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  • Go Old School.....Buy A Hardcopy!

    Girls, check it out. He is perfect for those mindless moment driving in the car, or when your in the that deep thought. He is a sweet soul and you can tell buy his lyrics. Support the independent muscians. He has worked so hard on this album, and he did it all by himself ( with a little inspiration from yours truly).

    Please help spread the word!

  • Not working out = Bad mood

    I know I can't be the only one who is addicted to working out! I work Full time and I go to school full time and I have a full time boyfriend. At least my boyfriend enjoys working out sometimes. So it is hard to fit in a workout, but let me say that it does take priority. I have these terrible mood swings when I can not work out. There seems to be some kind of chemical imbalance because if i don't work out, I get irritated fast, bitchy, moody and depressed. I have even been known to throw a tantrum when something comes up and takes away the only time I had to workout. I have probably worked out for the last three months with maybe 5 days off. I know it is terrible for your body and I am paying for it right now, as I am completely exhausted but insist on racing home after work today and getting in 40 minutes of cardio before I race out the door to class.

    My boyfriend says I am obsessed with working out, and I tend to agree. But my life is so busy these days, that I am very stressed and

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  • ladies, gents? Is there ever a "good excuse" for cheating?

    My boyfriend and i ( opps, sorry x-boyfriend) live together, we have been a couple for 3 years. It comes down to this.
    - he moved out here on his own 3 years ago, i met him 2 weeks after being in la from a small town on the east coast.
    -he found out a year before moving to LA that he was co-dependent with relationships ( CODA)- basically means he has issues. he was abandoned when young, poor childhood and as a reflection of that he:
    1. has trouble saying NO
    2. has trouble telling the truth/denies (minimizes the truth)
    3. has low self esteem
    4. cant make decisions
    5 care more what others think than what is right
    6. does what others want to avoid rejection/or anger
    7. uses sex to gain approval/ or love
    -then to avoid the above issues he has an addiction to women, so that he doesnt think of the above.
    WOW right. well this is all clinical stuff....i have gone to CODA meetings to help understand and it makes me more sad than hurt sometimes.

    about 6 months into the relationship,

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  • how do you get the answer without setting yourself up

    My question is how do you ask your partner about something you found when you were snooping around thier stuff?

    I looked at my boyfriends phone the other night and saw two girls names the recent call history. How do I ask him who they are without giving away that i went through is phone?

    I dont have any passwords to his emails or his phone bill or any other means of finding out.

    It is a touch subject to bring up, beacuse when we first got together he was seeing other women and i called him on it and gave him hell. and it was like pulling teeth to get any truth from him at all. I still find it hard to believe that he tells me the whole truth and not just half truths. Its been two and half years now and we live together and work together. I dont want him to think that i can never trust him again or for that matter that he could never trust ME again since i was snooping.

    What do I do, each minute that goes by I assume the worst and start to have distain and pull

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  • can a relationship survive the road?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half. He is co-dependent and we had a few boundary issues early in the relationship. now he has been offered to play bass for a year with a well known band. he hasn't even left yet and i already miss him terribly, we spend every second together as it is and now i will be alone day in day out, im not sure how long i can take it. on top of just being alone, he is playing rockstar. he says he wants to get married soon ( as soon as we can afford to) and we already live together, but is it realalistic to make it work for a year? any rockstar girlfriends out there? any guys know about being on the road?