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  • Thanksgiving - God Gave Me You!

    When I reflect on what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, the list is so full (and soulful)! I am thankful for the insights I have gained over the last year since I met Laura Kamm and Kwala Mandel who are the beautiful women responsible for my Golden Door opportunity that has changed the course of my life. I am thankful for the peace from within myself that was only a whisper before. I love waking up in the morning excited and hopeful that the choices I make will be in my highest and best good as well as the highest and best for others. I feel connected to people, nature, Source (God), and myself more than ever before.

    I'm filled with hope that all of my dreams will come true, from optimum health to finding true love, it is all mine for the taking. I feel it now in my presence. I surrender to the fact that I am not in control of everything in my life, I am only in control of myself and my thoughts and perceptions. I feel ready for all that this beautiful world has to offer my

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  • Titanium Spirit and Releasing Negativity

    Have you heard the song, "Titanium" by David Guetta? It's awesome and pretty much feels like my current frame of mind. The beat is strong and the voice is memorizing almost hypnotic. My favorite part of the song says, "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away." It speaks to the part of me that feels so strong and invincible, unbreakable. Here is the link to the song's video. So good:

    A few weeks ago, Cindi, Golden Door's Behavioral Therapist, walked me through an exercise that resulted in me picturing what my "old" self looks and feels like if were to hold her as an object. I immediately imagined a raw, brown egg, fragile and breakable, warm and perfectly centered in my palm. Familiar. On the other hand, I pictured what my true self looks like if she were incarnated into something touchable, and I immediately pictured a beautiful sphere of shiny metallic type material, light

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  • Fall Has Begun - the Season and the Weight

    An evening walk into the Golden Door. I love this place. I relish every moment and every step. This just makes sense. April 2012 - right before going to Golden Door.Picture from last week- October 2012.

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  • Therapy Works!

    Hello friends! I looked over my last blog where I shared about "shoulding" people and yourself as a form of unnecessary judgment and I see now that I've taken that concept across other areas of my life. If I say that I "should" do something, it automatically sets in motion a cycle of contempt, guilt, and resentment. I have enjoyed the challenge of releasing myself from that word, "should". I find myself more at peace with the progress of my health, "love life", my career, and most importantly my spiritual development.

    It's been a very insightful few weeks thanks to the unconditional love of the universe. I will start with my beloved Golden Door which feels like home. In addition to my personal training at the Golden Door, I'm kicking up my physical activity with six sessions of cardio and four sessions of weight training a week. I am up for the challenge and my body is responding well. I was able to do a modified pull-up and 18 push-ups, Zumba, running on the treadmill, and

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  • Six Month Extension of Progress and Love at the Golden Door

    It has been six months since I first crossed the threshold at the Golden Door embarking on a journey of love and self acceptance. I will always remember the feeling of warmth that overwhelmed me as I walked through the golden door for the first time on April 1 st . The huge oak and eucalyptus trees overhead and the ivy filled riverbed below. It was like walking on nature's heavenly path. Golden Door administrators graciously offered me a 6 month opportunity to work with a trainer and therapist to support my effort in becoming healthy. The journey started on April first and was to conclude at the end of September - this week. In the last six months, here is what I have learned because of the Golden Door:

    1) Absolute thinking is as harmful to me physically as it is emotionally and the two are closely related. I've learned to appreciate the progress toward my health rather than getting disappointed in myself for not "performing" to my standards. The cycle of guilt doesn't have to

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  • Changes in Stages - It's Beautiful and Challenging All at Once

    Hi All,

    I cannot believe that it's been over a month since I blogged! It's September? How did that happen!? My journey continues to evolve and change since my stay at the Golden Door in April. On the physical aspect of things, I'm doing activities that I did not think possible. Ellen challenges me like never before. You know those crazy things called "burpies" that hardcore marines do? Well - I'm doing modified burpies with the help of a workout bench. J She has me stepping up onto blocks, running, jumping, and lifting weights. My body feels so good, especially this week. It's strange to me that I don't lose much weight for a few weeks, and then a large 5 lb. chunk falls off. Ellen has given me faith in my body and hope that it will continue to strengthen and become leaner. What a blessing - to give someone faith in themselves and their abilities. It makes me tear up with gratitude.

    Speaking to the physical changes, the last few weeks have been amazing! I visited my family

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  • Dr. Seuss, Health, Love, and Zumba! How Can it Be So?

    It has been a good while since I've blogged and I missed this chance to reflect and share with you! I'm planning a leadership retreat for college students at the moment and was inspired by, of all people, San Diego's very own Dr. Seuss' "Oh The Places You'll Go". I love this passage:

    "You'll get mixed up, of course,

    As you already know.

    You'll get mixed up

    With many strange birds as you go.

    So be sure when you step.

    Step with care and great tact

    And remember that Life's

    A Great Balancing Act.

    Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.

    And never mix up your right food with you left."

    I'm my own strange bird in this case. J For so long I've felt tangled in my negative limiting thoughts and subsequent actions. I finally feel free because I have focused on just one step at a time. I have found the joy in working out and eating well - hey -what's that? I like taking care of myself!? WOW! It's not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional

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  • Letting Go

    This was a week of reflections and exercising my ability to "let go". I'm gradually letting go of the idea that I will always be a "fat person" and I am acknowledging the true athlete inside. I am actually a healthy person working on releasing this shield. I'm playing basketball, paddling, running, hiking, swimming, and just having fun in this body. I eat whole/organic foods, drink water, and eat smaller proportions. Shannon might be hefty right now but she is really a lean mean fun living machine. This week I also tried something new: I am eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. So, that means that I have a heavier meal in the morning such a chicken/veggie personal pizza, salad/veggies for lunch, and a lighter carb in the evening such as a small bowl of cereal or bagel. I am dropping inches and pounds and sleeping better so I will continue this pattern for a while.

    William Shakespeare said that "expectation is the root of all heartache" and I agree with him. In

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  • Me and Venus

    This week, for the first time in 8 years, not to be experienced again until 2117, Venus was visible between the Earth and Sun. It was amazing to look through the telescopes to see this little dot - knowing it was a planet! It left me in awe. I feel energized being around people wanting to witness this sight on the top of a mountain, through the lens of these scientists, philosophers, and armature astronomers. I learned that the Hubble Space Telescope cannot directly observe the sun because the sunlight would destroy the instruments. Instead, the Hubble observed the transit of Venus by looking the moon because it reflects the sunlight, a "meek mirror of the sun" (Meg Urry, CNN Opinion, June 5, 2012). I feel like that is so amazing, so metaphorical for looking at things. It's the yin and yang. I feel that the "fat" that surrounds my body feels as powerful and harmful to me as looking straight at the sun. The "fat" is the physical form created by a lifetime of suppressed anger,

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  • I Feel so Close!

    There is a new song by Calvin Harris called, "I Feel So Close To You Right Now" - I listened to that song repeatedly this week! I just LOVE it! I It says, "Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall And there's no stopping us right now. I feel so close to you right now." This is how I feel about the Golden Door and all of my support that I have been receiving for a LONG time from helpers on this side and the other side. I feel so excited about life like I could BURST! I want to run, dance, and just be silly. I will be driving and just burst out laughing or crying with joy! I had a great workout with Ellen this week. When we started working out together weeks ago, I could barely do a baby push-up --- this week I did 8 push-ups! Ellen is so sweet - whenever I am able to do something that I was not able to do before she reminds me of my progress. It feels good because I was pretty upset about not losing weight the last few weeks. One thing that has not helped my progress

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