• The Cycle of Friends

    "You're lucky if you find one true friend in an entire lifetime." Sure sounds familiar, but does this old adage still apply? For one thing, in recent years scientific researchers have advised us that more friends means a happier, longer life. We've even reached a point whereby the platforms upon which we base our social networks allow us to rack up connections as if they were frequent flyer points. Yet in the case of friendships does more of less equal better? And, if so, how can we come to terms when those weaker links tear us apart emotionally?

    Finding friends may be easier than ever but according to medical sociologist Dr. Nicholas Christakis, more is not better. His new book, "Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives," analyzes the impact of friendships in the virtual world. And while the average user has 110 friends on Facebook, of which only 6.6 are actually close friends, Christakis demonstrates that the majority of our online

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  • Solo for the Holidays: Here’s How You Can Stay Connected

    Some people choose to spend the holiday season with family even if that means spending hard earned vacation days traveling to and from a remote part of the country. To others, home is a primary address around which they have built their life. Though your perspective may have changed, expectations tend to be heightened at this time of year. Regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself, holiday cheer often relies on maintaining a sense of connection.

    If you're on your own this season because of work, weather, distance or the drama of family gatherings, here's what you can do to stay connected:

    1. Don't Neglect Tradition: Failure to keep old rituals alive is what keeps many individuals feeling disconnected at holiday time. If you are one of many who keeps putting traditions on hold until you meet "the one" and have a family, you are doing yourself a disservice. Think about how you spent the holidays growing up. Perhaps it was a movie

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  • Sex Drive Saboteurs: Surprising Culprits that May Be Causing a Woman's Low Libido

    Sex. Everyone is talking about it but is anyone doing it? It may surprise you to hear that one quarter of women claim that they are not engaging in intercourse, at all. And it's not because they are choosing to be celibate but rather their libidos are not in drive. Low desire has often been attributed to changes in age but there other influencing factors that can shift your engine into neutral. Here are some surprising saboteurs that may be the causing a low or waning libido:

    Your Period: Hormone fluctuations in a woman's cycle are unpredictable - some women rage for pleasure and others with anger. In fact, according to a survey conducted out of Scotland, 35 per cent of women aged 35 to 44 say they feel violent tendencies towards themselves or someone else during their period. These uncontrollable feelings squelch any yearnings for sex or intimacy and are extreme imbalances that can and should be treated, so check with your physician.

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  • 5 “EX”-treme Getaways to Help You Get Over a Breakup

    If you've been or get dumped in December, you've just qualified for one of the largest singles clubs. That's because year after year the two week period leading up to Christmas is the most popular time for relationship breakups. If you're one of this season's casualties, treat yourself to a getaway and give yourself something to look forward to now or in the New Year!

    1. Sweat Out Your Anger: The best revenge you can get after a breakup is looking even hotter than you did before. The good news is that bootcamp is hot, pilates is not, according to a new survey forecasting fitness trends for 2011. So instead double-dipping into the cookie jar, spend a week or long weekend getting your butt into better than ever gear. There are co-ed or same sex fitness programs where you can spend your time training, conditioning and tanning, all listed on

    2. Cruise to A Special Place: A little time at sea will help put things in perspective and give you

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  • Meet, Play, Date: Online Dating Goes Brick and Mortar

    So what if we could turn back time, press the rewind button and go back to dating the old fashioned way? Well, here's some good news for you - some of the industry's most formidable online matchmakers are taking the conventional approach by offering offline services to their members. Leading the pack is, the largest matrimonial website for South Asians, which inaugurated the first brick and mortar matchmaking center in North America. At the Toronto-based love clinic singles will find a trusted team of advisors devoted to helping them find their soul mate without a mouse or computer. This type of hands-on dating service is a refreshing offer for many individuals given the strict cultural rituals of the South Asian community, and also bodes well for an increasing numbers of divorcees (up 84% in 2010) and suddenly single boomers who are not equipped to handle current technologies.

    Though is the first to jump into the rink at this level, other niche providers

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  • 6 Cool Ways to Escape (and Survive) the Hot Weather

    We have entered into the second half of Summer and the heat is still on. With triple-digit temperatures within reach each day, it seems like the only options for staying cool are to stay indoors in front of the air conditioner. But why get stuck inside when you can enjoy the sun while staying cool?

    Join a Raft-Up Party: Take hundreds of boats and tie them up together and what do you get? An aqua-palooza you don't want to miss! If you've never been to a raft-up event before, it's a nonstop party on the water. There's music, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people and plenty of booze to pass around. If you don't have a boat or a friend who has one check out check out - the site lists hundreds of events and happenings from Florida and Kentucky to the Hamptons, and you may be able to hitch a ride!

    Make Ices to Suck On in Minutes: Handcrafted cold novelties on a stick have been the rage ever since Popbar and other gourmet Popsicle brands hit the scene. Gone are the

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  • Just for One Recipe Collection: Savory Single-Serve Meal Ideas!

    Finding recipes that serve one person is no easy feat! For solos looking for meal ideas that are portion-friendly and delicious, the Single Edition Just for One Recipe Collection is a long-awaited treat. Inspired by top food & celebrity Chef Alan Coxon the collection comes complete with 24 gourmet and quick main dish recipes, perfect for diners with a sophisticated palate as well as budding chefs!

    The assortment of recipes focuses on fish and seafood to chicken, lamb and meats, and features classic dishes from around the globe. Standouts include the comforting One-Pan Chicken Cassoulet, fresh and flavorful Roast Tuna with Bacon, Thyme and Capers, simply delicious Maple and Mustard Glazed Salmon and succulent Italian Stuffed Pork Chops.

    If you're tired of take-out and leftovers, you'll love the Single Edition Just for One Recipe Collection. Click here to Buy Now.

    Roast Tuna with Bacon, Thyme and Capers

    Preparation 10 minutes
    Cooking 10 - 12 minutes


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  • 5 Ways to Dig Yourself out of the Sand Trap

    "Life is like a golf course, and a sand trap runs through it" is quintessential Charles Schultz. The cartoon creator who gave us Snoopy and the ensemble of peanut-sized characters that we all grew to love often alluded to these life lows in his popular comic strip. You can mope, cry or scream at others like Lucy Van Pelt but at the end of the day the only person who can dig you out of the rut is yourself.

    Here are some suggestions on how to do it in all areas of your life:

    On the Job: Dissatisfaction on the career front can start as soon as one becomes comfortable and complacent in one's role. When your work makes you feel like you are living from Monday to Monday, you're likely in need of a challenge or change. Be on the lookout for new internal assignments, or be the one to initiate an innovative project for the organization. If there are no opportunities to shake things up, find things to do on the side that will increase your marketability while you devote your energies to

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  • 4 Potentially Hazardous Summer Sex Acts

    August is officially Happiness Happens Month. If you think about it from a sexual standpoint it makes perfect sense. Hormones lay dormant in the cold months, awaken in the spring, and are fully alive by summer's end. It's no surprise that sun and heat are natural aphrodisiacs --- a recent study suggests that sunlight raises testosterone levels in men, boosting libido by as much as 69 percent.

    Indeed, everyone looks better through tinted shades especially if one has downed a few Baily's and Banana Coladas. There is a reason that this 31 day period was named Sextilis in ancient times, and we at Single Edition are all for having fun in the sun. But before you venture outdoors, you should consider these dangers that go beyond getting a little sunburn where the sun usually doesn't shine:

    In the Pool, Hot Tub or Jacuzzi : A midnight skinny dip may set the mood but the after effects may be anything but romantic. Water contained in each of these units is teeming with salt, chlorine

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  • Small Bites are Big! And Other Slim Secrets from Spain

    Obesity may be on the rise worldwide but the biggest paradox in many countries throughout Europe is the relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease despite diets rich in saturated fats. Many studies suggest the equalizer is red wine, but there are other noticeable eating trends which are likely contributing factors. As I sipped my way through Spain on red wine and sangria I managed to uncover this and other slim secrets of our neighbors across the Atlantic.

    When soccer fans in the United States come together to watch the World Cup, chances are they will be accompanied by plates of cheese topped nachos, fried wings dipped in hot sauce and burgers smothered with accoutrements.

    No such thing in Spain! Interestingly enough, in a country where futbol is viewed with equal if not greater fanfare than American football, nary a potato chip seems ever to make its way onto the spectator scene (there it is just wine, beer and cigarettes --- a whole other article). This glaring

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