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  • News Flash: Don't Treat Your Guy like a Fixer Upper

    If your prince is really a frog then why are you with him?

    Dating is hard, and this is a tried and true fact of life. No one wants to settle, nor should you have to. But there's nothing wrong with being a little more accepting and broadening the restrictions you've set on what defines the "guy of your dreams." When you meet someone new, if your first impulse is to make a list of things you would change about them, maybe it's time to move on. 'Cause the reality is, you can't treat a boyfriend like a home renovation project -- there's only so much change a person is willing to submit to.

    Yes, it's okay to persuade your partner to tune in to your favorite TV show so that he can understand what you're talking about during your late night phone calls. And if they won't stop listening to a playlist of pure dubstep, we suggest you do try to introduce them to some new genres (for the sake of your own sanity). But trying to convince your significant other that their friends aren't good enough, they should move into a different neighborhood

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  • 16 First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    A makeup mistake is the least of your worries when it comes to common first date snafus.

    Ahh, the anxiety of the first date and the many factors that can derail you before the night is even over. While women's magazines spend a lot of time focusing on what we ladies can do wrong, we thought it was imperative to put together a guy-friendly guide following the many stories we hear in the office from our co-workers about all the behavioral tics and social snafus that made these girls say "no thanks" to date #2.

    Ever wonder why you didn't get a call back? Here's a rundown of some of biggest mistakes and how you can rectify them before your next big night out.

    Beauty and Personal Hygiene:

    - Don't fix your face at the table - excuse yourself and use the bathroom.

    - Don't wear overpowering cologne or perfume.

    - Avoid lipstick and food in your teeth at all costs. Try ordering something safe like soup or pasta, and above all else, bring floss with you just in case. (Ladies, a thin layer of Vaseline over your front teeth not only brightens your smile, but

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  • Critical Analysis: Decoding What Our Moms REALLY Mean

    It's not what your mom says that counts -- it's what she really means.

    Sometimes we can be our own worst critics, but other times that honor goes to the woman that gave birth to us. Sure, it's often tempered by pauses, strained smiles and a quick change of topic, but deep down you know well enough to read between the lines.

    In an effort to clarify the most benign motherly statements, we've complied a list of comments, scenarios and translations to further ensure you know what she's REALLY saying when she's not really saying anything at all:

    1. You go shopping with her and make the mistake of asking her opinion after trying something on.

    Comment: "It looks a little snug on you."

    Translation: You've gained weight, those pants don't fit and she's refraining from calling you a total sausage roll.

    2. You've got a new guy and bring him by the house to introduce him to your parents.

    Comment: "He seems nice enough."

    Translation: She doesn't like him at all and doesn't appreciate the fact that he turned up his nose at her famous

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  • Sports Illustrated's Chrissy Teigen Heats Up the Kitchen

    Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen gets down and dirty in the kitchen.

    "I have a fryer on both coasts," she tells me solemnly, her eyes twinkling. "I really couldn't live without them."

    Deep within the elegant bowels of New York's famed International Culinary Center (home of L'Ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute), Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen is getting primped and prepped for her big kitchen debut while discussing the finer points of fried junk food. The petite bundle of energy seems unaware of her own beauty, completely swept up in the excitement of a highly choreographed shoot filled with epicurean surprises and the potential for a long-awaited foray into culinary super stardom.

    At 26, Teigen is probably most famous for her bikini-baring spreads, high-wattage relationship (she's engaged to singer John Legend) and her goofy sense of humor. A Twitter darling in her own right, this Utah native turned pin-up girl isn't afraid to tweet the ridiculous ("He went to Jared" was her cheeky response following news of

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  • Boys DO Cry: When You're the One that Breaks His Heart

    Women aren't the only ones that shed tears when a relationship end.

    The first time I ever made a boy cry was when I was ten. It had nothing to do with love and everything to do with the fact that he thought it would be funny to try to snap my training bra and I retaliated by wacking him across the face with my necklace. Needless to say, we both ended up in the principal's office, but I learned a valuable lesson: The male species is born with tear ducts too, and while it's fairly uncommon to see them in action as much as ours, the result is just as unsettling.

    This was a lesson that was somehow lost on me during my teen and early college years. I gave all my power to the guys I dated and ended up being the one shattered and bawling while they moved on to new girls and new conquests. But as the years passed the tides began to change.

    My ex-boyfriend from college (who cheated on me repeatedly, mind you) cried when he found out I was moving to New York City. This was soon followed by similar instances with every guy I've dated since. Not

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  • Has Food Replaced Sex as Our Latest Obsession?

    What's more wanton than the desire to consume what we know we shouldn't have?

    Trends are often tricky to discern at the very beginning, but at the height of their influence you suddenly see them everywhere. Whether on an upturn or a downward spiral, the fact remains our individual identities are often overshadowed by the things we crave and secretly covet.

    Not too long ago, I began to notice a subtle shift across my social networks. Comments were traded coyly at first, then with enthusiastic abandon. Pictures were posted proudly and bragged about the same way high school boys trade stories in the locker room. What I was seeing was hedonistic, naughty and flagrantly willful, but it had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the Great American Gastric Conquest.

    Being a foodie is nothing new, but choosing it over physical intimacy? Now this was a true revelation. Certainly I was just as guilty -- how many times had I jumped at a chance for a late night doughnut run, but protested in exhaustion when my boyfriend pressed for something more

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  • Hollywood Break-Ups: The Twitter Quandary

    Demi Moore and Katy Perry aren't the only ones guilty of revealing too much on Twitter.

    Twitter is a funny beast. There's a reason why character limitations stop us from spilling our guts: the fact that you can post your thoughts instantly makes it so enticing to just put it all out there without much thought to the future... or the millions of fans that might be following you, if you happen to be a celebrity.

    Katy Perry just learned the hard way when she unceremoniously stopped following her soon-to-be ex-husband, Russell Brand this week. There was no big announcement, but the glaring silence behind it was enough to cause The Hollywood Reporter to question it and make a story out of a NON story.

    The same goes for Demi Moore. As soon as it was announced that she and Ashton Kutcher were calling it quits, People magazine began to fret about her Twitter handle. Was @MrsAshtonKutcher about to be retired? What should she call herself now?

    Social media was intended to be social (duh), but not every life decision needs to reiterated for our friends, family and

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  • 5 First Date Rules You Should NEVER Follow

    Don't fall victim to these 5 outdated dating rules.

    You do this, you don't do that, you sit by the phone and you hope he calls. Sound familiar? We're all guilty of allowing others to influence our decisions when it comes to mating and dating. I mean, how often do you find yourself asking your friend is she thinks a certain guy is attractive? Or if a certain behavior indicates if he's into you or totally over you before it's even started?!?

    It's been my experience that the best advice is the most logical. Forget what the books OR your mom says. Don't think with your heart -- think with your brain. In life, a lot of similar situations overlap, so what works for one will most likely apply to another.

    Rule #1: Just Be Yourself

    Sweet, but ineffective. Let's call a first date what it really is -- an audition. I'm not saying pretend to be someone else, but much like a job interview, you need to step up your game. Dress nice, don't swear, make sure you're animated and most importantly steer clear of too much alcohol. The

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  • Are Big Moves in the Works for Rachel Zoe?

    Are there big plans in the works for Rachel Zoe and co.?

    It's no secret that Rachel Zoe and her ever-growing company are expanding by leaps and bounds, so when we saw an oh-so-intriguing tweet from our fave celebrity stylist last night it gave us pause:

    "In a design meeting with @JeremiahBrent for my new office space!" She exclaimed following an Instagram pic of the two pouring over some blueprints and samples.

    Obviously this piqued our interest since 1., Zoe and her company just upgraded to a new space not too long ago, and 2., Brent's exact role with Zoe has been foggy at best. (For those of you that follow her Bravo TV show, you know the handsome designer was originally hired as a stylist, but quickly fell into a pseudo interior decorator role when it became clear where his real talents lay.)

    Brent's own tweets on the matter just made it all the more titillating. "Sooo excited! Some amazing design projects happening in the @rzrachelzoe world!" he teased just hours after his boss' message. Does this mean Brent's

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  • Golden Globes Fashion Secret: Yes, that was a Wedding Gown!

    Here comes the bride...err, red-carpet star.

    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Modern Family star Julie Bowen WAS wearing a wedding dress at the Golden Globes. In fact, as a former weddings editor, I remember this Reem Acra quite distinctly since I was sitting front row when it came down the aisle (and I'm not talking about on a bride).

    You see, designers are busy people, and they don't always have time to whip up a dress from scratch during award show season...unless you're Angelina Jolie, that is. So, they take pieces from their bridal lines and rejigger them for red carpet events like the Golden Globes (in fact, America Ferrera wore a Vera Wang to the GG's a couple of years ago that was dyed just like Bowen's gown).

    I'm not saying it's sneaky or underhanded thing to do -- actually it's a pretty amazing selling point for would-be brides. Would you be so quick to pack away a 5K gown if you knew your favorite celebrity wore it already? I say work it for all it's worth and then some!



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