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  • Thank you, Winifred Steiner

    It was 1933 when Winifred Steiner was finishing her studies Long Beach Community College in California. She wanted to go on to Berkeley to complete her BA, but she didn't have the money to pay for the difference after she was offered a scholarship that wasn't enough to cover all the expenses. Winnie thought her chances of finishing her four-year degree were over; until her adviser, Jessie Anderson, loaned her the $500 she needed.

    It was one woman helping another woman.

    When Winnie graduated from UCB two year later, she began to repay the loan. It took her three years to repay Anderson and a lifelong friendship had formed.

    It was one woman supporting another woman.

    When Anderson died in 1963, she bequeathed the exact amount she had loaned to Winnie 30 years earlier - $500. This gave Winnie an idea: Why not use the same $500 to help more women further their education?

    In 1965, she used the bequest, increased with an additional gift from Anderson's widower, to

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