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  • Wednesday Tip: How to Cash Out on Unwanted Gift Cards

    It's Wednesday, which means it's tip day here at Sweet Finds. Read on for this week's tip ...

    Around this time of year, reality starts setting in: You're never going to use that gift card that Aunt Edna gave you over the holidays.

    More...The easiest thing to do? Visit You can either mail in your unwanted gift card or drop it off at one of 600 agents around the country. In exchange, you'll go home with cold hard cash. You'll only get a percentage of the value of your gift card (usually around 60 to 70 percent), but that's way better than letting that gift card go to waste, right?

    You can also buy other people's unwanted gift cards at a discount at, so if you work it right, you just might be able to use your newfound cash to buy a gift card worth just as much as your original card.

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  • 6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

    Let's be honest. Valentine's Day is really a holiday for the ladies. As at least three men have commented on Facebook and Twitter over the last few days, guys don't want Valentine's Day presents. They want you.

    I haven't seen any guy turning down a Valentine's Day present, and honestly, if he's giving you one, your guy probably expects one in return. So, without further adieu, here are 6 gifts for you to give your favorite guy this Valentine's Day:

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  • 8 Fabulous Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    Word on the greeting card aisle is that this Sunday is Valentine's Day, so here are eight Valentine gifts for you to get your leading lady. (Or ladies, for you to put on your wish list.) All of them are under $100 and can still be delivered by February 14, as of Monday, February 8.

    Coming up tomorrow: Valentine's Day gifts for the man in your life.

    St. Valentine Roses by Emersonmade, $42 for 2. Not fragrant like the overpriced roses from your neighborhood florist, but they're sure to last longer.


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  • 9 Great Valentine's Day Cards

    y favorite thing about Valentine's Day? Honestly, it's the cards. I like looking at them one by one in the store-the funny ones, the overly gushy ones, the sweet ones, and most of all, the handmade ones. I like to buy them by the bunch and send them to my girl friends (because Valentine's Day isn't just for couples!) and my family.

    Here are some particularly great Valentine's Day cards I'm eying this year:

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  • A Coffee Mug for the Compulsive Listmaker

    I am an obsessive-compulsive list maker. I make a to-do list in my notebook (yes, paper!) every morning and get a little high from crossing things off my list. I also make lists for everything else in my life: story ideas, new magazines to pitch to, new business ideas, gifts purchased, recipes I want to make … You get the idea.

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  • The Secret to Top-of-the-Line Fashion Steals: Rue La La

    It's Wednesday, and starting today, that means we're going to mix things up here at Sweet Finds. On Wednesdays, instead of delivering up the usual gift list and wish list recommendations, we'll serve up helpful tidbits to make shopping a little easier, cheaper, and more fun.

    To kick things off, I wanted to point you to one of my new favorite shopping sites: Rue La La. Each day, the Web site features private boutique sales for different luxury brands. Many of the items for sale are clothing, but a good chunk are jewelry, watches, luggage, home items, top-of-the-line kitchen gear, bedding, wine, and even cruises and hotel stays.

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  • A Wine Gift That’s Good Enough for Aficionados

    For some people, a nice bottle of wine seems like an appropriate birthday or anniversary or hostess gift. After all, the recipient drinks lots wine and can smell even the slightest hint of caramel in a glass of pinot. He or she may even own a special wine refrigerator or two.

    You know the type of person I'm talking about. You probably also know-somewhere, deep down-that you shouldn't actually give a bottle of vino to this person. Unless you're Gary Vaynerchuk.

    My wine aficionado mother-in-law is one of these people. So when my husband and I set out to find her one last Christmas gift during our honeymoon in San Francisco and Napa this December, we saw a lot of bottles of wine and wine gadgets we knew we shouldn't buy her.

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  • Three Sweet Necklaces for Your Valentine

    Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. Serious romantics? They wear theirs around their neck. At least I'm betting that will be the case with your Valentine if you give her one of these special necklaces:

    1. Sterling Silver Double Fingerprint Thumbprint Heart Necklace by rockmyworldinc on Etsy

    Remember those "best friend" necklaces that all the cool girls (read: not me) wore in elementary school? The ones where each "best friend" wore half of the heart? This necklace reminds me of those: It forms a heart using the thumbprints of two special people-a couple, siblings, mother and child, newlyweds, children, whoever. Romantic? Check. Personal? Extremely.


    After you purchase the necklace, rockmyworld inc sends along a kit for you to make a mold of the fingerprints you want to use, then you send it back and your fingerprints get cast in sterling silver. They'll even engrave a name on the back. Yours, perhaps?

    The necklace costs $99.99. If you want to gift one of these for Valentine's Day, it's time to place your order.

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  • The Perfect Super Bowl Treat: Saints and Colts Beer Cupcakes

    We now know who'll be playing in Super Bowl XLIV on February 7. But do you know what you'll be serving at (or taking to) your Super Bowl party?

    How 'bout some special Super Bowl XLIV cupcakes? And no, not the not-so-great ones from your local grocery. We're talking about homemade Indianapolis Colts v. New Orleans Saints beer cupcakes here.

    Yes, beer cupcakes.

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  • Craft Hope for Haiti

    If you've already donated money to relief efforts in Haiti, subscribed to the Sweet Finds blog or newsletter as part of the Help Haiti Blog Challenge, and are wondering what else you can do to help, head straight to Etsy. Thanks to the fabulous bloggers over at Try Handmade, I've learned about a new Etsy shop calledCraft Hope for Haiti.

    All of the items sold in the online shop were donated by crafters, and all of the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to aid the organization's Haiti relief efforts.

    Among the sweetest finds in the Craft Hope for Haiti's Etsy shop are these Rocks for Hope:

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