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  • The Soft Skills You Need to Get Hired

    The Soft Skills You Need To Get HiredThe Soft Skills You Need To Get Hired

    When employers say they're having trouble filling open positions because of a lack of necessary skills, they aren't always talking about an inadequate number of math, science, technology, engineering or math experts. Soft skills -- a professional attitude, the ability to be punctual, answering the phone politely -- can be equally important in deciding if a job seeker is right for a position.

    From the moment you apply for a job, you're being judged on more than just your résumé. Imagine you send a cover letter with your résumé but accidentally misspell a few words. This may not be a big deal to some employers, but you've already demonstrated that you don't pay attention to details and may lack professionalism.

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    Having strong soft skills makes you a desirable job candidate and gives you an edge over other job seekers. When you focus on your attitude, presentation and demonstration of professionalism, hiring

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