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  • Y R Men So Hard 2 Understand

    So i've seen this guy twice after meeting online and talking on the phone for a while. On the first date we go out to a local chill spot and have a really good time. Then we go back to his place for a movie. Its midnight and he falls asleep....No Big. 2nd date i meet him at his place (after i had a really hard day) and we are watching our 2nd movie of the nite. Around 10pm he's asleep again.
    I wanted to go to his place in the afternoon but he was sleeping and asked me to come later. I asked him if he slept all day and he said thats wat he does on his days off. By the way he's been off work since saturday and it's monday. Being who I am I got upset. I didnt yell or give him attitude I just told him I'm leaving and I did. He followed me to the elevator and asked me not to go AND asked me if I was mad. I told him I'm going and I'm not mad but the writing is on the wall. He's a very sweet guy but I dont know if he's waiting to sleep with me or if he really is into me. Any thoughts?

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  • User post: Mom Meltdown -- Is It Just Me????

    I have 2 teenagers left at home (17 & 16). Last nite I had a major meltdown. I was yelling and screaming about how tired I was of all the stress I had to deal with. I let them know my so called family (them included) just didnt seem to acknowledge my feelings. I'm stressed out!!!!! I told them a week ago I needed some down time. I told them nothing extra that isnt an emergency PLZ...Obviously for me to have hit overload last nite I didnt get wat I asked for.
    Last nite I went and had a few drinks and saw a movie to escape. Today i'm back control so I apologized. Sorry is just a word but I wanted to acknowledge that I knew my behavior was unacceptable. My daughters r still mad and thats fine (i would be too). The younger of the 2 wanted to express how I hurt her feelings. So I tried to listen but when she said that i wasnt supposed to get tired and stressed out my brain just shut down. She said I wasnt supportive of wat their (my girls) needs and feelings r. My older daughter

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