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  • How to Secure Your Home Network Using

    When the users set up their home networks, they get so excited and often forget about one very important thing - network security. This can cost you a lot of your time and nerves so it is better to do something as early as possible. When we talk about the network security we have to say that in this field the IP address plays a vital role. It is used to access the configuration menu of your router where you can handle all security issues. In the next paragraphs you will see what you have to do to secure your network.

    Default password - The default username and password are set in the factory and nearly all routers from the same manufacturer have the same username and password. So if someone knows your router brand, it will be easy to find the default login details and access your network. Therefore it is recommended to change the default password immediately.

    SSID (Service Set Identifier) - This is another option you have to take care of in your router

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