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  • Have You Asked Yourself Lately?

    Why do you exist?

    What's the point of you?

    Are you so self absorbed you don't even see how much you are hurting those who love you the most?

    Is your existence solely based on what you want?

    What is your life worth, everyone else's happiness?

    How do you sleep at night knowing that those who love you most, could be gone forever any minute. And you were too busy to even show your love for her/him. What would that do to you? How does this make you feel?

    When you see the person you fell in love with, ask yourself, am I still in love with her/him? If not or if yes, why?

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life living in a life where those around you disappear simply because they feel like they aren't loved by you. And slowly but surely all you have worked for all you have based all, and I mean all, your time on is nothing in comparison to the pain you will feel when you lose the one you hold most dear.
    What does this mean to you?
    Who are you? What are you? Better yet,

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    have you ever noticed the tapping beat of a heart,
    the smell of the crisp morning after a storm,
    the soft touch of the flowers that smells tart,
    the whisper of the wind through the leaves torn.

    roses may smell amazing to some,
    but the touch to a rose can hurt when done,
    the prick to the finger can draw blood,
    to prove you're worthy of the beauty that will flood.

    don't treat the gift like a routine,
    show respect and that you're greatful in everything,
    never act as if life isnt important to you,
    because if you dont, you wont realize when your wishes come true.

    when its too late and theres no time left,
    you are then stuck with the results of your theft,
    no words can describe the agony you'll feel,
    when you've lost all you love it becomes surreal.

    be thankful for what you have, it might not always be there.
    and be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


    hope yal enjoy this i wrote it november 4th 2010
    after i found out that im going to be having a

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  • Story: 6 roses..analogy. of love & sex...something i jus felt like sharing.

    A story of one day

    (by the way this is a story yes. but it is an analogy. meaning its an example of.)

    (not anything in this is really based on anything but simply one simple choice)

    this is what i imagined a good story(a litle hightend,but it has a good moral)..i thought it up a few nights ago, while talkin to my dad. i came to tears when i was telling my sister the story. because i help alot of girls and talk to them about their relations. its really hard to listen to them and judge because people get hurt everyday its part of life you just need to realize theres always an equal or greater negative to any positive out there. you just need to know how to balance it. im not saying wait till marriage to have sex(that is what this story is about,im not saying do that. like i said up above this story is simply an analogy), but know the pros and cons to a situation..and level it out. make sure you are fully prepared for the consequences to follow...and belive me no matter

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