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  • Fall's Brights

    Missing those brights from spring and summer? You can still wear them for fall and winter. Here are a few bright pieces that are fall perfect!

  • Stylish Peplums for Fall 2012

    Peplums are back again for fall. Check out a few that are available or will be available this fall season.

  • Can Supplements Help Ease Menopause Symptoms?

    Microbiologist 01

    Menopause is something most women will have to go through eventually. For many, the symptoms of menopause are not pleasant. In fact, they can negatively affect the quality of life for some. Menopause supplements have been helpful to many women who have tried them in lieu of hormone therapy. Here are a few supplements that women have tried to relieve their menopause symptoms.


    Amberen is a menopausal supplement from Lunada Biomedical. It's proprietary compound is made from ammonium succinate, calcium succinate, monosodium L-glutamate, glycine, magnesium disuccinate hydrate, zinc difumarate hydrate, and tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E). Basically this compound is made up of different salts, an amino acid, zinc and Vitamin E. Many women are talking about this supplement in WebMD forums and even in eBay forums as an alternative to hormone therapy. Women have reported a reduction in hot flash occurrences, more restful night's sleep, and an increase in energy. It is

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  • From SJP's Fashion Updates: Fashion Myths Exposed!

    *Excerpt ta
    Yarns being spun to create fabricken from my blog post Fashion Myth: Polyester and Other Synthetic Fibers Are Cheap and Tacky*

    I recently read an article on a popular women's lifestyle site that mentioned natural fibers looked better on plus-size women, or any woman, than synthetic fibers. At one time this opinion was a valid one. When synthetic fibers were first used for fabric, the fabrics were stiff and they actually did look very tacky. Clothing looked cheap and uncomfortable. However, that ended not long after Disco died.

    Synthetic Fiber is Everywhere!
    Many of the garments sold in stores today are made from fabrics constructed from synthetic fibers. Some are 100 percent synthetic or they may be a natural fiber/synthetic fiber blend. You don't believe me? Your pantyhose are Nylon which is a synthetic fiber. Those stretch jeans you are wearing wearing have Spandex or Elastane in them which are synthetic fibers. Your parka, raincoat, trench and any other water-resistant outerwear you own probably is

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  • Sheer Style

    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Lace Back Dress in Black, $29.99 at Kmart.Last February sheer clothing was hot trend on the runways. However, as the fall season emerged, the sheer trend was virtually a no-show. Now celebrities have grafted to sheer garments making it a hot trend for the fall/winter season. Check out these sheer pieces of the season and a few celebrities who are wearing this trend very well.

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  • Affordable Winter Dresses Under $200

    Dresses are not just for warm weather. Winter dresses can be just as pretty and flirty as their spring and summer counterparts. Take a look at a few affordable winter dresses all under $200. Also check out 5 winter dresses under $100 for even greater savings.

  • Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trends

    Check out these highlighted items and more in Dress warm and in style for winter 2011/2012.

    Xersion Womens Down Coat, Packable Premium Down $150.00 at JCPenney
    Down-Filled Puff Jackets like this one sold at JCPenney stores and are the outwear trend this winter.

    Miz Mooz Shearling Cuff Boot for $129.95 at Nordstrom.

    Shearling-trimmed boots are very much the trend for winter like this winter bootie sold at Nordstrom and

    Josie Natori for Target Kimono Hooded Sleepshirt, $34.99 at Target.

    Hoodies are a winter trend in casual wear. This sleepwear/loungewear hoodie sold at Target, is too stylish to only be worn around the house.

    INC Asymmetrical Poncho, $169.50 at Macy's
    Fur-trimmed garments are trendy this winter. A more fashion-forward garment is this faux fur speckled poncho sold at Macy's.

    Adrianna Papell's Colorblock Shift Dress, $138.00 at Nordstrom.

    The shift dress was a huge trend for the fall/winter season. Longer sleeved version of the shift are the trend for winter as seen on this colorblock knit shift sold at Nordstrom's.

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  • Color and Texture Blocking are Hot for Fall Shoes

    Color and texture blocking were one of the major trends seen on the runways for the fall/winter shows seen earlier in the year. Combinations featuring the hot colors of fall gold/bordeaux (berry wine) and black/white are creeping up in fall accessories. Perhaps the accessory sporting the blocking trend with the most aesthetic appeal are fall shoes. Take a look at six fall shoes sporting this blocking trend and let me know what you think.

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  • Get Your Fingers and Wrists Ready for Fall's Hand-held Handbag

    This fall, the handbag trend is the lady-like hand-held handbag. Those feminine and stylish clutches, wrist bags and short-strapped purses will be the it accessory of fall 2011. Wondering which hand-held will work best for you this fall? Well take a look at these 10 stylish fall hand-held handbags to give you a little inspiration.

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  • Have You Heard of Fan Bingbing?

    Georges Biard via Wikimedia CommonsGeorges Biard via Wikimedia CommonsNo I did not misspell "bling", Fan Bingbing, is China's beautiful rising star has made a stylish impact at the Cannes Film Festival for two years in a row. Fan has been dubbed China's Monica Bellucci and last year ranked 10th in Forbes China Celebrity 100.

    I just recently took notice of China's rising star while viewing the Cannes Fashion Lounge.

    I have to say this woman is stunning and her taste in red carpet apparel is gorgeous. What I think I like most about Fan's red carpet style is that she keeps the beauty portion of her looks simple. She focuses on her lips and large brown eyes with simple makeup and natural brows. For hair she adds a little more glamor with braided updos, classic buns or long, controlled waves.

    Even though Fan Bingbing is not well-known stateside, yet. I feel she is worthy a mention as a style influence for formal or red-carpet attire. I always say that while most of us cannot afford the designer gowns the celebrities wear on the red carpet, we can always

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