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  • Utterly Disappointed

    Here I am looking for part time jobs online and what do I which have requirements that I do not meet ONLY because I am of a certain RACE.

    Only in this particular Asian country will you see job articles specifying certain race requirements, and only in this country will you get away with it. I think if this were to happen in the US those companies would be sued for racial discrimination.

    What is worse is that these are for survey job applications. All this means is that people of a certain race have opinions that do not count. It makes me so angry that these companies can only seek out opinions of people who are of a particular race group. What justification do they have to make other races not fit to give out their opinions for a company's research. It just makes no sense,

    Another discrimination which is utterly disappointing is height discrimination. In recent days the fashion industry have come to accept more and more plus size models, but petite girls

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  • Day One

    Just getting started...