry shade like Beyonce did.

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    3. Step Three: Neutralize
    The key to wearing a standout color is to balance it out with chic extras. You can't go

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