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  • OK, now it's confession time, ladies. We've all been dishing about the horrible things that men have done to us, but what of the mean things that we do to guys?

    We know, we know -- we ladies are completely innocent and are never, ever difficult or cruel in relationships, right? Um, yeah.... Let's watch the ladies of Frangela -- Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton -- fess up to theirs:

    Ah, yes, the old "but it was for a MUCH hotter guy" excuse. Ouch.

    Now, it's our turn. We polled the editors at Shine, and here are a few we had to cop to:

    • "Cheated on a boyfriend with his roommate/best friend and he walked in on it! Ended up dating the other guy, but it ruined their friendship."
    • "Cut holes right at the nipple-place of a shirt, then made them bigger and bigger and bigger over time."
    • "Chipped his tooth during a fight with a cocktail ring."
    • "Told him he had a small penis (as we were breaking up)."
    • "After a fight with a live-in boyfriend who often stayed out all night, gave him the
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  • Most of us ladies like to joke around about what jerks guys can be, but sometimes a man can outdo even our lowest expectations.These legendary stories of crappy boy behavior are usually reserved for evenings commiserating over cocktails or ice cream (or both). So, what a better topic for the ladies of Frangela to dish about in their dating guide.

    First, let's hear what the awesome duo -- Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton -- have to say:

    OK, so those are pretty terrible. But we surveyed the editors here at Shine, and discovered a few doozies of our own. There's the guy who called one of our ladies by another girl's a fight! And then there's the old standby of the man who borrowed money and never paid it back. And, of course, there are the ones who cheat. But one dude not only cheated; he admitted to being in an open relationship with another woman cross-country after dating for four months. Ugly.

    Now, we open it up to you ladies of Shine. What's the jerkiest thing a

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  • So, just picture it -- you've been out on a a few dates (or maybe just the one!), and you're finally ready to get truly down and dirty with your new special someone. And just when things get hot and heavy, boom, something horribly humiliating happens to one or both of you. Oy, and then all that romance goes up in smoke -- or maybe, if you've got a good enough sense of humor, up in laughter. Hey, it happens to all of us!

    The awesome ladies of Frangela -- Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton -- certainly have had their share of awkward moments in the sack, and they're here to share:

    We took a few minutes to reflect back on our own wild and weird sexual memories, and came up with a few mortifying events of our own. One involves having sex in a loft bed fitted with satin sheets, and sliding right off of it (luckily to another bed below). Another one happened when some overly-zealous nookie resulted in a chipped tooth on the headboard (ouch!). And finally, there's the good old tale of

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  • Dear men,

    Follow this advice: pick up lines are always iffy--so use them sparingly. Why? Because they backfire at an alarming rate. Sometimes they are so bad we remember them and discuss them with our friends. Yes we do. We here at Shine have heard some pretty sorry ones, ("Is that dress felt? Well it ought to be," etc) but the ladies from Frangela (Angela V. Shelton and Frances Callier) have a couple of doozies to share with you.

    In our first installment of the "Down-and-dirty guide to dating" we explore the slippery slope of questionable opening lines. Ladies, watch these two videos and let us know if you've heard worse. And to prove we can help a brother out please let us know which, if any, have worked on you and hopefully-maybe-just one guy will read this and put the good ones to use and the bad, beer-fueled, frat-boy lines to rest.

    Until then, men friends, why not just use the simple, direct and charming-enough: "Hi my name is...."?

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  • Dating's a wild and crazy game that needs a few rules. But some ladies set tougher rules than others. Take, for example, the ladies of comedy duo Frangela -- Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton.

    We've asked this often wise, wicked, and funny pair to give us their take on some of the biggest dating issues. The first dilemma we're going to get their take on is first-date deal-breakers. You know -- what is that one thing your date would do that would be such a red flag that it'd send you screaming from a date? Or maybe just make you think, "I'm not doing this again!"

    Let's first hear what the Frangela chicks had to say:

    Personally, some of our deal-breakers from our illustrious dating histories include: talking too much about the ex, an unreasonably fiery temper (trying to start a fight, for example), and not offering to pay if not picking up the bill entirely.

    Now we ask you, Shine ladies. What are your first-date deal-breakers?

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