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  • Doughnut Day Recipe: Café Du Monde-Style Beignets!

    Happy National Doughnut Day! Any day is better when it starts with a doughnut, especially a sugar-dusted, freshly fried New Orleans-style beignet. These puffy, yeast-raised doughnuts are typically cut into squares before frying, then thickly powdered with confectioners' sugar. Live far away from the Crescent City? Making your own beignets at home is easier than you think.

    Dutch Ovens Make Great Fryers
    Electric deep fryers are convenient, but you don't have to have one to deep-fry at home. What's most important is using a wide, heavy pan, like a cast-iron (or enameled cast iron) Dutch oven, that will heat up evenly and hold a steady temperature. Use a pot or pan that's about four to five inches deep and at least eight inches wide.

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    Use a Thermometer

    Doughnuts fry best between 365-375 degrees F. If your oil is too hot, the doughnuts can brown too fast, leaving the inside raw; too cold, and the doughnuts will soak up too much oil as they cook, ending up greasy and Read More »from Doughnut Day Recipe: Café Du Monde-Style Beignets!