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  • How Much Fruit is Too Much Fruit?

    How much fruit is too much fruit?How much fruit is too much fruit?My kids eat a lot of fruit -- apples, strawberries, bananas, you name it. I don't think they've met a fruit they don't like and when I discourage them from their junk-food tendencies, they always opt for fruit. I've always considered this a good thing. Fruit is healthy. Why not let them eat their little hearts out. But today, after serving seven-year-old Joey his third bowl of strawberries, I wondered: How much fruit is too much fruit?So I did a little digging and found these answers.

    · The Most Popular Fruits
    According to this Woman's Day website, if eating fruit replaces sweet foods like candies and muffins, then indulging is A-OK. "I don't know anyone who has got fat from eating fruit," says writer Judy Davie who warns us not to forget a balanced diet consisting of other essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B group vitamins, iron, and calciumThe folks at The World's Healthiest Foods say fruit can cause weight gain -- any food in large quantities causes weight gain --

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