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  • Comparing Your Relationship to Another

    There are a lot of emotions that goes through your mind when you find that special someone to call your own. At the beginning everything that he/she does is charming or cute and whenever you are around each other, you get butterflies.

    So what happens when you have been together for a while…

    For me, it's gotten way better. I enjoy every moment I spend with him, I'm grateful to have someone who loves and cares about me so much. I'm grateful to be able to fall in love.

    What I cannot understand is how some people can compare relationships, mine is not the same as yours. I have noticed that certain people don't realize that in order to have a good relationship with someone you have to be able to communicate with your significant other. If he/she doesn't know what you want or need, how can you have a relationship? Now I do understand that every couple has their moments of ups and downs and some are really good at hiding their problems. Even if you don't see couples fighting,

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  • Confused

    My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, recently i've felt like he doesnt appreciate me or anything I do. I spend more time with his family then he does, I always make the plans, I clean and even cook; there's been times where I've laid out his clothes for him. I havent gotten any sort of appreciation back. I dont understand what happened. I feel like I'm giving this relationship 150% and his giving 20%.

    The other night I got irritated of my bff (cuz of something totally different) and turned off my phone. this was the first time that I was completely alone. I realized that I dont need the stress, drama or stupid excuses from anyone. somewhere along the way it also hit me that I dont need to be with someone to be happy, I'm happy by myself.

    I thought I was losing my mind, the happiness that you get from being with someone is something completely different. But I also believe that a person needs to love themselves before loving someone else.

    So I explained

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  • Best Friends

    So tell me what you would you do if you were in my situation?

    My best friend (#1), is recently married, we have been friends since high school, about 9 years total. When she came back from her honeymoon, she was totally happy with being married. it was always hubby this, hubby that...and then me and her started hanging out less, I understand that it happens.

    A couple months later, happily ever after wasnt really working out ( go figure). I did my best to give her the best advice that I could. Sadly enough the only thing she would ever talk about is how she wanted her hubby cheat so that he would divorce her.

    A couple of weeks later, she calls me saying that she was so happy, and she was in love. I was so happy for her, and also very happy to hear that her and the hubby were working things out...but that wasnt the case..

    She had a boyfriend, someone that she had met through MY myspace, (wow)...right? Her new boyfriend also works for the same company I work for. I always wanted what

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