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  • It All Starts with a Naked Banana

    Who would of thought that life could be so good knowing that is all started with a naked banana? Well, I did! I am Tea Santos and I live in San Antonio, Texas the owner/baker at The Naked Banana Company a Gourmet Banana Bread specializing in a variety of breads tailored to ones diet and likeing of course.

    Last year in November I began breaking bread around the city with an old fashion simple recipe of banana bread. It seemed as if everyone had gone bananas over the product that I just couldn't see myself stopping after the holidays. I knew if I was still selling bread after the holidays I was on to something and with a name like "The Naked Banana" for sure inquiring minds would want to know. I based the business concept on Build a Bear where you go and build a bear (dress it up to your liking) well the same concept would reflect on this business because "it all starts with a naked banana" dress it up to your liking.

    Now, I'm not a baker by no means and never thought I

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